Dimensional Descent

Chapter 2932 Only Path
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Chapter 2932 Only Path

It could only be said that Flaura was even sharper than her brother. And as for her comments about the Fawkes, Leonel was already aware that she knew. It was just unfortunate for her that the world no longer believed her words anymore. So unless she could find concrete evidence, it wouldn't matter in the slightest.

And very soon... Leonel wouldn't even care if the world knew at all. Because soon, he would have offended so many that the difference between whether they knew or not simply wouldn't matter.

Leonel grasped at the air, his Innate Nodes churning and forming a spear that radiated a bright light.

At that moment, the strength of Innate Nodes shone through. Despite having been drained, he still had something to pull on.

But to Leonel's surprise, before he could take action, his brothers moved without a single word.

Leonel's expression changed. He had been so focused on other things that he didn't even notice their intentions. Though it also didn't help that his mind was completely spent. He truly hadn't had the energy to waste on other things. novelbin

Seeing them move without informing him, he understood immediately. 𝒏𝒗.

His brothers had their own pride, and though they had been joking before, all jokes had kernels of truth in them.

After some hesitation, Leonel slowly lowered his spear and took a shaky breath.

In that moment, they looked more like moths to a flame. However, they carried an undeniable determination.

Flaura's reaction was understandably disdainful. She didn't take Humans seriously at all. Other than Leonel and Aina, they had no one else.

As expected, her advantage was immediately crushing. But she couldn't help but narrow her eyes when she couldn't kill them immediately.

Wielding a whip in one hand and a wine bottle in the other, she drank and attacked all at once. A domain of snaking shadows filled the air and the world shuddered, space shaking beneath her might.


James' shields shattered one after another, but to his back, Drake held out a pair of pistols, firing continuously to support.

Arnold stood above, his palms falling like meteors. Leonel was actually stunned to see that he was only a step away from the Constellation Realm with his Universal Force, but he had been stuck there. He had always had great talent in Universal Force, but Leonel hadn't expected him to make it so far so quickly.

The skies were supported by a winding array of swords. Allan used his magnetic-like Ability Index to freely control an array of weapons. The swords seemed to only be one part. In fact, there were a total of nine, exuding an ancient aura that seemed both like and not like a Natural Force Art.

They all worked together, and soon, Flaura's own expression couldn't help but become serious.

She had come here to kill Leonel, but she had never expected that before she could even get close, she would be stopped by these few.

Soon, she realized that the situation wasn't good at all. If things continued like this, even if she could kill them all one by one, Leonel would have gained far too much time to recover.

In fact, when she sent a glance over, she noticed that Leonel was already gone. In his place, there was nothing more than a cube of jigsaw puzzles slowly pulsing with a silver-blue light.

He hadn't even stayed to watch the battle!

Flaura felt a billowing frustration rising up inside her. It was suffocating to the point she wanted to shriek to the skies.

Her head flung back and she took a large swig. The wine spilled over her lips and down her body.

At that moment, her violet hair flared out wildly, and when her gaze turned to the battlefield once again, they were filled with a true light of madness.

"All of you... DESERVE DEATH!"

They didn't respond.

James and Milan slammed their palms together at the same time, both forming an Energy Shield that overlapped over one another and then multiplied in strength several times over.

At that moment, Flaura's Whip Force was suppressed to the point it could hardly rise up anymore.

At the same time, her ankles were trapped by the earth, Chaotic Particle Force adding the weight of planets to her legs courtesy of Raj.

The others moved at once, Gil leaving streaks of lightning in the air. The pieces of metal on him were all accelerated forward at once at the hands of Allan and he landed a punch on Flaura's gut before she could react.

Lightning sparked and Flaura shivered, her body freezing for just a brief instant.

Franco and Drake unleashed a barrage in that brief instant, the former with fists and the latter with a sniper rifle. Drake had put away his pistols, pulling out a gun with a barrel as long as a meter and a violent black aura.


Flaura felt her bones shatter and blood flew from her mouth.

That was when Arnold attacked. The palm descended with an undying majesty and he seemed to recall the 13 constellations he had seen earlier and was about to undergo an unprecedented change. Unfortunately, he couldn't take that step in the end.

However, that didn't stop his strike from firmly grasping a level of power it had never touched before.


Flaura fell to a knee. Unwillingness and helplessness on her face... but it was soon replaced by a malevolent rage. She deserved more, so much more.

But unfortunately, she had spent too many years scheming. How much effort had she ever put into her actual combat prowess? Almost none at all.

And even worse than that, was Leonel really the only one at the end of his rope? She had been on the run for two years. Her mind and body had long been brought to their limits.

Under this situation, even in the face of these supposed "Mortals"...

Her only path was death.

Joel appeared before her, his brown eyes carrying a frightening chill.

The blade of his polearm descended and pierced right through her chest.

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