Doted On By The Mafia Boss

Chapter 49 - The End
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Chapter 49 - The End

To my dearest readers,

Since I am in college and is living in a hostel it is getting really difficult for me to write. There is no

proper electricity, no laptop or computer to write or proper internet to upload the chapter (even now I

am uploading it using paid internet who's hourly rate is no less than any gold.)

Since I don't want to hang the readers I am going to summarize the rest of the novel in this one

chapter. If I am able to in future I will write the expanded form. Please forgive me for this, I… really am 𝑛𝘷𝘭.

helpless right now.



Ryan and Catherine go on a date and after a day of hustle he takes her to her father's office where

they first met. He, to surprise her, keeps a massive gift box on the exact place where she crashed onto

him six years ago.


Catherine is moved to tears by his efforts and words. When she opens it she finds a beautiful blue off

shoulder dress which she remembered to have drawn once when she was young and showed it to him.

Seeing the dress of her fantasies she is overwhelmed, Ryan exits the room and allows her to change.

While waiting he himself changes into a custom made black suit and when she finally exits, all shy and

blushing, he is amazed by how beautiful she looked in that dress.

The couple hold hands and drive to a beach themed restaurant. Even though it was a popular dining

place it was empty, Ryan reveals that he booked the whole restaurant for the two of them as Catherine

is shy about eating in a crowded place.

The two enjoy their meal and Catherine wishes to take a walk on the beautiful street of Barcelona. It

was already around night and thus there weren't a lot of people; the couple walked hand in hand when

Catherine was reminiscing about their childhood.

Ryan professes his love for her and states his will to marry her and keep her like a queen. Catherine

hugs him tightly and under that starry night they take away each other's first kiss.

Catherine parts her lips from his and smiles at him when suddenly someone strikes Ryan on his head

from back. Catherine shivers and gets scared, she watches Ryan collapse on his knees in front of her.

She tries to call him and get him back to his senses but alas, he could barely stand. That was when

she saw an assassin standing with an iron weapon which he had used to hit Ryan.

Five other men come out of their hiding. The assassin hits Ryan again which makes him collapse

completely, in his half senses he sees Catherine crying and begging him to wake up as they were

approaching. He extends his arms to touch her but before he could she gets her hairs clutched and

pulled away.

Ryan tries to stand up and fight but a single wounded man couldn't do much against four armed men.

Before he was beaten away and thrown on the street till he got unconscious he saw them dragging

Catherine away.

Ryan wakes up six months later after the incident in a hospital; he is told that he was in a vegetative

state for the past six months and that… Catherine was raped and killed.

He refuses to believe it and runs away from the hospital, trying to search for her in his hospital attire.

Since he was in coma his body was still drained of energy yet he refuses to give up and tries to spot

her like a madman for one whole year. It was after he gave up he went to visit her at her resting place,

offering white roses.

He then takes over the business and hunts down every assassin who was present that day avenging

his dead beloved.

After that, with no purpose to live, Ryan drowned himself on alcohol and booze to survive her loss.

Jack narrates the whole thing to Bee who is left in tears. Jack also states that other than Catherine it

was only Bee who he let close to him. She pledges to help Ryan out of his depression and starts being

nice to him.

She stays with him all day and helps him out when he is sad. Ryan too treats her nicely, fulfilling all her

wishes. The two stayed in the states for some time before they moved to Barcelona. Jule comes every

now and then to visit the two and secretly threatens Bee to leave his side as being with him only brings

death, giving Catherine as the example.

Bee unhears her and the two continue to bond. In the course of time Bee tells Ryan about the dream

she had and what he used to do in those dreams but still he doesn't take them seriously and believes

she was just being imaginative.

Then comes the day of Bee's birthday, Bee is given a dress for that day which she wears and comes

out. For some reason she gives out Catherine's aura which worsens his mood and he starts boozing.

He drinks a little too much and thus Bee escorts him to his bedroom.

Intoxicated by the alcohol Ryan loses his control and starts kissing Bee who is scared at first but then

accepts it. Things get steamy between the two and he starts pulling her dress away before slowly

laying her down and tenderly kissing her. When he is about to enter her she hisses in pain and asks

what he was doing, he asks her to calm down but suddenly he whispers 'I know you are pure, Cathey.

They were wrong about you. I love you. Please don't leave me.' in her ears which sends thunder down

her spine.

She feels ashamed when she slowly reminds him that it was Bee and not Catherine. Ryan removes

himself immediately off her and without even taking a second glance of her leaves the room. Bee feels

both bitter and sad that the man she loved back only because he mistook her for someone else. She

cries in solitude the whole night but comes out of the room as if nothing happened.

She notices Ryan keeping his distance from her. She confronts him and tells him that it was ok what

happened between them and tells him not to feel guilty.

To make him feel better she offers to sing him a song she made herself. Ryan agrees but when she

starts singing he realises that it was 'Over the moon for you' which he had written and used to sing for

Catherine when she won't be able to sleep at night.

He gets shocked and confronts her where she heard this to which she replies that she never heard it

anywhere and that she knew it on her own. Ryan refuses to believe her and clutches her like a

madman, jerking her violently asking her to spill the truth and in what way she knew Catherine. Bee

couldn't take the pain and starts crying when Jack and Rose come for her rescue.

