Dominance (Book 1)

Chapter 48: Feelings
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Chapter 48: Feelings

It's been a couple of weeks since I had seen Grayson or even heard from him. I've been doing a lotbetter, thanks to my friends such as Rose, Jess, Ethan and the boys, my family included. To be honest,Ethan and I were extremely close, Ethan was super sweet and an amazing person to talk to. I don'tknow if I can say so soon, but fortunately or unfortunately, I think that I may have feelings for him. Doeshe feel the same way about me?

I've had nightmares about Grayson..

It's been extremely difficult getting over what Grayson did. I missed him terribly, but at the same time, Idon't think I want him to come back, but the other side of me says that I actually do.

Anyway, I was getting ready to go to the beach with Ethan. I got on a black bikini, mini shorts over anda tank top. Ethan wanted to invite Shawn, Rose and the boys with, but they said that they'd meet usthere. I got a towel with and walked downstairs. Ethan was waiting downstairs for me.

"Good morning" he said, smiling

I smiled back

"Morning Eth" I tease and he groans, causing me to laugh

Ethan grabs his car keys and opens the door for me, I climb in and check my phone. I'm so use tohaving Grayson by me, sometimes I still check my phone hoping to see a message from him, I shouldjust move on.

I know that it might sound fucking weird for me to possibly-be moving on-to his twin, but Ethan wasdifferent. Ethan was sweet, caring, funny and loving.

My thoughts got cut off by the car engine starting. Ethan drove off, on the way to the beach we go.


Danielle and I have gotten really close, which I was thankful for that she'd actually let me in. She issuch a strong, independent young women, and very beautiful. I wanted to take her to the beach, tospend some time with her, but I knew that I had to invite friends with so that it didn't look so obviousthat I actually wanted to take her out on a date and spend time with her.


We arrived at the beach and I climbed out. The rest of the boys and Rose were not here yet. Ethanclimbed out and walked with me on the beach. As we walk past a few guys, who just happen to bechecking me out, he snakes his arm around my waist protectively and pulls me closer to him. I smile tomyself, for once I actually feel protected.

We walk further on and I stop at a perfect spot on the sand. It's quiet. Ethan sets out a towel for me andI smile at him. Ethan sits down on it, as the towel is big enough for us both. I take off my tank top,revealing my bikini top, and soon my shorts came off as well, revealing me fully in a black bikini. Iglanced over at Ethan and he was staring directly at me which made me blush. I sat down next to him.Ethan continued staring at me, looking my body up and down, and he bit his bottom lip. I cougheduncomfortably and he snapped his head up, looking in my eyes. I must say, I felt kind of turned on forthe way that he was scanning my body. 𝙣𝒗.

"Sorry" he chuckled, and looked at the waves

"Sorry for what?" I ask

"It's just hard for me to keep my eyes off you, as well as my hands" he says, standing up and taking offhis shirt, revealing his toned body. Ethan had tattoos on his thighs which I never seemed to noticebefore. Ethan was really attractive. Ethan started walking towards the water.

I looked to my side, to see Rose and the boys coming. They came and set down their towels. Shawnand Rose were chatting. It was obvious that Shawn had a crush on Rose, it was cute though. All theboys came and greeted me and soon went off, leaving me with Rose. Rose sat down next to me on hertowel, and soon took off her clothes, revealing her dark purple bikini.

"And who knew vampires could tan" I tease and she laughs

"Well I might not tan exactly, but it's worth a try" We both laugh and see Colton and Tyler walkingtowards us, from the water. Tyler walks up to Rose and picks her up bridal style, laughing and Coltonpicks me up bridal style, the rest of the boys in the water were laughing crazily. I tried to get out of hisgrip, but he was too strong. Tyler threw Rose in the water, laughing and Rose got up, splashing him,laughing as well. Colton dropped me in the water and after a while I swam up, splashing him andlaughing.

We all spent a bit of time in the water and I got out and sat down by the towel, letting the sun dry meoff. Ethan came and sat next to me.

"I'm sorry if I've made things awkward, that was not my intention" he says, looking down

"Ethan look at me" I say, and he just continues to look down. I could see that he was hurt.

Then I did the unexpected, I crashed my lips on Ethan's. Ethan had seemed a bit taken back, but hedidn't hesitate to kiss me back. His lips were soft and he really could kiss. Our lips moved perfectly.After a while, I pulled away to catch my breathe. Ethan smirked and looked at me.

"That was amazing, I have to say" I say, giggling

"That was perfect" he says and I snuggle up closer to him, he sees the perfect opportunity to wrap hisarm around my waist, so that he could hold me. I smile at him and rest my head on his shoulder.

I needed to move on from Grayson.. it was just better that way since he wasn't coming back. Atleastthat's what I was thinking at the time.novelbin

Ethan was caring, sweet and attractive.

The sun started going down and the boys and Rose came from the water.

"Sup guys, we''ll check you guys out later"Colton says

"Alright man" Ethan says and Colton smirks

"Don't do anything I wouldn't do" Colton smirks and walks off, with the other boys following. I hug Roseand we say our goodbyes. Shawn walked off with his hand on Rose's back. I smile to myself.

"Ready to go?" Ethan asks me and I nod. Ethan gets up and pulls me up. He grabs the towel and walkswith me back to the car. I put on my tank top and shorts. Ethan puts on his black shirt, that shows hisabs perfectly. I climb in and Ethan starts the car.

He drives off to a ice-cream shop and climbs out. He opens the door for me and I climb out.

It started getting a bit cold and a shiver ran down my body. Ethan noticed and opened the back doorsand pulled a hoodie out for me. I thanked him and slipped it on. It was a Nike hoodie, and it smelt of hiscologne. My heart fluttered and Ethan chuckled.

"You're too cute" he says, amused

"Why?" I ask, laughing

"As soon as I gave you that hoodie, your heart rate increased drastically" he smirks and I blush.

We walk in the ice-cream shop and Ethan asks me what do I want

"Cookies and cream please" I say and he smiles at me

"One cookies and cream please and caramel fudge" he says and the lady starts to make our ice cream.

"Can I ask you something?" He asks, out of the blue

"Sure" I reply, locking my eyes with his

"What did that kiss mean to you?" He asks, biting his bottom lip

"I do like you Ethan, you're a really nice guy, everything a girl can ask for" I reply, smiling. Ethan had ahuge smile on his face.

"Danielle I've been wanting to kiss you since the first day I laid my eyes on you, I just wish it was bettercircumstances" he said, refering to Grayson.

"I know, but you have me now" I said. Atleast that's what I thought

Without hesitation, Ethan crashed his lips onto mine and our lips moved in sync.

We both pulled away and got our ice-creams. We sat down on the chairs by the glass, I looked out thewindow and from across the streets, I saw someone with a black coat staring at us. I couldn't see it'sface. The built looked like a man. Grayson's length.

A shiver ran down my spine at the thought. The man disappeared.


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