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Chapter 2181

Gabriel lounged nonchalantly in his chair, his expression detached. "Back off," he muttered coolly.

The waitress in her crisp uniform felt a chill run up her spine from his dismissive glance. Thoughreluctant, she didn't dare push further and walked away with her tray of drinks.

Dannis, his eyes bloodshot from alcohol, squinted and sneered, "Gabriel, why so uptight? Nowonder you're still single. With that attitude, no one would fall in love with you."

Baron chuckled lightly and said, "These days, being upright doesn't mean much. What's crucial forgetting a girlfriend is whether you've got cash or a place to call home. Gabriel, come work for meagain. I've got a new property development—you can pick any unit you want, and I'll give you a10% discount."

Sylvia nearly spilled her drink, she dipped her head to hide a smirk.

Dannis, slurring with a hostess in his arms, said, "Gabriel, Baron's being pretty generous with you—offering a job and a place. Think it over, will ya?"

Suddenly, Sylvia stood up with her drink and approached Gabriel. She tilted her head with a mix ofjest and earnest, "Mr. Carnes is without a girlfriend? What do you think about me?"

Everyone paused, and Baron sat up straight, his gaze fixed on Sylvia's back.

Gabriel looked up at her, silent.

Sylvia smiled, "If you think it's too soon, we can take it slow. I can invite you for a coffee, a drink—give you the chance to get to know me."novelbin

Under everyone's watchful eyes, Gabriel nodded slowly, "Alright."

Sylvia extended her hand sincerely, "Thank you, Mr. Carnes, for giving me this opportunity."

Gabriel reached out to shake her hand, "You're welcome."

Instead of letting go, Sylvia smoothly sat on Gabriel's lap, her eyes soft and seductive, "Care for adrink?"

"Sure, I'll have a bit."

She took a sip from her glass and boldly leaned in to kiss him.

Gabriel wrapped an arm around her waist, engulfing the scent of her perfume and the strong tasteof liquor down to his core. 𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐞𝗻𝐨𝐯𝐞𝗹.𝐜𝐨𝐦

The others were stunned!

Dannis and Shirley were gobsmacked, not expecting the seemingly stoic Gabriel to publicly kiss awoman.

Baron's eyes burned with jealousy; he had been trying to charm Sylvia all night, but she had kepther distance.

His earlier boast had been meant to impress Sylvia, but what was this move?

It was a clear slap in the face in front of everyone!

Eugene was also dumbfounded. He had known Sylvia for a long time and knew she wasn't like this.For one, although she ran her own business, she wasn't greedy—she had never accepted any ofthe expensive gifts he offered her. Secondly, her personal life was very straightforward, neverhaving had a boyfriend, always maintaining a proper distance from all male clients.

Even though she was the boss of a PR firm with wealthy clients, he had never seen any womanmaintain such integrity.

And it was precisely for these reasons that he had such strong feelings for her.

But today, he was truly shocked to see her sitting on a man's lap, kissing and fawning over him, hefelt like she was a stranger.

This man—he suddenly remembered having seen him before. He had run into him while invitingSylvia to Yum Yum Bakery for a meal, where she introduced him as a friend's brother.

So, they had been acquainted for some time?

The more Eugene thought about it, the more alarmed and disheartened he became.

Dannis and the others were equally astonished, their eyes filled with envy and sarcasm as theyteased, "Gabriel, look at you! A dark horse indeed!"

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