Ryan let's her go and strides out of the room. He arranges people to investigate Bee's past and for this

he himself leaves for the States leaving a heartbroken Bee locked in her room.

Back in States, Ryan investigate about Bee to the Bar owner, Mr. Frank, who spills the beans that she

was sold to the club by a Spanish man four years ago. Ryan realises Bee has no origin or a history

before she was sold to the club; her identity, even her real name, was a mystery. He also pieces that

she was sold a month later when Catherine disappeared.

Even after being threatened with a gun the bar owner couldn't say much about the mysterious Spanish

man who came out of nowhere and disappeared. Else than the fact that he was tall and had a scar on

his face Ryan couldn't gather much.

On his way back he stumbles across Arthur who is shocked to see Ryan. When Ryan asks why Arthur

hands him over the sketches made by Bee, all featuring Ryan in his teens. Arthur tells him that she

uses to talk about the man she used to see in her dreams and that if he was alive she would marry him.

Ryan realises that Bee wasn't bluffing and indeed was seeing him in her dreams.

Everything mixed up, Ryan starts to investigate her background more attentively. Was she… really her?

But she looked nothing like her!

After days of no information Ryan and Jack finally manages to spot the location of the man who sold

Bee to the club. They hurry as much as possible just to be informed that he was murdered two days

back. The man had no connection to any criminal gang, making this both tricky and confusing at the

same time.

Back at home it is around 3 of morning yet the two men couldn't sleep; Ryan states his assumption that

he feels that Bee is Catherine but how could it be possible that she had just… changed the way she


Jack jokingly states that Ryan sounds lunatic and sounds as if he is indicating that Catherine surgeried

herself to look like Bee.

This clicks something in Ryan who immediately starts collecting the names of every hospital which

undertake plastic surgery tasks both in States and Spain.

After using underground sources he manages to compile a list of hospitals and he sends out his people

to look for any clue regarding the scar faced man.

After weeks of turmoil Ryan finally manages to identify an illegal clinic where the traces of that man had

been found. After investigating the doctor it was revealed that the man did come there four years ago to

collect a female patient who underwent two massive surgeries. Since it was an illegal clinic and the

people who admitted her gave them a massive sum of money they didn't bother to look into the

background of the person.

Ryan asks about the female patient who was admitted… The doctor said that they knew nothing about

her other than the fact that she was always fast asleep due to the heavy medications given to her.

The patient was said to have undergone a complete facial transformation and purposeful memory loss.

Ryan shows them the picture of Bee and they confirm that it was the girl whom they had treated that

year. The staff tells them that they do have surveillance but it will take them sometime to retrieve it.

Ryan agrees to wait and spends a sleepless night; just when he was called to see the retrieved videos

he gets a call. Jack goes inside the room and leaves Ryan behind on phone.

On the phone it was Rose who reports him that they were ambushed and Bee was taken away. Ryan

looses his cool as he runs out of the hospital; inside the surveillance room Jack is both shocked and

happy to realise that Bee indeed was Catherine and that she wasn't dead.

When he comes out to find Ryan he finds him missing, when he calls him and reports him happily that

he was right and Bee was no one else than Catherine he tells him that Bee is gone. Ryan flies back

home but it was too late as Bee was nowhere to be found, he clutches her bed sheets and cries leaving

Rose and his subordinates heartbroken for him.

That was when he gets a call from his father's arch nemesis, Jalen Shaw. He reveals that Bee was with

him and if he wants her alive he should come to him alone.

Ryan doesn't thinks twice before driving away to the said address. There he finds Bee tied up on a

rope above a big pool of ice cold water.

Seeing Ryan Bee starts to cry, be asks Shaw to let her go as he can't lose her twice. That was when

Jalen admits that it was him who ambushed him that night and kidnapped Catherine, modified her and

sold her to Brothel to avenge his late son who was killed by Ryan's father.

He wanted to take revenge on his father by making his son suffer. He states how happy he used to get

when Ryan was roaming like a madman in search of her and how he was destroying himself for the

lose of the love of his life. He also says that he was the one who arranged to kill him months back so

that he can take over the Nguyens but alas, he ended up building a chance for him to meet Catherine


To make himself happy he makes his men drop Bee into the frozen water which tears apart Ryan's

soul. He tries to reach out to her but is captured by Shaw's men.

Ryan says that he would give up on everything just to take back Bee with him. Shaw smirks and asks if

he would trade his life for her, saying this he throws his dagger gun at him and asks him to shootnovelbin


Bed cries and begs him to stop but Ryan looks at her and says that he lost her once and is not willing

to lose her again. Shaw threatens to drop the already shivering and pale Bee into the pool again which

was lethal as this time she could die out of cold.

As she was about to be dropped Ryan screams at them to stop and without thinking twice shoots

himself on his chest. Ryan drops on the floor leaving behind a fainted Bee.

But fortunately, Jack and Rose manages to trace out the hideout and attacks everyone rescuing Bee

and half dead Ryan. Both are sent to hospital and Ryan is put under a critical surgery which he

manages to pass out as he had shot the fire on a safe place below his ribs which bought him some


The story folds up with Ryan and Bee walking down a bridge holding hands. Bee asks him some

questions regarding their childhood which reveals that she has yet not regained her memory and Ryan

patiently answers them.

New novel chapters are published on 𝒇𝓻𝔀𝙣𝙫.