Guardian Wolf

Guardian Wolf

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    The protagonist, Nova, faces a life-altering moment when she learns that her chosen mate, Axton, has found his fated mate. Despite the devastation and pain, she maintains composure during a public gathering, urging everyone to move to a conference room for a meeting regarding rogue attacks. Axton openly displays affection for his new mate, Athena, leading Nova to internalize her heartbreak.

    As the meeting progresses, representatives from neighboring packs share encounters with rogues led by Beta Kingsley, seeking a she-wolf named Athena Prince. Nova plans to request a meeting with Beta Kingsley but discovers the death of two captured rogues, suspecting witch involvement. A sudden sharp pain, both physical and emotional, overwhelms Nova, hinting at the challenges of her unique role as Luna.

    Despite the agony, Nova plans to proceed with the meeting later, revealing her strength and determination. The story delves into the complexities of relationships, pack politics, and the looming threat of rogue activities, setting the stage for further developments in Nova’s life.

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