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Chatper 140

Chapter 140

Note: Hello everyone, I’m really sorry about the delay. I’ve been really ill and hospitalized for over two

weeks now, couldn’t write or type, that’s why I’ve been absent. I’m really sorry everyone and Thank you

for sticking with us.

Bella sat on the edge of her hospital bed, surrounded by the cold embrace of solitude. The dim light in

the room accentuated the weariness in her eyes.

She stared down at her hands, her wrist covered in bandages. The other one held in place with a cuff

and chained to the bed.

Caught, she’d been caught. The last thing she remembered was escaping from Ethan with her brother

then a car ramming into the two of them suddenly.

Her mind raced, contemplating the events that had led her to this moment. She has carefully covered

her tracks at all time, but now, it seemed all the layers of deception had fallen apart. Ethan had actually

held and threatened to throw her down a building.

“Well, Bella, looks like your games finally caught up with you,” a voice echoed within her mind, making

her cover her ears with her palms.

“Shut up!” She barked.

“This is the end.” The reflection taunted.

No! It couldn’t be. Sebastian would come for her.

“No one would save you. You’re a nobody.”

“Now look at you, you’re useless!”

She was just an ordinary orphaned omega, an ambitious one who dared to demand more than what life

had given her.

She did what needed to be done to achieve her goals, clearing any obstacles in the way no matter

what it cost.

She raised her head, locked eyes with her reflection in the windows. Her eyes were red and puffy but

still carried an icy coldness behind them.

She pointed at her reflection, “Stop talking!” She hissed.

“You’re not even a Luna, you have no money. You’re just a peasant,” the voice resonated within her


She let out a shriek and hurled the stool towards the window shattering it immediately.

Bella stood panting heavily as the door swung open, revealing a man with a stoic and hardened

expression. She recognized the man one of Ethan’s people.

“Let me go.” She ordered. She would look for Sebastian.

“Your brother’s gone, Bella.” The man announced to her knowing what she was thinking.

“Wh-what? No, you’re lying!” Bella stammered, her voice cracking. The room seemed to spin around

her. Sebastian was gone? She stumbled forward then was jerked backwards by the cuff binding her to

the bed.

“Lies!” She yelled shaking her head.

The man looked unbothered.

Moved closer then uncuffed her, “Come with me,” he ordered, dragging her. Her mind immediately went


She was really caught and trapped, with no where to go. Her legs wobbled and she nearly fell, she wasnovelbin

grabbed and shoved


09:57 Wed, Feb 14

Chapter 140

roughly to her feet then thrown into a pitch dark room.

“Hazel and her damn kids,” she seethed, clenching her fists. “This is all their fault. Should’ve killed her

when I had the chance,” she hissed, bitterness lacing her words.


She spent hours there, the long minutes stretching making her even more miserable. It was dark and

she lost track of time completely Soon the isolation and darkness began to get to her, the feeling of

dread creeping upon her.

Anxiety and desperation begun to claw at her.

“Ethan! Ethan, where are you?” she shouted then begun banging at the door.

Nobody’s coming, nobody’s coming.’ her mind began to sing and taunt her. Her arms hitting the doors

even more rapidly.

Finally it was thrown open and she stumbled out.

Nathan stared down at her pitiful state. This was her, the woman who killed his wife and cub.

Bella knew who he was.

Bella grabbed at his legs desperately

“Get me out of here.” She cried out.

He kicked her away from his legs.

Staring at her he felt almost nothing. He had just come for himself to see how miserable she was.

“Throw her back in.” He instructed turning to walk away.

“No wait!” She yelled in dread.

“Kill me.” She pleaded. She had no doubt that whatever was coming for her would be worse than dying

here and now.

“You deserve every ounce of suffering that comes your way.” Nathan muttered.

The guard at Nathan’s command closed in, their expressions cold and merciless.

“Deal with her. Make sure she suffers. Make sure she regrets being born.”

Bella finally snapped, and she began to cackle, the remnants of her mind slipping through her fingers

like sand.

