A Warrior Undefeatable

Chapter 3000 Meet Your End
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Chapter 3000 Meet Your End

Everyone stared at the shield in front and fell silent. Even a punch from Konce, an Eighth LevelBody Fusion Realm cultivator, could not leave a scratch on the shield.

“Stand aside. Let me,” Cameron piped up.

After all, he was the most powerful in the crowd. If a Ninth Level Body Fusion Realm cultivator couldnot shatter the shield, then no one could.

Cameron unsheathed a long sword and unleashed an aura all over his body.

The light from the sword tore through the void and violently shot toward that shield.

However, when the light hit the shield, it suddenly disappeared.

“Huh?” Cameron was confused.

However, the shield began to shake and glow in the next second.

“Run! Hurry! Everyone, run!” Jared yelled.

Soon, a beam of light shot from the shield. Luckily, the crowd ducked quickly enough under Jared'swarning and was not hurt by the light.

“What kind of arcane array is this? Why is it so powerful?” Cameron asked with a perplexed looksince the attack he had launched with all his might was useless.

The cultivators sank into despair, realizing they were stuck there like sitting ducks. There was anarcane array blocking the way and the elderly man was approaching them from behind.

“F*ck it! Since we can't get out of here, let's fight to our deaths! We'll die in the end, anyway. Let'sdie with dignity!” Konce shouted angrily. ᴄomeɴoᴠel.ᴄom

He did not want to die slowly in despair. That kind of death was way too painful.

“That's right! Let's fight to our deaths! We might get to live that way!”

“We're going to die either way, so there's no need to recoil in fear!”

Many were on the brink of losing their minds from the hopelessness and began yelling to fight totheir deaths.

Having been affected by the others, Kaison said indignantly, “Let's put our life on the line! Who'scoming with the Talls to kill that old demon? He's just a soul remnant. As long as we work together,we might just be able to defeat him.”

Many agreed with him.

“That's enough. We're no match for the old demon. There are still the Five Slayers too. But let's notpanic. We might still live,” Jared advised.

“Do you perhaps have a way to undo this arcane array, Mr. Chance?” Cloud asked happily.

“I'm not one hundred percent sure, but I can try. I will need some time,” Jared answered.

“We'll cover you to give you more time,” Cameron quickly said when he understood Jared's words.

“Okay.” Jared nodded, then slowly walked toward the shield. He gently placed a hand on the arcanearray and shut his eyes to search for the core.

Contempt flashed across the elderly man's face when he saw Jared looking for a way to destroy hisarcane array.novelbin

“No one has broken free from my arcane array for a thousand years since I laid it. It's a joke that alittle cultivator like you even think about destroying it,” the elderly man sneered, then turned to the

Five Slayers. “This is your chance to redeem yourself. Kill them this instant, and you'll get to live.”

The Five Slayers nodded at once.

Cameron and the other cultivators were definitely no match for them.

However, the outcome was uncertain if Jared joined in.

Yet, at that moment, Jared had his hands tied with breaking the arcane array, so he could not helpthem.

“Mr. Nesser, it's sad to say that none of you will be walking out of here. Otherwise, the secret of theDemon Seal Alliance will be exposed,” Typhon said.

“Hmph! You're helping an evildoer. You'll meet your end soon in the hands of the people.” Cameronsnorted coldly.

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