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Chapter 90

Zeke grabbed Lone Wolf's gun and threw it into the drawer of the office desk.

“Jackson Hamilton is suspected of stealing weapons and shall be sent to a military court.”

Stealing weapons? Military court? That's way worse than the death penalty!

After all, for the death penalty, the jury can only bring a charge against an individual. Meanwhile, for the

court case handled in the military court, the verdict would involve the entire family!

Jackson cried out and passed out in fright.

“Roger that.” Lone Wolf said.

After receiving the order, the armed soldiers were busy arresting the criminals and photographing the


Zeke helped Dawn to bandage her wound and asked, “Can you walk by yourself?”

Dawn said, “Huh? I... I'm so dizzy. I can't walk properly.”

“Brother-in-law, can you hug me?”

Dawn wrapped her arms around Zeke's neck as she spoke.

Zeke had no choice but to carry her.

She's very light.

Dawn leaned against Zeke with her tear-streaked face.

What does it feel like to be close to your idol?

It's indescribable!

She felt as if her heart was about to jump out of her chest from beating too hard.

I can die without regrets now!

The whole building was full of soldiers.

As Zeke passed by, each and every one of the soldiers saluted him, “Great Marshal.”

It was the highest honour.

As he descended to the first floor, he heard a thud sound from the basement.

Only then did he remember that Adam and Jeremy were still inside the basement. ᴄᴏmᴇɴᴏvᴇl.ᴄᴏm

He walked to the basement and kicked open the door.

Adam and Jeremy quickly rushed out from the basement.

Adam's temper sparked when he saw Zeke, “You trash! What took you so long?”

Jeremy scolded him too, “Hmph! What did you do to make Jackson misunderstood us?”

Zeke glanced at them with disdain, “Don't you dare mess with my family members ever again.”

“Otherwise, you two will end up like Jackson.”

Adam's neck turned red from the anger that had surged through him, “How dare you! How can you talk

to an elderly like this? Who do you think you are? What a barbaric human!”

“I have no idea why Lacey would fall in love with you.”

Dawn sighed, “You're the one who's barbaric.”

“Is that how you treat your life saviour?”

“It's really sad that Lacey was born into your family.”

Dawn's words only made Adam angrier. “Shut your mouth, you little rascal. I don't need you to teach

me what to do.”

“Let's go. Don't waste your breath on them,” Zeke said to Dawn.

Dawn nodded and followed Zeke obediently.

Adam and Jeremy walked out of the basement while cursing at their misfortune.

When they ascended to the first floor, they were stunned.


The soldiers with loaded guns have taken over the whole building!

What just happened?

Meanwhile, someone walked down the stairs.

Adam and Jeremy were shocked to death upon seeing the way Jackson was being carried away by the

soldiers. Nobody knew if he had fainted or was dead. His blood dripped along the way.

Who on earth injured Jackson so badly?novelbin

Adam and Jeremy were speechless.

After Zeke left the Hamilton Construction, he made a phone call to Lacey to update her on the status.

Lacey finally let out a relieved sigh after knowing that Dawn was safe and sound.

“Dawnie, you must come straight home. Don't loiter. I'm afraid Jackson will give you trouble again.”

“Don't worry about it, you won't be able to see Jackson for a while,” Dawn replied.

Lacey insisted, “It's better to be safe than sorry.”

Lacey didn't know Jackson had been eliminated.

“Ok, I will.” Dawn gave a half-hearted reply and hung up the phone.

Then, she looked at Zeke curiously.

Zeke felt uncomfortable from the stares and asked, “What are you looking at?”

Dawn then replied, “Zeke, I never thought you would be the legendary Great Marshal.”

“In fact, you're my idol.” It was like a dream to be able to get so close to her idol.

Zeke shrugged. “It isn't a big deal.”

Dawn continued, “Zeke, since you are such a big shot, why don't you let Lacey know your identity?”

Zeke felt headache when it comes to this topic, “Well, your sister doesn't really like the Great Marshal.”

“Why?” Dawn asked.

“She thinks the Great Marshal and she are diametrically opposed,” Zeke replied.

“Oh.” Dawn nodded.

Zeke continued, “Oh yeah, please don't tell your sister about my real identity. Otherwise, she will surely

break up with me.”

“I'm still figuring out a way to let her know the truth. Well, when the time is right, I'll let her know my real


Dawn replied absentmindedly, “Oh.”

She lowered her head and stayed silent. She looked as if she was in deep thought.

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