“I didn’t do anything!” She yelled then begun to laugh. She had only struggled to secure a better life for

herself. She lost her parents! She was desperate, a nobody with nothing!

“Your wife was an accident, she was in the wrong place at the right time!” She yelled.

“This won’t bring her back. She spat

“I hope every sleepless night torments you. I hope you feel the pain you caused others until the end of

your days.”

Bella shot back, “I’m already tormented, Nathan. I should have killed them all when I had the chance!”

She yelled then begun to laugh. Her laughter went on for a long while in a deranged manner then she

began to cry.

Nathan walked out of the building his chest heaving part in relief and sadness.

Meanwhile at the pack house, Ethan’s footsteps echoed through the hallway towards the room where

the pack elders convened.

He was about making a huge decision. One he felt was best.

09:57 Wed, Feb 14.

Chapter 1401


Taking a deep breath, he approached the gathered elders, acknowledging them with a nod before

delving into the heart of the matter. “I’ve been reflecting on my role as Alpha,” he started.

The elders exchanged glances, uncertainty etched across their weathered faces. And would like to step

down, as Alpha,” he finished.

One of them spoke up, “Ethan, you’ve proven yourself a strong leader. So why?”

Ethan shook his head. “I failed to see the deception of an omega I was completely fooled and deceived

by her endangering the life of everyone. I can’t guarantee the pack’s safety under my leadership.” He

said soberly.

A wise woman with silver hair, responded, “Every leader faces challenges. It’s how you overcome them

that defines your legacy.”

Ethan sighed, acknowledging her words but resolute in his decision. “I appreciate your wisdom, but my

mind is made. It’s best I step down as Alpha.”

A murmur rippled through the room, objections lingering in the air.

He felt incapable, he had been completely fooled for years now, not just that he had also endangered

the lives of people. Someone like him wasn’t fit to lead. Although he’d tried to fix the damages his

father had done and made everything that had happened public, it still wasn’t enough.

An elder stepped forward, placing a hand on Ethan’s shoulder. “Think this through, young Alpha. You

have the potential to lead us through difficult times. And besides that, you were also a victim. Don’t be

so hard on yourself.” The man advised.

Feeling burdened the went to the only place he could feel happy, his kids.

But the anxiety he felt got even heightened, Liam broke to him that Hazel was going to get married.

Watching Ethan with her kids, Hazel felt a pang of sadness.

Despite the pain, she respected the bond between father and children.

She watched them leave then got ready for her dinner with Nathan.

Nathan’s counternance through out th dinner was completely different form the usual him. He was deep

in thoughts. She could understand, everything that had happened was truly overwhelming.

“I think we should end things here Hazel.” He said suddenly.

“The marriage proposal, forget about it.” He said quietly meeting her eyes.

Hazel’s brows furrowed, and she asked, “End things.” She repeated quietly.

Nathan looked away, a guilt crossing his face. “I don’t think I love you, and I don’t think you love me

either. It’s just. obvious.”

Hazel’s eyes searched his face, “Talk to me, Nathan. Please.”

“We met when we were both going through tough times, we were vulnerable,” he began. “Maybe

because you were pregnant, like my wife was, I felt this overwhelming empathy.”

Confusion deepened on Hazel’s face. “But you’ve been there for ine and the kids. Isn’t that what love is


Nathan shook his head, his gaze fixed on the floor. “It’s more affection than pure love, Hazel. I don’t

want to build a relationship based on that.” He stated.

“And you,” he sighed.

“You don’t love me either, gratitude is what you feel towards me. That’s not a reason to get married

Hazel.” He told her

09:57 Wed, Feb 14

Chapter 140


Hazel took a moment to absorb his words. He was right, she felt relieved at his words. She couldn’t

deny that she felt a huge sense of gratitude towards Nathan,

“Thank you for being here, for being a good person, and a good friend. Even if things don’t work out

between us, my kids. have experienced your love.” she said honestly.

