Bought By The Billionaire

Chapter Forty-One
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Chapter 41: Bought By The Billionaire - Chapter Forty-One

I know my Master will fuck me soon, but he likes me to be ready for him. He wants me dripping,begging for his cock inside me. Until then, he will play his games, make me wait.

He unbuttons his shirt, stripping it off and revealing his well-muscled body. Broad shouldered and tightwaisted, skin gleaming gold in the candle-light, he is such a handsome man; my wonderful Master.Almost from the moment we first met, I wanted him. I want him now, inside me.

He steps back and for the first time, really swings the flogger. His aim is perfect. With a snap, thelashes sting past the very tips of my right nipple, biting in as they hum past. I scream and my engorgedcunt gushes, hot juices trickling down between my legs. The pain is fleeting; barely there before it isgone again, but my Master repeats the move on my other breast and, as I cry out, I writhe in my bonds,trying to escape (embrace) this pain (pleasure).

My Master stalks around me, now lashing behind me. The tails of the flogger lick across my buttocksand the back of my thighs. Each stroke is a little harder than the last, the bite a little deeper, the pain alittle more intense. I know that my Master will continue to build the pain until I shout my safety word.

He continues to lash. Before me again, the flail swipes squarely across my breasts, drawing red wealsacross my celtic-white skin.

“Not enough yet Elizabeth?” he asks. “You know you have to ask.”

He lashes again, aiming this time at the tender skin inside my thighs. “Until you ask me, I won’t stop tolet you suck my cock.” Through a haze of ecstatic arousal, I see the size of the bulge in the front of hisjeans. When he finally fucks me, I’m going to have my brains pinned to the wall.

Another lash. This time, the leather tips kiss up between my legs, brushing against my pulsing clitoris. Iscream and my knees give, dropping my full weight onto my wrists.

My Master seizes me by the waist, propping me up onto my hobbled feet again. “Enough Elizabeth?”

The words trickle from me. “Yes, Master.” My safe word. “Redhead, Master.”

He still supports me, one strong arm taking my weight. “So, what now Elizabeth?”

I have trouble speaking. “I want to….” I correct myself. This is my Master. “May I suck you off Master?”

“You may. But because you allowed this to continue longer than it should, I am not going to completelyrelease you.”

Still supporting me, he reaches up, unclipping first one wrist, then the other. However, he does notrelease me. Chaining my two wrists together, leaving the ankle bar in place, he lowers me to my knees.I sag down, exhausted and trembling with over-arousal.

“Kneel up.” he orders.

I struggle to obey, hampered by my fettered, widely spread ankles, supporting my shackled handsagainst him. When I am upright to his satisfaction, he unbuckles his wide leather belt and steps out ofhis jeans.

His cock, released, is hard and tall. Standing proudly towards his taut abs, it quivers to his heart beat. Iknow that I will have difficulty accommodating it in my mouth, but I welcome it. He seizes me by theback of the head, gripping my hair, twisting it enough for discomfort. Pulling my face towards him, myMaster guides his cock to my mouth, and I part my lips to take it.

“Wider.” he orders, pushing between my lips.

I try, but struggle to take the thick shaft. I cannot truly suck off my Master like this, shackled and bound.I am simply a receptacle for him. His briny-sweet pre-cum trickles across my tongue, but gagged by hisbulging cock-head, I cannot swallow, and it dribbles down from the corner of my mouth.

He thrusts, but gently, sliding in and out between my lips, each thrust a little deeper towards my throat.The scent of his musk is delectable. The pulse-beat throb of my Master’s wonderful cock vibratesthrough my mouth. The silky soft skin of the head slips through and over my lips and tongue, pressingin.

My Master, still gripping me by the hair says softly “Do you want me to fuck you Elizabeth?”

I cannot even nod. I cannot speak, but I try. A gurgled splutter escapes my cock-plugged throat.

“I think that was a ‘Yes’ Elizabeth?’ He withdraws from my mouth, leaving me slavering, and withaching jaw. “Was that a ‘Yes’?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Yes what?”

