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Chapter 287

Chapter 287: 120. There’s a big difference in restraint_4

The whistle sound ended quickly, but the ensuing ringing in everyone’s ears continued to echo in their heads.Not only that, but it also set off a wave of collective frenzy among the demon rats.

All the demon rats simultaneously grew hair, expanded in size, muscles twisted, their eyes turning red and glowing.Their black spiral tails extended twice as long, like dark venomous snakes writhing on the ground.

Asea of rats swarmed towards Philia and the others, surrounding them without any blind spots in all directions.Noland Lee stared intently at the battlefield above him.

To his astonishment, he found that the vast swarm of rats was stopped five meters away from the group.

It was as if an air wall several meters wide appeared between the swarm of rats and the team.

Bullets rained down, guns roared, and energy beams swept across the horde of rats.

Dozens of bright red bouquets of light exploded in the magic vision created by “Life and Death Tracking”.

The overwhelming momentum of the rat swarm was daunting, but they could only be held back by the power of magic on theoutskirts of the group, their lives reaped by alchemy firearms and elemental magic.

Noland couldn’t help but think about how he would deal with the frenzied rat swarm.

Would he cast the “Bone Spirit Flight Technique” and turn into a flying skull to escape?

Or use the “Magic Shield” to resist damage and wait for an opportunity to use the “Evil Blast”?

Noland concluded that he couldn't remain as calm as Philia and the others.

Such magic to isolate the enemy at a safe distance was one of the ways Noland lacked to deal with the situation.“It seems that on the path of a Wizard, | still have a lot to deconstruct,” Noland thought to himself.

Nodding silently, Noland set aside his distracting thoughts and immersed himself entirely in the task at hand.“Let me see... where are those Blackbone Hermits...”

Noland slowly shifted his gaze, carefully searching the frenzied rat swarm.

The number of demon rats was astounding, filling the entire den with their bodies.

Places where no demon rats appeared were either walls, stone pillars, or floors, or occupied by the Blackbone Hermits.Noland quickly discovered several human-shaped silhouettes in the red outlines filling his vision.

He tried throwing deconstruction spells at these black gaps.


System feedback messages showed that his target for deconstruction was the ceiling of the underground layer 14, not theBlackbone Hermits he had expected.

It seemed that only living people, dead people, and corpses clearly marked by “Life and Death Tracking” in the “Magic Vision”could be considered targets for deconstruction.

Noland wasn’t discouraged, maintaining his calm composure.He shifted his gaze slightly and targeted several red outlines next to him, casting his deconstruction spell.[System Message: You are about to launch a Deconstruction Technique on the “Alchemy Slaves.” ] cᴏᴍᴇnᴏᴠᴇʟ.cᴏᴍ

“Mm-hmm, that’s right. The Blackbone Hermits are indeed in the center of the third layer of the nest, hiding behind the frenziedrat swarm and protected by the demonized rats.” Noland squinted his eyes, his thoughts racing like lightning.

“Using ‘Evil Blast’ to ignite the corpses of demon rats and instantly kill the Blackbone Hermits and Armed Alchemy Slaves is aviable method. But the drawback is that it easily causes friendly fire and exposes my own trump cards.

“| could change the location of the ‘Evil Blast’ to somewhere else... like on the escape route the Blackbone Hermits have to takefrom the battlefield.” Noland looked down and focused on the corridor below.

He could see through the underground layers 15 to 20 of Sector 8 in a single glance.

The Cat Society had stationed people on underground layers 1 to 14 to develop resources in the demon rat nests, neglecting themanagement of underground layers 15 and beyond. There were more aberrations in the hallways there.novelbin

If Noland could clear out the aberrations on the 15th to 20th floors in advance and create some aberration corpses, he feltconfident in killing the young raven during his escape.

Just as Noland was pondering his ambush plan, a strange sight appeared in the magic vision of “Life and Death Tracking.”On the underground layer 20, at the vertical edge of the magic vision, a group of elite aberrations had gathered together.

They roared into the sky, seemingly summoning their companions.

About half a minute later, a dark armyof aberrations, led by a group of eliteaberrations, attacked the die gateIdadiing t the staircase... A slightsolemnity floated in the depths ofNoland’s eyes. The content is onNovelDrama.Org! Read the latestchapter there!

He realized he had overlooked a detail.

Coudal and Coudaman, the two deceased Blackbone Hermits, had clearly known about the secret infiltration of the aberrationsby Black City.

Black City had initially researched a method to control the aberrations.

The backup plan that the young raven had prepared for the enemy was likely the aberrations emerging from the depths of theunderground.

“l understand now!”Suddenly, a flash of lightning crossed Noland’s mind.

He connected the memories of Coudal, Coudaman, and Hickman Arlington together and figured out the causes and relationshipsamong them!

Hickman Arlington’s Experience Task was to convert the souls of the aberrations into spirit pets.He needed a large amount of soul materials, which formed a massive demand for aberrations.Uncontrolled aberrations were obviously not as reliable as the controlled ones from Black City!

Hickman Arlington knew that he could find a large number of tamed aberrations in Black City, easily carrying out his magicexperiments.

That’s why he would betray Elemental Judgement, using the blood of the elemental wizards as a token to join Black City.

This also corroborated thespeculation that the aberrationsthe 20th underground layeFwerebeing F neu ated by others andwere about to support the youngraven. The content is onNovelDrama.Org! Read the latestchapter there!

As Noland connected the pieces ofthe information chain, the aberrationsin the depths of theyan@prgtotind hadfarojplylbréRen through the metalgates of the 20th underground layerand stormed into the 19thunderground layer.. The content is onNovelDrama.Org! Read the latestchapter there!

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