Don't Escape, My Doctor!

Chapter20 Is this God’s will?
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Chapter20 Is this God's will?

Julia Hill first put the resignation letter in the drawer, and went to the ward in a hurry. The doctors andnurses were checking the 19-bed Mr. Cai.

"What are the symptoms now?" Julia Hill asked.

"Suddenly hemoptysis, polypnea." The nurse replied.

"Did he have an X-ray examination? And where are all previous inspection reports?" Julia Hill asked. 𝓂𝓃𝓋.𝓂

"He did." The nurse said, and quickly took all of Mr. Cai’s inspection reports to Julia Hill.

Julia Hill looked that very carefully, and frowned: "The pathological changes area of the right lung isvery large, basically it can be determined that the hemoptysis caused by the compression of the lungmass. We will be ready for surgery."

However, after Julia Hill said that, and the son of Mr. Cai immediately stood up and opposed: "surgery?Yesterday, Dr. Zhou said that it would be fine for a few days. Why do you suddenly have surgery?"

"Now your dad's pathological changes area of right lung has become very large. In this case, werecommend immediate surgery. If you have no problem, you are ready to pay for money andsignature."

Julia Hill said very decisively. Mr. Cai’s son suddenly stood still there, and then he began to resolutelyoppose: “No, no surgery, no surgery.”

"Do you want to see your father continue to hemoptysis?" Julia Hill said very harshly. " this situation,you dad must be operated immediately."

After that, Julia Hill walked out of the ward and then said to her assistant doctor: "Prepare for surgery, ifthe family does not agree, try to convince them that his father cannot wait."

"I know, Dr. Hill."

Julia Hill disinfect and put on the sterile clothes then she came into the operating room. Soon, Mr. Caihad already been pushed in with the anesthesia needle. Julia Hill and the assistant doctors were alsoin place and the operation began.

"Scalpel." Julia Hill said to the assistant doctor. novelbin

"Skin hook."


Julia Hill was very serious about doing surgery for Mr. Cai. The nurse also kept sweating for her. Theoperation lasted for more than an hour.


The operation went very smoothly. Now only the suture was left. The assistant doctor was relieved andsmiled and said: "Doctor Hill, you saved another life. When Dr. Zhou came back, let her thank you."

Julia Hill smiled, and was very serious stitching.


"Doctor Hill, the patient's blood pressure suddenly dropped." At this time, the patient's vital signs wereabnormal.

"What is going on?" Everyone was embarrassed about this sudden situation. They had alreadycompleted the operation perfectly, and how could it happen suddenly?

Julia Hill suddenly was shocked and quickly checked his whole body. The symptoms appeared toshock her: "Papilloedema, the patient suddenly cerebral hemorrhage."

"Brain bleeding?" Everyone was panicked when they heard this. "How come a sudden cerebralhemorrhage?"

Julia Hill quickly ordered: "You will immediately give him an angiogram of the brain, and then take overall his previous inspection reports to me."

The brain angiography was performed on the patient at the fastest speed. Julia Hill saw the small bumpon the small blood vessel and frowned. "It may be a miniature hemangioma. Now the hemangioma isruptured and rescued him immediately."

"Microangioma? This medical report is not there."

"Don't say this first, hurry to rescue, and then find a brain surgeon to come and help."

"Okay, I am going..."

But before the assistant doctor ran out, they heard the soumd of ECG monitor and it became a straight

line. "How could this be?" A doctor said with such surprise, and then the operating room was silent.

Julia Hill took off her mask, took off her gloves, and walked out of the operating room first. She walkedstraight to the hall to sit down as soon as she walked out of the operating room.

When the patient came in the room, it was still a living life. Now he actually died on her operating table.It was the first time she encountered this situation. She was now very upset and sad.

"Dr. Hill, don't be sad, our doctors are not gods. The rupture of the hemangioma is suddenly broken.Everyone was unexpected. Besides, those hemangiomas are difficult to check out, and there is noinspection report."

The assistant doctor came out to comfort her, Julia Hill smiled and nodded: "I know..."

"I went to talk to Director Gao, and explained to the patient's family. I think his son is not a good manand unreasonable, Dr. Hill, you don’t go first."

Julia Hill certainly knew that this was good for her, she nodded: "OK, thank you."

In fact, to be a doctor, it was necessary to have such psychological preparations. It was impossible forall patients to survive from her operating table, but this situation really came, and the feelings can’tdescribe.

Back in the office, she took out the resignation letter from the drawer. Is this God's will? Doomed shemust leave the hospital now?

Because of this surgery, Julia Hill had always been guilty in the past few days. The assistant doctorwas kind, repeatedly comforting her, for fear that she would force herself: "Doctor Hill, you don't thinkabout the operation, it is not a medical accident. We are clear. However, Dr. Zhou. had a day offbecause of her family things. Now she went directly to her hometown for a week, for fear that it wouldbe related to her, but that was her patient."

Julia Hill sighed a long time, she did not think so much, just asked: "How is the patient's family? Didn'tcome over to fight?"

"No." The assistant doctor said, "He was a little angry at the time and was comforted to go back byDirector Gao."

If the patient's family can understand, she maybe feel better.

After the assistant doctor did not speak again, Julia Hill looked at some cases of her patient until theexcitement of several nurses outside the office talked about something.

"Dean Wilson and President Wilson are the best men in the world, and the two brothers are sohandsome."

"The key is they are handsome and rich..."

"President Wilson had a girlfriend, we should not bother him. And Dean Wilson is still single."

"Dean Wilson is single, do you think you can be his girlfriend? Wake up, don't dream."


Julia Hill heard these nurse gossip and she smiled, and she used to look like this.

However, after heard they talked about this, her thoughts came back. It meant that Henry Wilson cameback.

She was thinking and the phone on her desk rang.

"Doctor Hill, come to my office."

Ok? This was Henry Wilson?

It may be on the phone, Julia Hill heard the sound and it was not like Henry Wilson at all, but he justreturned from abroad, the first thing was to see her, but really let her flattered.

"Ok." Julia Hill said.

Putting down the phone, Julia Hill still took out the resignation letter, and the long-term pain was worsethan the short-term pain. Since she decided to resign, she needed to be more decisive.

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