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Jules wanted to get Ivy out of Ceaser’s arms but she didn’t want to wake her. Ivy looked so peaceful inhis arms but Jules had come to the conclusion that she knew nothing about this man, he was astranger in her home.

I don’t even know you.

Jules wanted to say but instead said “No, it’s fine. I’ll take her.” She gently picked Ivy from Ceaser’sarms.

Ceaser’s jaw clenched as Jules declined his offer. No one had ever said no to him. It made him all themore furious that she was saying no to putting his daughter in bed. His daughter.

Ceaser stood in the same spot as Jules went to Ivy’s room and placed Ivy in her crib trying not to stirher awake. She looked at her peacefully sleeping daughter and smiled.

How did she ever get this luck?novelbin

She wondered once again like she had done every night she put her munchkin to bed. Jules smiledthen walked out without making any noise, switching the lights off on her way out. She joined Ceaser inthe living room and saw him at the same spot she had left him. He looked up when she walked in andshe stopped a few feet away from him their gaze locked.

"I'm sorry about all..." She said gesturing to the sofa where Ivy had been all over him a while ago.

"No please. It was fun." He said, interrupting her once again. "She actually seems like she knows whatshe's doing."

"I know right." Jules said as a matter of fact "I've always thought all this was a dream. That I'd finallywake up and she'll be like all those other kids that cry about everything and are difficult to deal with;although she has her moments." Jules rambled on about Ivy

"But she isn't like other kids." Ceaser said, a smile playing near his lip.

"No." Jules smiled "It’s like she's done with all those childish things and..." ᴄomᴇɴovᴇʟ.ᴄom

"...can't wait to grow up." Ceaser completed.

Jules looked up at him and saw him smiling, noticing the dimple on his left cheek and he caught hergaze then.

"What?" He asked.

She shook her head and sighed

"You just get it." She hadn’t been able to relate with anyone about Ivy. Andy and Sofi knew Ivy was asmart kid but they never got it like she did. Ivy was a miracle child; her miracle child and that little girlsurprised her every day.

Ceaser’s smile disappeared slowly as the tension in the room grew. Their gaze locked and it was likethey were frozen in time. Ceaser’s gaze grew darker and Jules’ heart was beating a thousand timesper minute. The tension became palpable and could be cut with a knife.

The funny thing was they both knew the other felt it but neither of them moved.

When Jules realized Ceaser wasn’t going to do anything about their awkward situation, she cleared herthroat and forced herself to look away from him.

What the heck was wrong with him? Ceaser thought. One minute he was mad at her, then he wasrelating with her and the next he wanted to...what was it he wanted to do exactly?

"I should probably go." Ceaser finally said breaking the silence, wanting to get the heck out of herebefore he did something he’d regret in the morning.

How fast the anger had turned to something else. Something entirely different from any emotion heshould be having for this woman.

"Yeah, of course." Jules led the way to the door and opened it.

Ceaser stepped out, turning to look at her.

"Goodnight Jules." He said.

"Goodnight." She said, shutting the door not wanting to watch him leave before she did somethingstupid like call him back and...and do what?

Jules shook her head like that was going to help her get rid of the thoughts that were forming in herhead. She went to bed that night after her dinner waiting patiently for sleep to take her. But obviously itdidn't since her mind couldn't stop replaying the moment in her living room. It had been awkward butthat awkwardness had made her heart speed up than she’d like to admit.

She sighed and closed her eyes wishing for sleep to come whisk her away just like Ceaser had donebecause the following day he woke up even more grumpy than his usual self and just like Jules, hecouldn’t stop replaying the moment in her living room. He had avoided her all week long even though

He had stayed in the office all morning thinking of what to do even though he had a lot to do, how tostart what he needed to do and so many other things. When he tried doing anything like getting somework done, images of her as she stood a few feet away from him, hair in a messy bun, her clothes losearound her doing nothing for her figure would pop into his mind. He couldn't think straight, she wasoccupying his mind.

Finally, lunch break came and Ceaser couldn’t take any more of the distraction named Jules, he had away of getting her off his mind and he had to do it now. He picked up his phone and told his PA to

cancel his appointments for the rest of the day. He was out his office and, in the elevator, pushing thenumber to her floor.

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