Anton Brotherhood

Chapter 59 Attacked
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Chapter 59 Attacked

Anton stared at Chris without speaking, tapping the coffee table gently with his fingers. The room

became quiet again, and just the collision of fingers and the coffee table rang out. After five minutes,

Anton stated directly, “I want the underwold in H City!”

“Hmm?” Chris could not grasp Anton's meaning, gazing quietly.

Anton got nearer to Chris and gently said, “I want the same privileges as Uncle Joshua, but I don't want

to end up like him! I hope Secretary Chris can assist me!”

This guy had such a good appetite that he wanted to be the ruler of the mafia in H City. Chris was a bit

unhappy. He didn't like greedy people, and he didn't like smart greedy people. He grinned and replied,

“You are very naive. There was just one Uncle Joshua in H City, and only one. There won’t be a second


“Oh?” Anton smiled and said nothing.

“I'm telling the truth. There is really nothing I can do!”

“Yes! Only you can help. Of course, I am a person who remembers the friendship of others for me.

Whether it is good or bad, I will store it in my heart, not forgetting it for a minute, simply waiting to pay

back one day!” Anton looked at Chris as he talked, with icy light flashing in his eyes from time to time.

Even Jason Brown, who was standing at the entrance, could not help trembling with fear.

Chris's expression altered quickly, and he exclaimed loudly, “You mean I...”

“What I mean is that if Secretary Chris truly helps me, I would never treat you meanly, and at least I’ll

give the ‘government’ this every month!” Anton stopped Chris and held out his three fingers.

Chris's eyes lit up and realized what he meant. He was going to give him 300,000 yuan per month. He

smiled and replied, “It's not a matter of money...”

“Four hundred thousand!” Anton leaned on the couch, gazed up at the ceiling, and interrupted him.

Chris did not respond to that and quickly added, “I mean...”

“Five hundred thousand!”


“Six hundred thousand!”

“I… You...”

“Seven hundred thousand!” Anton didn't give Chris a chance to respond but interrupted him again and



“800,000!” Anton replied with one hand on his chin, “Well, this is the greatest price I can pay. If

Secretary Chris agrees, I will give you 800,000 per month!”

Sweat appeared on Chris’s head. 800,000 each month? What an incredible amount! Chris couldn't

believe his ears, and it was much difficult to believe that this came from a young guy who was younger

than twenty. With a shaking hand, he took out a cigarette, but he couldn't locate the lighter. He

searched his jacket pocket and then his trouser pocket. Anton stared at him coldly, knowing that Chris

was thinking about it now, or, he was waging an ideological battle.

Most corrupt officials were created by nothing more than a word of “desire”, but they must also have a

direct connection with the bribing. Just as Anton was doing today, there were a few individuals who

could ignore his money and force.

Jason came forward to assist Chris to light the cigarette. Anton waited patiently for Chris to give an

acceptable response.

After a while, Chris remarked, “Your conditions are incredibly attractive, but I believe you still don't

know the status of the provincial Party committee very well.”

“Oh?” Anton looked at Chris in doubt.

“Although I am the leader of the province, there is one person whom I do not dare to offend. You know,

after the death of Uncle Joshua, the City H was chaotic for a time. At that moment, the central

government dispatched a special commissioner as the Deputy Director of the Provincial Department,

and he is in charge of public security of City H. This man has a firm hand and calms the situation in City

H shortly after he comes here. If you cause too many problems, I don’t think I can help you. He is the

leader in the battle against triads and public security management in City H. I can just stand by and

make some comments. “novelbin

Anton nodded and said nothing in thought. Although Chris was very interested in Anton's conditions, he

was unable to do so.

Anton knew what Chris was talking about. He heard about that person from Lewis. If he remembered

correctly, his name was Richard. He was extremely opposed to the underworld and was placed under

the Central Committee. This was difficult for him. If he didn’t do anything to him, it was hard for him to

grow. If he did, it meant he had to defy the central authority. How could he do that!? He didn't have

such bravery for now.

Seeing Anton lowered his head and was quiet, Chris thought about the price given by Anton, and that

was not bad! He replied, “Anton, I can't help you much, but I can still do some little favors. As long as 𝓂𝓃𝓋.𝓂

you don't make too much noise in City H, like what you did in City J, I can still cover it for you. After all,

the leader of the city bureau is me!”

After hearing this, Anton was somewhat relieved, and he grinned, “Secretary Chris, I believe we will

have more chances to collaborate in the future, and we need your assistance! You will not be left out of

the benefits either!”

“Oh! What is the meaning of this, benefit or something? I don't care about these things. I just want to be

a friend of yours!”

“Yes! Please forgive me, Secretary Chris!” “Oh, don't call me Secretary Chris from now on. I'm older

than you, just call me Chris!”

Anton smiled and replied, “Well, I shall call you Chris from now on. If you need assistance with

anything, just tell me, and I will use my method to help you 'solve it'!”