They shared a silent moment before embracing.

“Truth is, this is very hard for me,” he admitted, his voice a whisper against Hazel’s shoulder.

Breaking the embrace, Nathan met Hazel’s eyes. “Ethan, made mistakes, but he clearly loves you.”

Nathan admitted

“Seems be realized it too late.” He muttered.

Hazel looked away, wiping the small pool of tears gathering. “I’d rather not talk about him.”

“Alright. Thank you Hazel.” He said honestly

“You also helped me in a lot of ways.”

She and her kids had come like a ray of light into his life and brightened his dull life.

Later that evening, Ethan dropped off the kids at home. The children scampered upstairs, their laughter

echoing through the quiet house, leaving Ethan and Hazel alone in the living room.

“Can we talk?” Ethan’s voice carried talking.”

a trace of i

fregret as he addressed Hazel, who nonchalantly responded, “Sure, start

He sighed, “I’m sorry for everything you went through because of me.”

Hazel waved a dismissive hand, “It’s in the



He swallowed, then broached a delicate topic. “I’ve decided to step down as Alpha,” he confessed.

Hazel furrowed her brows, disagreement etching her features. “What? No, Ethan, you should be Alpha.

You can’t just step down.”

“I don’t deserve it, Hazel,” he admitted, his eyes reflecting remorse.

“I’ve been so stupid and blind.” He said with a sigh.

“And besides, to continue being an Alpha, I would be needing a Luna by my side,” Ethan explained.

Hazel averted her gaze, a distant look in her eyes.

Hazel folded her arms across her chest, unsure of what to say The room fell into silence before he

spoke again, his voice tinged with vulnerability.

“Would you ever give me a chance?” He asked her.

Her eyes shot up looking at him in surprise.

“I love you, Hazel.” He admitted.

Her expression softened as she searched his face.

Ethan Loves me? She wondered. Years ago that was all she wanted to hear from him, but now, things

had changed.

“I can’t accept you back into my life,” Hazel finally said, her words cutting through the air. “You can be a

father to the kids,


09:57 Wed, Feb 14.

Chapter 1401

but we can’t be together.”-

Ethan’s shoulders slumped as he absorbed the finality of her words. “Hazel, I…”

“No, Ethan,” she interrupted. It’s over. We can’t go back.” She said decisively.

“Hazel..” he called softly

“No!” She said strongly taking a deep sharp breath.

Ethan nodded slowly.

“I’d leave now.” He said calmly.

“You won’t tell the kids good bye?.”


“Just tell them I left, I’ll come visit tomorrow.”

Hazel nodded watching him leave.

“I don’t believe you love me.” She whispered.

Two months Later

Hazel turned the doorknob, and as her door creaked open, a vibrant burst of colors caught her eye.

Another bouquet of flowers awaited her, and a smile tugged at the corners of her lips as she picked it

up, delicate petals brushing against her fingers. A small note was nestled among the blooms, signed

with Ethan’s name.

“Oh, Ethan,” she murmured, unfolding the note. “You really didn’t have to.”


The fragrance of the flowers enveloped her as she sniffed them, savoring the sweet aroma. The

consistent stream of gifts from Ethan had become a routine. After that night two months ago where he

confessed his love for her and she rejected it, he had focused all his attention on trying to win her,

buying her flowers and always trying to keep her company.

“I can’t help it, Hazel. I love you, and I’ll prove it. You deserve the best,” his voice echoed in her


She stroked the flowers gently and thoughtfully, a part of her surging with happiness, but the other part

an uncertain.

“What’s the deal with you and Hazel, Ethan? You’ve been going all out,” Axel inquired, eyebrows raised

as he Ethan’s office.

Ethan leaned against the desk, his expression earnest. “I can’t let her go, Axel. I messed up, and I’ll do

whatever it ta make things right, even if it takes ten years.”

Ethan was bent on proving to Hazel. Years ago she had pursued him, but now, it was his turn.

