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Chapter 1640


Leia's face remained expressionless as she didn't stop removing Jacqueline's clothes.

"You must be desperate to kill me, huh? | played you guys like a toy.

But you can't kill me.

And you have to serve me too." Abruptly, Leia dunked Jacqueline's head into the water.Jacqueline held the rim of the bathtub, wriggling to break free from the coercion.

But Leia wasn't going to give her the chance to do so.

As the typical cruel woman, Leia waited for a while before yanking Jacqueline's hair upward.After Jacqueline barely caught a few breaths, Leia dipped her head into the water again.The torture repeated a few times.

In the end, Leia grabbed Jacqueline's hair tightly.

"| can't kill you, but I'm strong and have many ways to torture you.

You can try me." Jacqueline'’s upper body was drenched.

She thought her hair was going to fall off her head.

The torture went on for a while, but Jacqueline let out an ambiguous smile.

On the other hand, Olivia, who had been unconscious, suddenly opened her eyes.

Ethan came up to her vehemently.

"Liv, are you alright? Youβ€”" Olivia grabbed the side of the bed and began gagging, but nothing came out of her mouth.Her hands wrapped around her neck.

She seemed to be in torture! "Madam Wendy, please come over.

Something's wrong with Liv!" Ethan shouted.

He could only watch her suffer.

He didn't know what to do because he didn't know anything about curses.

Wendy entered the room and stopped Ethan.

"What did you do to her?” "T didn't do anything.

She began acting this way as soon as she opened her eyes." "Something's off.

If it's not Olivia, it's Jacqueline," Wendy informed sternly.

Keep an eye on Olivia.

Don't make her do anything stupid." "Got it." No one knew how much he wanted to bring Olivia into his arms.It was room temperature, but she was covered in cold sweat as though she had just been scooped up from the water.Awhile later, she slowly calmed down.

Finally, he walked closer to her gingerly.

β€œLiv, are you okay?" Olivia grabbed his hand.

Her palms were clammy, but it didn't bother him.

He grabbed her hands tightly to warm her up.

It took her some time to catch her breath.

"| thought | had fallen into the water.

It was so weird.

It's dry, but it felt so real.| couldn't breathe." Her voice was sandpaper rough."Water? There's no water though.

Was it a dream?" Noticing that shewas feeling Pet he catbythebed!andl hugged er gently. VisitNovelDrama.Org to read the latestchapter of this novel

The distress hadn't left her yet.

She waved her hand.

"No, that's not it.

It felt so much like the time | fell into the sea back then and was drowning.Water was flowing into my eyes, nose, and ears.


The water felt warm.novelbin

"| think someone dunked my head into the water.

It was so real like | experienced it first-hand." Terror shrouded her.

"What's happening to me, Ethan?What's Se on? Why | pack int |Morevilldgerte an felt thatsomething was off too. VisitNovelDrama.Org to read the latestchapter of this novel

Could it be related to Jacqueline, whowas having Eoreinute bah!ice eh isit NovelDrama.Orgto read the latest chapter of thisnovelThe content is on NovelDrama.Org! Read the latest chapter there!

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