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Chapter 92

Chapter 92 – Markus

Markus P.O.V.

**A few weeks later**

“It’s not fair! You did this, you should feel this pain too!” Celeste yelled at me again as she pushed.

Atlas whimpered in my head at

her words.

Stop whining, Dad said this might happen and you’re not helping –

Treprimanded him as I felt the hand she was holding break yet

again as Celeste pushed.

“I’m sorry. I love you Tuli,” I groaned as she squeezed harder. Her face was red, she was sweating

profusely. She’d been in labour for about 25 hours now. Dr. West and Dr Castle had been taking shifts

through her labour and the waiting room outside was full of our friends and family. The entire pack was

waiting for the twins to be born. I hadn’t slept or left her side. She’s gone through all the emotions in the

rainbow in the last 25 hours.

She’s been happy, nervous, she’s cried, she’s begged the twins to come out, she’d demanded an

epidural and then growled when

someone came in with the needle. She’s tried to negotiate with the twins so they would be born soon.

She’d laughed from exhaustion

and now we had hit anger.

“No one tells you this s**t when they talk about having pups,” she growled in between pushes.

“That’s because this is the most insignificant part of having kids for a family, Luna,” Dr West said.

“You say that because you’ve never had two Alpha pups trying to tear you in haallllllllfff” she screamed

at him as she began pushing

again. She slumped back as Dr West lifted our pup up and gave it to the nurse.

“Why isn’t my baby crying?” Celeste asked, panicking.

“We have to clear the airway, Luna, give the nurse a …..ahhh there it is,” he said as a strong solid wail

came from the nurses’ station.

She turned back around with a blue bundle in her arms, dark tuffs of straight black hair visible. She put

the baby on Celeste so she could

hold him while she passed the first placenta and waited to push out our baby girl.

“Have you decided on a name yet, Luna?” Dr West asked. Celeste looked up at me and nodded.

“Cory Alexander,” I said.

As if summoning the name sake, dad’s voice came in through the mind link, ‘Son don’t be selfish. I

want to see my grandchild.’

“Maya is bugging me to see the baby. Why don’t you take him to go meet his family,” Celeste said, “I

can feel a contraction


I bent down and kissed her as I took our pup from her arms. His blue eyes staring up at me. Atlas

wouldn’t stop doing flips as we walked towards the door and puffed his chest as we went through the

double doors to see everyone waiting. I heard Celeste screaming

again, and I hesitated.

“Go son. We will take care of…what did you choose for a name?” he asked, and I smiled at him.

“Cory Alexander” I said, and his eyes started to mist.

“I’ll have a nurse come get him shortly.” I said. “I have to go meet my daughter.” I went through to the

double doors and let the nurse

know where my pup was. I knew there was no way they would let him go so quickly.

“Where’s Cory?” Celeste grunted after a push.

“Dad has him. The nurse will get him shortly. I would have probably been murdered if I tried to take him

from the mob of our family

standing outside.”

“Did they like his name?” She asked, her big blue eyes looking up at me nervously. 𝒏𝙫.

“Dad started crying. I think he approved,” I said as I took her hand again and kissed her lips. “You are


“On the next contraction, big push Luna,” Dr West said. She could only nod.

she slumped back and Dr West handed the nurse our baby girl. After cleaning her airwaves, we heard

the beautitul sound of her cries and

the nurse handed Celeste our pup while they continued to work on her lower half.

“A name for this beautiful girl, Alpha?” Dr West asked.

I looked down at our baby. “Bellarose Grace,” I said. We had decided to combine the names Bella and

Rose. Rose having been my

mother’s name.

“You do both of your lineages proud,” Dr West said as he began filling out paperwork while the nurses


“Son?” I heard dad through the double doors a few minutes later and I looked down at Celeste. She

shrugged and nodded with a small smile. We already knew we wouldn’t be able to keep them out long.

“Come in, but only for a bit” I said. I could feel Celeste’s exhaustion through the bond. I took our pup

from her and she immediately began cooling in my arms. My heart exploded with love as I looked down

at her grey eyes and black curls.

Our family and friends gushed over our babies and Celeste until Dr West came in and kicked them all


**Two months later**

Alpha, there’s an intruder at the border. He isn’t doing anything. He’s just standing there! –

One of my warriors mind linked me. Iran

out the door of the conference room. Celeste was at the hospital with Maya while Marie looked after

our pups. Maya had begun having

contractions and Danny had time-sensitive work so I took it over while he ran her to the Pack Hospital.

Celeste had gone to make sure he

didn’t faint.

Alpha he just jumped the border,’ Came a very alarmed guard.

I pushed through the double doors of the Packhouse when I saw Helios land in the driveway in front of

the stairs. I growled as I felt

panic and fear rush through me. He couldn’t be here. He wasn’t taking my family. This was supposed to

be over. As if reading my mind.

Helios pulled a hand up, showing that he wasn’t here to attack. He put down a box and then leapt


It’s ok. Stand down. He’s left again.

I answered as I approached the box cautiously. I let Atlas come forward and we sniffed the


I can’t smell anything bad. – Atlas confirmed, so I picked up the box. There was a letter addressed to

Celeste on top. I opened the box

and looked at its contents skeptically. There were a couple of Mexican cloth dolls inside, two baby

blankets for our pups and several

stuffed alebrijes.

‘You have a delivery Tuli,’ I mind linked her as I walked back inside the Packhouse.

‘But I haven’t ordered anything,’ she said.

‘The sun god left it for you at our doorstep’ I said, and I could feel the surprise through the bond.

‘Why?’ she asked.

I don’t know. It looks like gifts for the twins and a letter addressed to you,’


‘What does the letter say?” She asked, concerned.

I haven’t opened it.’ I said, and I felt her roll her eyes.

‘Well open it. What if he wants to kill me again?’

she said.

I opened the letter and read it to her.


I can’t ask for forgiveness because there’s none that could be given for what I’ve done, but I wanted to

thank you for helping me see

the light and to warn you. I’ve heard through the channels that there were beings present in the

shadows of our battle. They have seen

the powers you and your mate displayed and covet them. I will be hunting them down, but you must be

prepared to protect your family. /

have left you my email and phone number below. If you have any need, I hope / eventually earn your

trust enough that you will use them.

I don’t deserve forgiveness, but I will do what I can to make the rest of my eternal life mean something.

You asked me if I had ever lived

even though I had been alive for over a millennium, so I am taking your advice and try to find

something to live for.

I have changed the deed of the house in Mexico to your name. I think I need a fresh start, away from

that place. You may do as you

wish with it.

There was silence on the other end of the mind link for a minute. “Have the gifts checked for any

poisons before giving them to the kids. I want to believe he’s changed Markus, but it’s only been two

months. I won’t take chances, ‘she said and I sighed, relieved at her


‘Yes Tuli. I love you.’

I love you more. Come this way, Maya is going to start pushing, you don’t want to miss the birth of your

nephew, do you?’

‘On my way’ I said as I ordered the gifts inspected to a guard I called over. I looked up at the sky as I

walked over to the Pack Hospital.

Thank you, Selene. I sent up a prayer of thanks as I walked through the double doors, Marie right

behind me with the stroller. Celeste

came over as I took over the stroller and I put my hand around her waist. I looked around our family in

the waiting room while I heard

Maya scream for 15mins before I heard a child’s cry followed by Danny’s howl of joy. novelbin

There was nothing I would change about my life. It was everything I never knew I needed and the

opposite of what I thought I wanted. The woman in my arms had changed my entire life and made me

want to be a better person every morning as I watched her


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