Alpha's Regret Pregnant Rejected Luna

Alpha's Regret Pregnant Rejected Luna

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    Artist: Ethan, Hazel

    Hazel discovers that her husband, Ethan, has found his fated mate. Despite their forced union after a one-night stand and Hazel’s willingness to marry him, Ethan has remained emotionally distant. Hazel clung to the hope that love could transcend the boundaries of destiny, but everything changes when Ethan excitedly declares he has found his true mate. Heartbroken, Hazel struggles to come to terms with this revelation and the uncertain future of her relationship with Ethan. She battles feelings of sickness, drowsiness, and dizziness, clinging to the sheets that still carry Ethan’s scent. When tasked with delivering documents to Ethan’s office, Hazel seizes the opportunity to face him and understand the implications of his newfound mate.

    Hazel, the forced wife of Alpha Ethan, discovers that he has found his true mate, Bella. Ethan dismisses their marriage as a mistake and reveals that Bella had been rescued from captivity, requiring Ethan to prioritize her well-being. Despite the pain, Hazel agrees to continue serving as Luna. When introduced to Bella, Hazel hides her emotions and politeness, but Bella responds with disdain. Heartbroken, Hazel retreats to a stairwell to let her tears flow. Meanwhile, Bella, fueled by curiosity and a desire to assert her position, confronts Hazel with a menacing look, preparing for the competition for Ethan’s love...

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