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Chapter 1166

1166 Master God-Tier Elementary Grade Divine Artifact— The Imperial Blood Heavenly Shield!

Zhou Fight’s expression was solemn.

“He” and his main body had used the Ten Thousand Spirit Saint and the previous Incite Defection many

times, but he had never encountered such a situation.

While “He” had already been prepared for this when “He” obtained this Lord Talents,

be it the Ten Thousand Spirit Saint or Incite Defection, they had to be used openly on the battlefield.

There was no way to hide it. Therefore, if an enemy studied “His” past war experiences, they would

definitely discover “His” powerful move. Then, in order to deal with “Him”, it would not be surprising for

them to develop corresponding countermeasures.

However, even though “He” was mentally prepared, “He” still felt a little depressed when “He” faced this


It was a good trump card, but it could not be used?

Zhou Fight felt that it was a pity.

Then, “He” looked at the 8,000 trillion-odd trillion scarlet troops and pondered.

What kind of trump card could restrain “His” only Mythical-Tier Lord Talent creation?

“He” thought for a moment and thought of a few possibilities.

They were either special-grade treasures, extremely high-grade race divine artifacts, Master God-Tier

Regal experts, or even higher existences who had mastered the Lord’s Law, or Lord’s Law Creation…

Among them, a Master God-Tier Regal expert was first eliminated by “Him”.

Such existences were all comparable to Supreme God Realms or even will-level existences. How could

they interfere in “His” ‘small matters’?

No matter how strong Aus was, it was impossible for him to have such face!

As for other methods, Zhou Fight thought about it and was not sure.

In the end, “He” decided not to think about it.

“It’s most likely in Aus’ hands no matter what method it is.”

“When Aus comes out, I’ll use my Thief Of Heart to check on him.”

“If I can steal it, I’ll steal it!”

“At that time, I’ll be able to use my Ten Thousand Spirit Saint normally.”

Zhou Fight thought to himself.

At the same time, in the central region of the scarlet army, Aus, who was sitting in the combat room of

the battleship and discussing offensive matters with the generals, also received the news that their

army had been ambushed by an unfamiliar True God-Tier.

Aus was surprised when he heard the news.

Even most Divine Kingdom Lords did not dare to provoke the scarlet army they led. Where did this

group of True God-Tiers come from?

It was one thing to see their army not dodge far away, but they actually dared to attack?

“He” carefully observed the golden battleship in the photo.

“It’s at least a True God-Tier battleship. Judging from its speed, it should be an Elementary Grade or

Intermediate Grade True God-Tier battleship. No wonder they can’t catch up to it.”


Aus looked at the battleship and his pupils constricted slightly.

He saw a flag that was engraved on the body of the warship.

“The sun is surrounded by stars?!”

“This is the flag of the Blazing Sun Empire!”

“This battleship is a battleship of the Blazing Sun Empire?!”

“The enemy is actually the Blazing Sun Empire?!”

“He” thought for a moment before laughing out loud.

Before the generals of the Chaos Scarlet Empire could figure out what their emperor was laughing

about, they saw that Aus had already projected the information about his clone in front of the generals.

Through the enlarged photo of the battleship, the generals quickly recognized the starry flag on it.

“That’s the flag symbol of the Blazing Sun Empire. This Blazing Sun Empire is actually so bold. We

haven’t even reached ‘Him’ yet, but ‘They’ actually dare to take the initiative to come knocking on our


“Hahaha… Looking at the number of True Gods, they should be the main force of the Blazing Sun

Empire. If we destroy all their True God-Tier main forces here, won’t the Blazing Sun Empire collapse

on its own?”

“That makes sense. Your Majesty, let’s attack. I’ll be the first to request to fight!”

“Get out of the way, get out of the way. I’ll definitely be the one to use this technique!”

“What level are you at? Why are you competing with me for the first credit?”

The generals of the Chaos Scarlet Empire were extremely excited.

They already had some opinions about His Majesty mobilizing the entire army to deal with a small Lord

of a myriad race.

However, no one dared to say anything due to Aus’ prestige.

Now that the target had suddenly appeared in front of them, didn’t that mean that as long as they

eliminated these guys, His Majesty would be able to take down the Blazing Sun Empire as quickly as

possible and then do the mission given to “Him” by the Crimson Overlord?

They all looked at Aus.

He hoped that His Majesty could quickly give “Them” the order to attack.

However, Aus looked at the information in front of him. The smile on his face disappeared, and he

looked like he was deep in thought.

When the generals saw this, even though they were a little anxious, none of them said anything.

“It’s a little strange.”

Aus suddenly muttered to himself.

“It’s indeed a little strange.” Among the generals of the Chaos Scarlet Empire, the oldest general

revealed a gratified expression when he heard what His Majesty said. Then, he said solemnly.

“How large is our army?”

“Don’t say that ‘He’ is just a Lord of a small race who has just advanced to a junior empire.”

“Even some powerful Divine Kingdom Lord factions will be intimidated by our lineup.”

“But the Blazing Sun Empire actually dared to take the initiative to ambush us at this time.”

“What is this Common People’s Regal trying to do?” The old general asked.

“He” was the Chaos Conch, the first general that Aus had summoned from the Chaos Scarlet Empire.

At the same time, “He” was also the strongest general in the empire. “His” strength had already

reached the True God-Tier Advance Grade.

When “He” was alive, “He” was the commander-in-chief of the Chaos Empire. “He” had incomparably

deep combat experience.

Therefore, when “He” saw this piece of information, “He” felt that something was amiss based on “His”

experience leading troops.

Unexpectedly, His Majesty had thought of it too.

As expected of the successor of their Scarlet Chaos Clan.

In terms of intuition, he was indeed as sensitive as the Scarlet Chaos Clan.

“Marshal Conch, what do you think Common People’s Regal’s intentions are?”

Aus looked up at the Chaos Conch and asked.

“From the way the other party fought, it seems like they want to rely on the speed advantage of their

spaceship to fight us guerrilla warfare.”

“If it’s just guerrilla warfare, relying on their True God-Tier battleships is indeed a good method.”

“However, our forces are so huge. Even if ‘He’ continues to guerrilla with us, we just need to ignore it.

We won’t lose too many troops and will reach the territory of the Blazing Sun Empire.”

“However, our forces are so huge. Even if ‘He’ continues to guerrilla with us, we just need to ignore it.novelbin

We won’t lose too many troops and will reach the territory of the Blazing Sun Empire.”

“Marshal Conch, what do you think we should do now?” Aus asked.

The Chaos Conch smiled and said, “The more the adversary wants to do something, the more we 𝒏𝙫.

won’t do anything!”

“Didn’t ‘They’ want to combat us here?”

“Then we have to rush to their territory and completely destroy their empire.”

“This is equivalent to cutting off the roots of that Common People’s Regal!”

“Without its roots, Common People’s Regal will lose its status as a Lord. At that time, ‘His’ titles, status,

power, and connections… will all become a joke.”

“As for these annoying flies, we can just keep them out of the army.”

A faint smile appeared on Aus’ face.

Then, “He” glanced at the generals and said, “Marshal Conch and I share the same thoughts.”

“Follow Marshal Conch’s instructions and set up defenses.”

“Oh yes, put on the [Imperial Blood Heavenly Shield].”

“With the Imperial Blood Heavenly Shield, the attacks of those True God-Tier are nothing to worry


Aus said calmly.

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

The generals said respectfully while clicking their tongues in their hearts.

It seemed like the Common People’s Regal’s guerrilla scheme was going to fail soon.

They pondered to themselves.

Then, they went to do their work.

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