Daddy the Miracle Medic (Lachlan and Miranda)

Chapter 361 How Did She Come Here?
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Chapter 361 How Did She Come Here?

Chapter 361 How Did She Come Here?

After Saber and Samuel left, Romeo and Harlow sat there staring at each other in shock. Theycouldn't believe that they were now responsible for delivering the bomb.

"This is ridiculous! Are they trying to bully us?" Harlow asked, her mouth twisted in frustration.

Romeo sighed heavily. "We don't have a choice. We can't mess with Samuel from the MedicalBusiness Alliance of Corlinet Delta or Saber from NC Organization."

"Dad, what do we do?" Harlow looked at the bomb on the table and bit her lip anxiously.

"We'll follow Samuel's plan," Romeo said firmly. "We'll pretend to want to make amends withLachlan and Miranda, then hide the bomb inside a gift."

Harlow scowled. "But won't that mean we're bowing down to them?"

Romeo rolled his eyes at his daughter's stubbornness. "So what if we have to bow down? Haven'tyou already done it before? Remember how you fawned over your brother-in-law at that medicalconference in the Capital?" 𝓷𝓿.

Harlow blushed with embarrassment as she remembered how Lachlan had humiliated her duringtheir last encounter.

"Fine," she muttered reluctantly. "I guess it's just pretending anyway. And when the bomb goes off,we'll finally get our revenge."

Romeo nodded approvingly as he imagined the explosion taking out not only their enemies but alsotheir pride.

Next, the father and daughter discussed the specific operational details to ensure that everythingwould go smoothly.


On the other side, after parting ways with Emerson, Makhi, and the others, Lachlan hesitated in thecar and decided to call Matthias, the head of the Graham family.

Lachlan's current goals were twofold: to enhance his strength and to find a way to break Nora'scurse.

After absorbing the Thousand-Year Snow Lotus, Lachlan felt that he was on the verge of breakingthrough to the Core Formation Realm. However, this crucial step couldn't be achieved throughordinary cultivation. Even resources like the Heavenly Spirit Jade, with its spiritual energy, hadbecome ineffective for his breakthrough.

Only materials with a certain level of spiritual energy concentration, such as the Thousand-YearSnow Lotus or the Spiritual Spring, could be effective for Lachlan, who was at the peak of theUppecia stage.

So, Lachlan had his eyes on the Clan Grand Competition mentioned earlier during the discussionwith the Graham family.

Raul and Matthias had promised that if he helped the Graham family secure their qualification in theancient martial arts family, he would receive thirty percent of the resources they obtained next time.

In addition, if he performed well in the Clan Grand Competition and achieved a ranking, he wouldalso receive individual rewards. At that time, Lachlan had said he would consider it without giving adirect answer.

Now these rewards were very attractive to him because he was eager to break through.novelbin

"Mr. Willis?" Matthias quickly answered his phone call.

Matthias quickly answered the phone.

"Mr. Graham, how's the recent sales of the elixirs?" Lachlan first chatted with him about the recentsales of elixirs since he was cooperating with the Graham family. He couldn't just be indifferent.

After a brief chat, he then came to the main topic, "By the way, Mr. Graham, about that Clan GrandCompetition you mentioned last time, have you found suitable candidates who can participate onbehalf of your family?"

"Uh... It's not that easy," Matthias hesitated for a moment, then smiled bitterly. To maintain thefamily's qualification in the Clan Grand Competition, at least two descendants needed to pass theassessment, and they must have the strength of the Uppecia realm. Young experts under thirty atthe Uppecia realm weren't easy to find.

"Oh, after some consideration, I've decided to represent your family in the competition! Are theconditions you mentioned last time still valid?" Lachlan asked casually.

Hearing this, Matthias' eyes brightened, and he quickly said, "Of course, they are still valid! Afteryou left last time, we've been waiting for your response! So, it's settled!"

"Alright! When exactly is this competition?" Lachlan inquired.

"At the end of this month, less than ten days left. But we need to go in advance, so, Mr. Willis,prepare yourself; we'll be setting off in a week. I'll contact you in advance," Matthias explained.

"Okay!" Lachlan agreed and hung up the phone.

At this moment, on Matthias' side, Savannah, the Graham family's beautiful young lady, snorted.

"Dad, is that Lachlan?" Savannah asked disdainfully. Who else would her father call Mr. Willis?

"Yeah, Lachlan said he agreed to represent us in the Clan Grand Competition," Matthias smiled,seemingly in a good mood. He couldn't find any young talents who could help the Graham familymaintain their family qualification, except for Savannah, the genius girl.

The younger generation of the Graham family, except for Savannah, was somewhat unimpressive.The Graham family's younger generation was truly lacking.

As the conversation continued, Savannah sneered, "He agreed because of the favorable conditionsyou and great-grandfather offered him! But, let's be clear, if he goes with me, it's just to make up thenumbers! Even if he manages to secure our family qualification, his contribution isn't that significant.I would still be the main force. Why should he get thirty percent of the cultivation resources?"

Matthias sighed, "As long as he can make up the numbers and secure one of the two spots for ourfamily, that's enough! Now, our family doesn't even have enough people to make up the numbers.It's not something to be unsatisfied about. Besides, he has a powerful force backing him. Consider ita favor to them!"

Savannah's face showed a trace of dissatisfaction and disdain, "So what? He's just a weakling witha powerful background but lacking in talent!"

One day later, at noon, in the western outskirts of Edoland, a new factory area had been built,covering an area of over five thousand square meters.

The factory area included office buildings, a comprehensive staff activity area, a cafeteria, factorybuildings, and other supporting facilities - all fully equipped.

Miranda, Lachlan, along with the core members and outstanding employees of Lowe'sPharmaceutical, stood at the entrance of the factory area, each with a happy smile on their faces.

Additionally, many bosses from the pharmaceutical industry in Edoland, material suppliers, andpersonnel from the regulatory body were present to congratulate them.

"Mr. Willis, Ms. Lowe, congratulations! The speed of your expansion is impressive!"

"Oh, Dominic's Pharmaceutical is not even qualified to be a competitor with you now."

Dominic, the former CEO who had been at odds with Lowe's Pharmaceutical, offered hiscongratulations while also making a self-deprecating remark.

After exchanging pleasantries with him, at this moment, a somewhat unpleasant voice with a strongattempt at friendliness sounded.

"Oh, Miranda, you've completed this new factory area. Why didn't you inform us?"

As the voice fell, Harlow, twisting her body, approached with Romeo, both wearing smiles on theirfaces.

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