Ex-husband, Please Respect Yourself

Chpater 211: That’s All
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Chpater 211: That's All

"Cathy, you are too modest. Even without Tyrone, I don't want to miss a qualified person like you. However, if you have any need, I can explain to Mr. Brown..."

"No." Cathy interrupted him coldly. She took no prisoners, "Let the outsiders think that I have some love affairs with you. Isn't that the result you want? In Chicago, you failed to make a pass at me, and then in your company, you let me become a target in everyone's eyes. I really admire your efforts."

Without waiting for him to speak, she sneered again. "I said, even if you really want me, you should divorce Miss Brook first. Otherwise, needless to say ambiguity, you won't have any chance at all." Then she hung up the phone and threw it aside.

At this time, in the office over there, James held his mobile phone, his thin lips stretched in a straight line, and his eyes were as cold and dark as an ancient well.

There was a knock outside the door.

The Secretary hurried in and looked at him with dignity. "Miss Brook had an accident."

James's pupils shrank. "Where is she?"


When James rushed to the ward, he saw a woman who was very delicate in her daily life lying on the bed with pale face, disorderly hair. She was very weak. His eyes darkened and he suddenly stopped at the door.

There were other people in the ward. Mr. Brooks were here with a heavy face and a cold atmosphere was full of the ward.

The woman had woken up, probably to hear the sounds of the footsteps, and the godless eyes slowly turned to him. There was nothing but calmness in her eyes.

She looked at the man, and said calmly, with soft voice like feathers, which was vain and powerless, "Dad, Mom, you go out first."

Father Brook was so angry that originally intended to vent the anger to that man, but he looked at his daughter. He said nothing. With a gloomy and tense face, he walked out.

Mother Brook patted her daughter's head gently, frowned painfully, walked past the man and murmured, "Comfort her,please."

It was not until the sound of closing the door came from behind that James. He moved his stiff legs to the bedside. "Alva said you fell on the ground at home?"

The woman's face was emotionless, probably because she was pale, and she looked even more cold-blooded. "Yes, when I came down the stairs, I fell down."

The man listened to her understated tone. He frowned and his mood was obviously restrained, but she could still hear the endless coldness in his words. "Ella, you know what I want to ask. Haven't you said you went to the hospital yet?"

Today he knew that the child was still there, but this fall...

The man closed his eyes and felt a sense of deep pain in his heart.

"Well, I have. But I didn't want to abortion when I was in the hospital, so I went back." The woman said lightly, and the corners of her lips slowly showed a slight mockery. "But now it died. No more entanglement, everyone can be relaxed."

The man stared at her, with blue veins beating on his forehead and his dark eyes seemed to full of anger. Suddenly, he grabbed her jaw and raised it fiercely. He gritted his teeth and said word by word, "Ella, are you sure you don't want to abortion, but don't want to use this child to do something else?"

Ella's eyes changed, and she was still calm, and her lips was slowly curved in a cold arc. "James I was lost. I thought I was ruthless. You were more ruthless than me." 𝙣𝙫.

The man suddenly froze.

She pulled aside his fingers one by one on the jaw. Ella said indifferently, "A child, I want to keep it so I keep it. I don't want to keep it and I will not. Tell you, that's because you are the father of the child. That's all."

In the last sentence, she grinned and said very clearly.

In other words, what she did to the child had nothing to do with him.

James's drooping hand curled up and stared at her. His pupils seemed to shrink.

The extreme pale face in front of him, like a thorn stuck in his throat. He hardly breathed and also could not make any sound.

Didn't know how long the time flied,


his taut expression only leaving coldness on his face. He suddenly turned around, and said in a cold voice, "Now that the child is gone; just let it go. Since you are uncomfortable, then you have a good rest. I have something else to do, so I will come back later."

After that, he stepped forward and went out without turning back.

Ella five fingers clenched tightly in the quilt, staring at his departure, and her eyes did not blink. Her heart was cold, and she seemed not to notice the warm tears from the corners of her eyes shed. Father Brook stopped James outside the door with a cold face. "What else are you going to do at this time? Ella is like this. Do you still leave her alone?"

James, expressionless, repressed the chill on his body. He said quietly, "There are many doctors and nurses in the hospital, and you two are here. She will be fine. I'm busy now. I'll come back later." Saying, he did not stop, nodded to the two, and walked.

Father Brook shivered and shouted, "James, stop!"

Mother Brook was also shocked, looking at the man who was leaving slowly stopping.

James frowned and turned around. "Mr. Brook."

"You should call me Dad." Father Brook reprimanded, and came to him in a fierce manner. He struggled in the business field for decades, and he still had big charisma "What do you mean? I gave my daughter to you. That's how you treat her? She's pregnant, but you don't care. Now she aborted, while you left her alone. You treat her like this as her husband?"

James looked at Father Brook and smiled slowly, but there was no smile in his eyes. "Mr. Brook, you probably know your daughter best She is so careful and even she can find a needle on the ground. When will she carelessly fall on the stairs? to say that she jumped down the stairs herself."

It would be more credible stairs?

"You!" Father Brook's old face was black, and he almost didn't breath. He covered his chest and trembled violently.

"Moore!" Mother Brook rushed forward to support him, turned her eyes and stared at James. "James, she is your wife. The child is gone, and she is also suffering in her heart. How can you think of her like this? This is your child too!"


James curved his lips showing his extreme ridicule.

Did she suffer too?

Without saying a word, he walked away without turning back.

The voice outside was clearly heard by the women in the ward. The pale and colorless face was more lifeless, and she was heartache.

In Chicago, Tyrone returned to the company, and Marian, who had been waiting for a long time, rushed over. "Tyrone, I heard you will work here. Is that true?"

"You've got the news on time." The man answered sneeringly.

Marian was stiff, and then followed him as he walked along. "No. I got the news from friends in the headquarters."

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