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Chapter 1823

The boss, with his voice paused, glanced towards the break room with a confused expression.

Felix's gaze followed suit, but instead of heading over, he continued to scrutinize the data in hishands.

"Make the changes. I don't want to hear any 'what ifs.'"

"Sure, sure."

His presence was so commanding that it silenced any potential rebuttal.

Passing the report across the table, Felix glanced at his watch, and realized it was time for themeeting on this floor.

He stood up and strode towards the conference room.

Inside the break room, Nathan stared at the shattered coffee mug on the floor.

The milky coffee was spreading everywhere, and his collar was still warm from where Carol hadpulled him close, leaving a fleeting kiss on his cheek.

He was at a loss for how to react. When Carol stepped back, she flicked to the spilled coffee with ahint of regret.

"It's ruined." 𝓂𝓷𝓿.𝓂

"I'll make you another one, right away," he stuttered, fumbling with the machine's buttons.

Carol had applied a subtle shade of lipstick that morning; she stood to the side, clutching her pursewith an air of casual indifference.

Nathan prepared another cup of coffee and, with his hands trembling, handed it to her.

"Here you go. I've got to head to a meeting on this floor."

He grabbed a mop and started cleaning up the mess.

Carol took a sip and listened as he explained, "The coffee beans here aren't the best, and themachine is only semi-automatic. If you prefer a hand-ground brew, I could set that up at home."novelbin

She didn't really enjoy the office coffee, so she had asked him about it out of mere politeness.

"Can you make mulled wine?" she inquired.


"Then next time, make mulled wine. Add some apples and a bit of orange peel."

"Will do."

Nathan's mind was a whirlwind, as if he could hear the sound of blossoms unfurling.

After cleaning up and washing his hands, he rushed off to the conference room.

The meeting had started three minutes ago, and his boss was already presenting figures.

As he pushed open the door, all eyes turned towards him.

Felix, seated at the head of the table, gave him a detached look, and his gaze settled on the fainttrace of lipstick on Nathan's cheek.

It was barely noticeableβ€”unless one looked closely.

Frowning, Felix listened as Nathan apologized, "Sorry for being late."

Knowing Nathan was Felix's friend, the boss didn't dare comment further and just continued with thereport.

After Nathan took his seat, he felt as if he were on fire, especially under Felix's intermittent scrutiny,which caused a cold sweat to break out on his back.

It was a mix of guilt and the lingering excitement from Carol's kiss that made his heart race, almostto the point of bursting.

He couldn't even recall when the meeting ended, and by the time he came to his senses, only heand Felix remained.

Nathan rose, and said with a voice of unease, "I guess I'll get going too."

As he walked past Felix, the familiar scent of Carol's perfume lingered in the air.

It was a fragrance she'd been wearing lately, but Felix couldn't imagine linking Carol and Nathantogether.

So, he simply asked, "Seeing someone?"

Nathan froze, avoiding Felix's gaze, "Ah, yeah, I'm trying to."

"You guys have kissed but the relationship isn't official yet?"

Nathan's palms were sweaty as he listened to Felix continue, "Nathan, be smart about this. Don't letyourself get played by a woman again."

The words made Nathan cringe.

In the past, he hadn't known that the women who approached him were just looking for a fling.

With Carol, he knew her intent, yet he couldn't resist her.

Carol was beautiful, the goddess of his dreams.

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