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90 Breaking point

No matter how much she had manipulated and suppressed Ariana, that girl had not reached the breaking point yet. The fact that she fought back with her today was enough to show the fangs that Ari was hiding until now. If that girl even got wind of the fact that her destiny had been decided by her and that such a cruel one.

Mrs Harlow was certain that Ari would fight back with everything in her hands. They could never let her know of this fact, not to mention the Serpents also told her that their existence couldn’t be found by the police department. The fact that they were working in the Lonest City was muddled and covered by many of the higher officials and influential people.

If the news was leaked and that too because of her, then Mrs. Harlow was worried that she would be shot dead without a single question.

Ariel also knew that she had spoken something stupid. She pursed her lips and turned quiet, though she knew that it was important for Ari to get together with Noah. Ariel did not want that to happen. 𝗰𝗼𝐦𝗲𝐧𝗼𝘃𝗲𝐥.𝗰𝗼𝐦

She thought about it for a while when something clicked in her head. She turned to look at her mother and stated, “Did Dad go to a gambling den again?”

“He did,” Mrs Harlow was surprised by the sudden change in the topic, but she still replied. She then added, “I did try to

15 47

stop him, but you know he is the kind of man who listens to no one.” Mr Harlow was the one who urged her to agree to the deal with the Serpents.

As Mrs Harlow was a woman, she was a bit terrified to get entangled with people like the Serpents. However, when she casually mentioned it to Mr Harlow, he asked her to quickly agree. Her husband only took Aaron as the heir of their family and did not care about the rest.

Thus, he asked her to quickly send Ari away, if it meant to get their hands on some easy money.

“I am not blaming your mother,” Ariel did find it weird that even though Aaron and Ari did not earn that much, her mother often said that the debt her father owed was repaid. Now she knew where the extra money was coming from, it was her mother who was paying it.

She then turned to look at her mother who stood in front of her with an anxious expression and explained, “What is the amount that Dad owes this time? And the exact amount, not the one that you were going to tell Aaron and Ari.”

Mrs Harlow hesitated, when Ariel saw that her mother was hesitating she rolled her eyes and exclaimed, “Gosh Mom, I am not asking this because I want to, I need to know this

information because this way we can control Ari into listening to us even more obediently.”

Her words convinced Mrs Harlow. She had never doubted her precious daughter. Thus she immediately told Ariel the truth, “It is ten million dollars.”

Breaking noint

The amount was not just exorbitant, but it was simply disbelieving. Even Ariel, who knew that her father, was an addicted gambler, could not believe that he actually wasted such a high amount of money in a few days.

“And you did not stop him?” Ariel couldn’t help but exclaim.

Mrs Harlow looked a tad bit embarrassed as she twiddled with her thumbs. “I did try to, but he did not listen to me. Instead, he said that if I stopped him, he would tell Ari the truth, I could only let him do what he wanted.” As the two of them were in the plan together, Mr Harlow insisted that he had his share in the money as well.

Though Mrs Harlow did not like it, her husband did get his leg broken because of this deal that they agreed to. She could only let him take the money with him, if not, she would not only lose the chicken but also the eggs.


Ariel felt exasperated but at the same time, she thought that it was just right. With this amount, she did not think that Ari

would be able to escape their grasp again.

Her lips curled into a twisted smile as she said to her mother, “Mom, I think I have just the plan to get that bitch to follow the Serpents obediently.”

** *****

“Achoo. Achoo!” Ari sneezed harshly, with her hands covering her nose, and she flinched twice. Her sneeze attracted the attention of Leila, who was standing behind the counter.

“Are you alright?” Leila asked with a small smile on her. Her


expression was that of concern as she looked at Ari.

“I am fine,” Ari smiled back at Leila as she walked over to the counter after she was done cleaning the table that was sitting next to a large glass window.

It overlooked the bustling street, and the two of them could see the doctors and office workers stepping out of their respective workplaces as it was lunchtime.

Leila glanced at the crowd that was rushing towards their café and placed her hand on Ari’s forehead before placing her free hand on hers. She hummed before stating, “You seem a bit feverish. If you don’t feel like working, take a break, alright?”

“How can I when there will be a rush as big as that?” Ari remarked. Her gaze fell on Aiden who walked through the café and she sighed. The world was really a small place.

Who would have thought that the City Hospital where Aiden worked was only five blocks away from the café where she novelbin


“Mrs Nelson, good afternoon,” Aiden greeted her and Ari giggled before turning to look at Aiden. She remarked, “If I did not know you better, I would have thought that you were trying to pull my leg, Doctor Aiden. It’s Miss Harlow, I have told you this two times already.”

A look of comprehension dawned on Aiden and he smiled. awkwardly. “Please do forgive me, I am terrible at

remembering things that have nothing to do with my profession.”

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