These words made Chris very happy. He patted Anton on the shoulder and said, “Young people are

aggressive, and the future world belongs to your generation!”

“Chris, it’s so nice of you!” “Well...”

The two talked for a long time. On the surface, they were extremely close, but they both had ghosts in

their hearts, trying to extract more advantages from each other. After a while, Chris got up and bid

farewell. After all, there were still meetings waiting for him. Anton didn't compel him to remain and sent

Chris out of the room with a few goodbyes.

After he departed, Anton appeared to have waged a tremendous fight, resting tiredly on the couch, his

shirt drenched with sweat. Wendy poured a glass of water and placed it on the coffee table without

making any noise.

Jason went to Anton and whispered, “Boss Williams, Chris...”

Anton lifted his hand to stop him and replied indifferently, “Don't say anything, I know! Let me think

about the conversation.” Jason nodded, smiled at the other two guys, and the three of them left the

room. Wendy remained and gently massaged his shoulder. Anton was startled at first. He did not say

anything, and pleasantly enjoyed Wendy's massage.

Slowly, the sensation of weariness extended throughout Anton's entire body, and he closed his eyes

and fell asleep. But his head was whirling rapidly, and he didn’t want to give up Chris. After all, he was

the secretary of a province, and he had actual authority, which would still help him a lot. But Richard

was very hard to manage, and neither money nor force was suitable for him. The important issue was

that he didn't know what vulnerabilities he had. It appeared that Jason needed to hunt up this guy and

taking him down was a requirement for his own growth.

Anton sighed quietly. His tiredness swept over, and he got up and said to Wendy, “It's getting late. I

have to go back to school.”

Wendy replied, “Boss Williams, why don't you rest here tonight? I believe you are weary too. Stay for

the night and go back to school tomorrow morning!”

“No, let Jason stay here! Don't waste the money.Jason has already paid for the room!” As he stated,

Anton stepped out. Jason and others were still waiting at the entrance. Jason said, “Boss Williams, do

you have a plan?”

“Yep. Help me find this guy named Richard, especially his weakness. I don't want someone to obstruct

my path, even though he is the king of heaven. If he truly has no flaws, find a way to get rid of him!”

Anton's eyes blazed coldly.

Although Jason was a bit shocked by Anton's choice, he was delighted. He would never feel lonely with

Anton now. He was full of enthusiasm at any moment. He nodded and added, “Don't worry, Boss

Williams. I will go to find out!”

Anton replied, “Well, I'm back to school. You don't need to send me there, stay here!” Jason nodded.

Wendy tried to follow but was stopped by Anton. The first reason was that Wendy did not have a place

to stay at H. University, Secondly, he wanted to walk by himself.

Before returning to school, Anton had a bath and felt much more comfortable. When he returned to

school, it was nearly half-past ten. Since Anton's dormitory was on the east side of the campus, he

went via the tiny east entrance. The lights were switched off at 10,30, so there were not so many

people on the road at this hour, yet beneath the bright streetlights, the vehicles rushed past with a roar.

Anton bent his head in thought and walked on the sidewalk alongside the avenue and did not see the

two vans parked not far from the side door. When he went over, the doors of the vans suddenly

opened, and more than a dozen people jumped out of each vehicle, rushing toward Anton with knives.

After hearing a sound when the vehicle doors were opened, Anton sensed something. He quickly

turned around and saw that the two vehicles were packed with more than 30 people, all carrying

knives. Knowing that they weren't going to “welcome” him, he was somewhat shocked and took the

only logical choice to run.

Those people had waited for Anton for a long time. When the prey finally arrived, they couldn't let up

and pursued after him.

Anton had done the exercise of running to school in the high school and finally could utilize his skills,

and he raced ahead fast. He was nearly at the side entrance, but many people rushed out from behind

the walls on both sides of the side door, carrying knives to block Anton's path.

The side entrance was initially extremely small, and it was hardly feasible for the two people to pass

side by side, but at this time no fewer than five people stood here. Even if these guys were beaten, the

others would come early. Anton did not dare to go there. He passed the side door and continued to

sprint ahead. He stated in his heart that no matter who they were, it appeared like they had been

planned. Someone in the hostel must have revealed his location. Thinking about this, Anton cursed

quietly. He didn't want to be harsh with anybody in the dormitory. The six of them were not in the mafia,

but the person who betrayed him would never end well. Of course, he needed to escape from this first.

Anton raced very quickly, and the people behind eventually couldn't keep up, but two vehicles followed

closely after him.

The further Anton ran, the angrier he became. He was the head of an area, and when was he followed

by someone like this? And he couldn't get away. If those people got in the vehicle and chased after

him, he would be exhausted. After thinking about it, he stopped suddenly, turned to look at the person

following him, and said loudly, “Where are you all from? There must be a reason to kill me!”

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