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Chapter 40novelbin

“Walter, is she your employee?” Mike pointed at Clara. “Which department is she in? I accidentally knocked over her breakfast. I wanted to replace it.” Clara was surprised. She didn’t expect Mike to hide Tamara’s unruly behavior nor repeat the question she hadn’t answered.

“It’s only breakfast.” Walter’s tone was stiff. “Or do you think we can’t feed our staff?”

Mike grinned. “I didn’t mean that.”

Walter stared at Clara coldly. “Haven’t you got a watch? Why are you late on your first day?”

Clara could only mutter, “I’m sorry, Mr. Colon. Mr. Moss, goodbye.” She quickly left, taking the next elevator.

Mike’s eyes followed Clara until she vanished. Walter’s expression worsened.

“I delayed her just now. Don’t blame her,” Mike explained. He didn’t press when Walter didn’t answer where Clara worked. It was apparent Walter didn’t want to tell him. Something was going on between them or Tamara wouldn’t publicly assault Clara. Walter had been unfriendly since he appeared.

“I’m here for the collaboration.” Mike changed the topic. “Shall we discuss it?”

“Walter, I’m here for that too.” Tamara quickly put on an innocent and charming appearance. “Since you agreed, he was happy and kept asking how it’s going.”

Tamara also wanted to get closer to Walter and see his reaction to Clara’s death. She couldn’t meet Walter in the last few days, so she had to come in today.

However, Clara was alive.

Tamara cared about the project too. The sooner it was established, the more secure she would be. Not wanting to seem overeager, Tamara changed her tune. “Walter, I’m not rushing you. I missed you and came to see you too.” She pretended to be shy and lowered her head, twisting her fingers.

Walter glanced at them. “You can go back. When the proposal is ready, I’ll contact you.” The last part was directed at Mike.

Walter left.

“Hold on, Walter…” Tamara wanted to chase him. She hadn’t even talked to Walter. How could she leave? It was unacceptable.

Mike wretched Tamara back, dragging her out of the Colon Group. “Explain yourself.” Mike’s tone was cold. He knew Tamara. Tamara pretended to be gentle and virtuous but was arrogant and ruthless. When she was abroad, she was harsh on the s e v n t s, often scolding and hitting them, causing a lot of


“Explain what?” Tamara revealed her true colors. “Are you talking about that b i t c h Clara? She’s Walter’s mistress. She’s a vixen. Why can’t I hit her?”

Mike was shocked. No wonder. However, Clara didn’t feel like someone who depended on a man. When Mike saved her, her frail and pale appearance made his heart ache.

Although Mike only exchanged a few words with her, his heart clenched. For some reason, Clara gave him a sense of déjà vu.


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