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Chapter 368

Once again, Pierre returned to Satan’s turf through the night, and he knew that he would come. Inthe dimly-lit room, only the light from the man’s cigar kept flickering. When Pierre walked in, Satanwas seated on the couch, smoking his cigar idly.

“I didn’t think that we would meet again so soon,” Satan said, opening his arms as though he waswelcoming an old friend.

Although they weren’t old friends, they had been acquainted for a long time. Pierre was responsiblefor weapons development in his base while Satan had been trying ways and means to acquire theweapons from his hands. For many years, they had been pitting their wits and courage against eachother.

“Where’s my son?” Pierre asked straightaway. There was no point to have any excess chit-chat withhim since they both knew what was on the other party’s mind.

“Your son is in my hands, but what do you have in exchange for him?” Satan asked with a sly smirk.

Seeing that there was another single-seater couch, Pierre plopped himself on it and asked instead,“What do you want in exchange for him?”

Even though they were old opponents, they could only guess what the other was doing.

“I heard that the artillery you’re developing, TR300, has just completed its upgrade to a new version.It has a further range and is more accurate, the most developed of its kind in the world right now.”

Pierre snorted. “Looks like you’re very well-informed. Why? You want it?”

Shaking his first finger, Satan said, “No one can be compared to General Fowler, am I right?”

So what Satan wanted was him.

What was the point of having the weapon which was always being updated? A better one wouldalways emerge even after having a good one. But if Pierre pledged his alliance with him, it was asgood as owning the entire research and development base, and he would forever be ahead ofeveryone else.

Narrowing his eyes at Satan, Pierre didn’t imagine that he was actually so ambitious. “Have youheard of a saying, Satan?”

Satan tilted his head, waiting for his answer.

“Don’t bite more than you can chew,” he sneered. “Aren’t you afraid of overstuffing yourself byhaving such a big appetite?”

But Satan wasn’t afraid. Of course he knew what Pierre meant; the more ambitious a person was,the more he had to pay and take greater risks. He was already leading a life so brutal that just onewrong step would cause him death, but with such a huge appetite now, it might turn his life tentimes even more dangerous than before.novelbin

“It’s your choice if you want to agree to my term, and it’s my business if I can swallow this bite. Idon’t wish to chat unnecessarily with you, General Fowler. If you’re willing to work for me, then I’llreturn your son to you safe and sound. But if you’re not…” he trailed off. Without the need to finishhis sentence, they both knew what he meant.

Being the savage man that he was, only death awaited Jameson who had fallen into his hands.

“Give me some time to think it over,” Pierre said, standing up.

“Sure, no problem. This is a huge decision, so of course you need to think about it carefully. Butyour son may not have so much time waiting for your consideration. There’s a limit to my patience.”

Taking a deep breath, Pierre then spun around to leave.

“Let me remind you, don’t be up to any tricks. We’re old acquaintances, after all.”

With Satan’s final words echoing in his ears, Pierre left the place without anyone ambushing him norany difficulties.

Pierre knew that Satan didn’t prepare any other plans because he was betting if he would give uphis son for his own country. 𝓷𝓋.

The moment he walked out of the place, he turned back to look at it as though he was bidding hisfarewell, knowing that he might have to bid his son goodbye, too. However, he didn’t know what heshould tell Selena when he returned.

Very quickly, he left the place, and not long after he was gone, Jude arrived. After disembarking theplane, she didn’t stop for a moment and came straight to look for Satan.

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