Axel regarded him with admiration, he gave Ethan a supportive shoulder squeeze.

“I respect that, my friend. But, on a different note, Jasmine and are leaving soon. She wants to travel

the world, and I can’t say no to that. I came to say goodbye,” Axel explained excitedly.

Ethan nodded. Axel and Jasmine were moving fast and it was all understandable, the two of them had

been through a lot.

“You’re leaving today?” He asked with a sigh.

Axel nodded. “Yeah, we’re heading to the airport now.”

They shared a hug, Ethan patted his shoulders. Ethan wished Axel luck on the journey that awaited


As Axel left for the airport, he met Jasmine waiting at the entrance of the airport with their luggages,

09:57 Wed, Feb 14.

Chapter 140

“Hey, you,” Axel greeted, embracing her tightly.

“Hey yourself,” Jasmine replied, her eyes sparkling.


“You ready?” He asked her. She gave him a smile then pressed a kiss on his lips, interlocking fingers

they walked towards the airport entrance.


“Haven’t I told you to be careful on those stairs?” Hazel scolded Liam as he thundered down the stairs


“Sorry mommy.” He apologized.

He was only excited Ethan would be picking them up very soon.

“Dad would soon be here.” Liam said in a happy tone.

Hazel couldn’t help but smile a little, he would no doubt come with a big bouquet of flowers this time


Daisy was watching her closely

“Mummy, will you ever forgive Daddy?” She asked suddenly.

Hazel blinked then gently stroked Daisy’s face, her touch tender. “It’s not that simple, baby,” she


“But you still love Daddy,” Liam asserted confidently.

Hazel arched her brows, prompting him to explain. “Why do you think so?”

“Because you always smiles whenever you receives a gift from Daddy,” Liam explained, conviction in

his voice.

Daisy joined in, adding, “And you always keep the gifts in your room.”

Hazel chuckled, realizing she might have underestimated the perceptiveness of her children.

“It’s not always easy to understand, my loves,” Hazel mused. “But let’s talk about something else. Did

you two have a good day at school?” She asked instead.

The children eagerly launched into tales of their day.

Ethan arrived later “Hope I’m not too late?” He asked with a smile handing Hazel the huge bouquet as


Hazel blushed, “You really didn’t have to, Ethan.”

“I do.” He insisted quietly.

“We’ll talk when I get back.” He muttered.

Hours later the three returned scampering upstairs with their arins ladened with new treasures. Hazel

watched their happy and excited faces as they headed up the stairs.

Left in the quiet aftermath, Hazel initiated the conversation. “What did you get for them?”

Ethan shrugged listing how they spent their day.

Hazel chuckled, “Spoiling them, aren’t you?”

With a mischievous grin, Ethan replied, “Well, they deserve it.”

“I got you something too. He admitted passing her a small box. She moved closer taking it slowly.

09:58 Wed, Feb 14

Chapter 140

She opened it to reveal a delicate silver necklace with a half-moon pendant. Hazel’s eyes widened in

surprise. “Ethan, it’s beautiful.”

Standing up, he gently placed the necklace around her neck his hands lingering and grazing at he neck


“I love you, Hazel. I don’t want anything else but you.” She turned to him slowly seeing the sincerity in

his gaze.

Hazel’s heart skipped a beat. “I… I still love you,” she confessed. “But it’s not that easy.”

Ethan’s eyes softened, he grabbed her hands, giving her a gentle squeeze. “I promise, I’ll never make

the mistake of not treating you right.”

She searched his eyes and she could tell that he was sincere. Hazel couldn’t resist any longer. Their 𝗰𝗼𝐦𝗲𝐧𝗼𝘃𝗲𝐥.𝗰𝗼𝐦

lips met in a deep, passionate kiss.

A soft click met their ears as the other half of the moon pendant which Ethan was wearing magnetised

to hers.

She chuckled. “So they fit into each other?”

“Yes, just like you complete me,” he whispered against her ears, “It just took me too long to see.” He

admitted as they shared a kiss.

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