A Man Like None Other

Chapter 3928
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Chapter 3928 Reveal Your Identity Since Judd was a deacon himself, he had gone through the assessment and knew how dangerous it could be.

"Don't worry, Judd, I know what I'm doing. Besides, Axel here is our financial backer. I won't let anything happen to him," Carla replied with a smile.


At that moment, a thunderous sound echoed from within the glowing formation. The scene inside the light gradually faded, revealing a shimmering golden portal.

The dazzling golden light illuminated everyone's faces, making their breathing rapid with a mix of nervousness and excitement.

For many outer court disciples, it had been years without a chance to enter the inner court.

Especially someone like Adan, who, despite his strong abilities, couldn't produce demonic fire and remained an outer court disciple.

The difference in resources and status between outer and inner court disciples was vast. comeɴoᴠeʟ.com

Outer circle disciples had no rights or status, while becoming an inner court disciple would elevate one's standing significantly.

"The assessment began!" Thiago's shout sent everyone rushing toward the golden portal.

As they entered the assessment area, the portal closed automatically, and Jared noticed that Adan kept using his spiritual sense to probe him.

Jared was now a Fourth Level Tribulator, so no matter how much Adan investigated, he wouldn't find anything unusual.

"Axel, the first part of the assessment is done individually. But don't worry, there's no danger," Carla reassured Jared.

"Got it." Jared nodded.

As the group ventured deeper, Jared soon realized that people were disappearing one by one.

Before long, he found himself surrounded by a white mist, unable to see anything else.

"An illusion array?" Jared smirked.

He knew that the others hadn't truly disappeared but were made to believe they were alone through the illusion array.

A red light flashed from his brow, piercing through the white mist. He saw Carla and the others not far from him.

Jared could easily break through such a low-level illusion array but decided against it to avoid revealing his true strength.

Retracting his Nethersky Eye, Jared pretended to be unaware and moved forward within the array. Soon, he encountered a high platform.novelbin

An old man in white standing motionless on it, like a statue.

Jared used his spiritual sense to probe the old man but couldn't detect his cultivation.

The old man's eyes were cold and filled with immense authority and wisdom, as if they could see through Jared with a single glance.

"Young man, to become a disciple of the Violet Flame Sect, you must be sincere, calm, and resolute You must not hide anything from the sect. Do you understand?"

Jared smirked, realizing that the first part of the assessment was to screen out those who had something to hide.

Disciples with criminal backgrounds or numerous enemies would bring trouble to the Violet Flame Sect if accepted as inner court disciples.

The purpose of this stage was to eliminate those with secrets.

Individuals like Jared, who concealed their identity, hid their status, anch even disguised their aura, would undoubtedly fail to pass this test if they lacked the necessary strength!

But he wasn't afraid, knowing this was merely an illusion meant to confuse and intimidate the examinees.

He could easily break the illusion and wasn't afraid of the old man's questioning.

"I ûnderstand," Jared replied calmly.

"Good. Now, tell me your true purpose for joining the sect and your real identity," the old man said, his voice resonating deeply, aiming to reach the core of Jared's being.

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