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Chapter 596

Chapter 596: Pushed Into The Fire Pit!“Your grandfather?”

Lena was confused.

“That’s right, my grandfather!”

Yana nodded gently and continued, “My grandfather has a total of three sons, but among the three sons, my father’s status is thelowest, so this has led to me not being valued at home!”

Connor glanced at Yana indifferently and didn’t say anything.

“You are both children of the Weaver Family, but the gap between you and the others is indeed a little too big...”Lena nodded lightly.

“Some time ago, my grandfather suddenly said that he wanted me to marry someone!”

Yana whispered.

“Marry someone?”

When Lena heard this, she was shocked and looked at Yana in disbelief. She asked, “Then, did you agree?”“Of course, | didn’t agree. At that time, | didn’t even know who the other party was!”

Yana replied helplessly, then continued, “If | had agreed, there would not be so many things happening now...

“I've never had a boyfriend in my life, and | don’t like that person either, so | rejected him. However, my grandfather didn’t giveme a chance to discuss it at all and said that | had to marry that person!

My father’s business hasn't improved for so many years. Moreover, he has been relying on my grandfather to survive all theseyears. Naturally, he didn’t dare to go against my grandfather’s wishes, so he agreed to this marriage. In the beginning, | evencaused a ruckus at home and went on a hunger strike, but it didn’t have any effect because no one would consider my feelingsat all. In the end, | really had no choice but to leave my home and come to Porthampton to look for you.” 𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐞𝐧𝐨𝘃𝐞𝗹.𝐜𝐨𝐦

Yana choked as she spoke intermittently.When Connor heard Yana’s words, he felt very helpless.

Because Connor really couldn’t understand how there could be such a parent in this world who would force his daughter to marrysomeone she didn’t like.

But soon, Connor thought of Luke Phillips and Madison Phillips. It seemed that many rich people liked to use this method tosolidify their status.

Girls like Yana were also very pitiful. They did not do anything wrong at all, but they did not have any chance or right to choose!“Yana, | don’t think you need to be too sad. There must be a way to resolve this matter...”Lena advised softly.

“What else can we do? I'm at my wits’ end now. You guys can’t help me resolve this. | know this might be my fate. | can’t runaway from this. Although | can still run now, I'll be captured by my father’s people very soon. | hate myself for not being asoutstanding as my cousin. If it were my cousin, they definitely wouldn't dare to do this!”

Yana whispered.Lena looked helpless after hearing what Yana said.

She couldn't help but sigh, then said in a low voice, “How could Uncle Weaver do this? He treats you quite well, but | didn’texpect him to do such a thing!” Yana turned to look at Lena and whispered, “Actually, you can’t blame my father for this. This wasmy grandfather’s decision. Even if my father had a hundred guts, he wouldn’t dare to go against my grandfather's wishes.”

Lena knew that this was Yana’s family matter, so she couldn’t say anything. She asked Yana softly, “Yana, who is Uncle Weaverplanning to marry you to?” “Do you know Terence Yates?” Yana replied indifferently.

“Terence Yates?”

Lena was shocked when she heard the name.

Connor turned to Lena and asked softly, “You know this person too?”“In Borealis City, everyone knows Terence Yates?”

Lena shouted and continued, “Terence is the eldest son of the Yates Family in Borealis City. The Yates Family is considered avery famous family in Borealis City.

Terence’s father and Luke Phillips are both very famous entrepreneurs in Borealis City, but Terence isn’t a good person. He’s thekind of playboy who flirts with women.

| heard from my friend that Terence changes girlfriends every once in a while, and he usually dumps the girl after he’s done withher.

“| didn’t expect Uncle Weaver to actually want Yana to marry such a scumbag. Even | won’t want to!”Lena seemed to understand Terence very well, and her tone was filled with anger.

It could be seen that Terence was indeed not a good person.

However, Connor only nodded and didn’t say anything.

After all, this was Yana’s own matter and had nothing to do with Connor. It would not be good for Connor to say too much at thistime.

“Yana, if you don’t want to marry Terence, you can tell Uncle Weaver everything about him! | don’t think Uncle Weaver will makethings difficult for you, right?”

“Sigh!”When Yana heard this, she sighed helplessly.

Then, she bit her lips and whispered,“Actually, I've already told my fathereverything. | even specially asksomeone to investivatexr sesh butny, athe} brushed it off. He said thatall the information was fake. | knowthat my father and grandfather alsoknow about Terence’s character, butthere’s no other way. My grandfatherwants me to marry Terence!” Thecontent is on NovelDrama.Org! Readthe latest chapter there!

“Why?”Lena really couldn’t understand the Weaver Family’s decision.

“Because as long as | can marryTerence, it will be of great elp,toourWeaver Family although 1 don’t knowWhat'exactly iS going on, | know thatthey all want me to marry Terence.”The content is on NovelDrama.Org!Read the latest chapter there!

Yana said helplessly.“Is there no other way out?”

Lena shouted angrily when she found out that Yana was going to marry Terence.novelbin

“If there was a way, | would have

thought of it long ago. Why would

have to hide? Bat noirhatter what |say,ltheyWwon't agree, so | can only

hide for a day, but | know that they

will catch me sooner or later!” Thecontent is on NovelDrama.Org! Read

the latest chapter there!

Yana said slowly.When Connor heard all that, he looked very helpless.He himself felt that Luke had gone too far by asking Madison to marry Connor!

However, he did not expect Yana’s parents to go even further. They were clearly trying to push their daughter into the fire pit!

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