“Yes Master. Please will you fuck me.”

He looks down at me. I feel cherished. “That’s better. How do you want me to fuck you? Gently orhard?”

“Hard Master. I like you to fuck me hard. But please, can you cum in my mouth at the end. I want totaste you.”

He releases his grip on my hair, stroking my head for a few moments. “Good girl. I’ll unshackle younow. Then get onto the bed. Lie on your back.”

He releases me from the cuffs at wrist and ankle, and I crawl, stiff muscled towards the bed. My Mastersees my difficulties, and scooping me up in his arms, dumps me on the covers.

“Madam. You have let things go too far.”

Perhaps he is right. As I lie back on soft, warm blankets, the weals on my buttocks sting. But I don’tcare. The pain sets me a-fire. Tomorrow I may pay for this, but right now, I want my Master inside me. Iarch my back, raising my hips, offering him my volcanically aroused cunt.

He looks down at me. “I don’t think so.” he says. And instead of mounting me, he kneels between mylegs, swinging them over his shoulders, and presses his mouth to my sex.

I am molten. My gaping pussy welcomes him as he sucks at my lips, lapping at me, swirling his tonguethrough my entrance. But only briefly.

Slipping two fingers inside me, he gently works my g-spot, whilst his tongue and lips ravish mypulsating clit.

I shudder and squeal as my Master’s tongue works me, probing and manipulating my bud in a tick-tockcadence that brooks no resistance. The slight scrape of his stubble on my swollen flesh only heightensthe sensations, as I start the swift ascent to orgasm. Already brinking, my Master’s rhythmic attentionsto my clit, tip me over the edge to release. The heat of his mouth, consuming me, swells and blooms,shattering through my core, and crashing on outwards. My pulse racing, I feel the pounding of my ownheartbeat and hear my howl of exultation.

It becomes too much. Too much.

“Master. Stop!” I yell. “Redhead! Please. Redhead.” 𝓃𝓿.

He pulls away immediately, climbs over me and straddles my chest. Pushing a pillow under my head,he shoves his cock at my mouth. “Go on then.” he says, his voice husky. “This is what you wanted.”

This time my hands are free. I can move, at least a little, under my Master. Taking his cock-head in mymouth, I work the shaft with one hand, massaging his crinkling balls with the other.

He is already close. I can feel it at the base of his cock. I knead the root, hard, pressing my fingers in,working up the tension I feel building there. Whirling my tongue around the ridge of his shaft, I suck atthe steady stream of pre-cum, using it to lubricate my lips as I squeeze and mouth at the head.

He grunts, a deep, guttural sound that vibrates down through his chest and thighs, and through me.The pulsing throbs through my fingers as I work his root, and my mouth floods with his hot cream. Itpumps and pulses over my tongue, and eagerly I swallow. Looking up at my Master, his head is flungback, eyes squeezed shut, as he pumps his climax into me.

After long moments, he gasps and shudders a frisson down the length of his body. “Oh God! That wasgood!”novelbin

He looks down at me. “Elizabeth. Could you please relax your death-hold on me now? Should we everdecide to have children, I’ll be needing those parts of me in working order.”

I splutter and laugh, and he whips himself away from me. Then he lies down, warm beside me,encircling me with an arm.

He strokes my face. “I love you Elizabeth Haswell. And you’re so sweet. How did you fall for me? Iknow it wasn’t the money.”

“I can’t pretend that the money’s not nice Master. But I think I would have fallen in love with youanyway. And you with me.”

He nestles his head into the crook of my neck. “Yes, I’m sure of it.” Then he jerks his head up again.“And what do you think of your wedding present? Now that you’ve, um, sampled more of it.”

“Oh, it’s fantastic Master. What else can I say? I might even invite you back into my dungeon from timeto time.”

He snorts and snuggles up again. “Try to fuckin’ well keep me out…. just try…”

“Yes, Master.”


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