Guardian Wolf

Chatper 135
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Chatper 135


Nova POV:

Collapsing on the floor of the gym panting as sweat pours off of me I feel Jaxs gaze burning into my


“Feel better?” He chuckles when I look up to where he’s stood leaning against the wall with his arms

and legs crossed.

“Mmhmm” I hum as I gaze openly at his tempting muscles in his fitted tee, showing his broad chest and

powerful shoulders leading to his bulging arm muscles, which he casually flex’s knowing what’s got my


“Good” he smirks. “As much as your eye f*****g me and I’d love to make you feel even better, we’re


“What’s up?” I ask immediately reverting to serious mode as I stand up and towel off my sweat.

“I am going to call and check in on the travelling pack members. Naomi informed us they arrived over

an hour ago and I said I would see how they’re settling” he says as he pushes himself off the wall and

holds the door open for me. “While you have to meet Corina” he reminds me.

“Oh yeah” i say before gulping down some water as I step out the gym. “Sorry for disappearing like

that, I could feel my anger rising and knew it was becoming too much. I had to get it out.”

“I know” is all he says but his eyes are full of understanding and care for me.

“How has everyone been during dinner?” I ask quietly.

“Much better, everyone has been relaxed and talking between one another. Your dad’s pack look more

comfortable now” he tells me with a smile as I breath a sigh of relief.

Walking upstairs I tentatively dip in to the emotions I am experiencing and feel relieved that the majority

are ones of determination and confidence. Earlier I felt like I was drowning in a wave of anger and

anxiousness, it made my body feel on edge and my temper quick to ignite, never mind the h orrendous

migraine I had been suffering. But for now at least my body felt relaxed and rejuvenated, the

anxiousness still there

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but controllable.

“I can tell everybody is more comfortable around one another now” I say to Jax

quietly as I look around at the warriors still dining. “I feel more in control and like I can breathe again,

my chest doesn’t feel tight.”

“I think your little show did the trick” he smirks as he wraps an arm around my shoulders and plays with

a loose lock of my hair.

“I didn’t mean to snap at them” I sigh.

“Maybe not but if you hadn’t I would have..well I did when you left” he says with a shrug. “You were

right in what you said, everybody is here for the same cause, we need to join together not fight one

another. I was tempted to knock that man out cold for the disrespect he showed you alone.”

“He wasn’t the brightest” I chuckle.

“Corina is in our private library love” he says as he spins me in his arms and holds me tightly by my

lower back. Resting my head on his chest I sigh in content while he rests his chin on me. “Meet in the

bedroom when you’re done?”

“Yes please” I whisper, “I could do with just lying there with you.”

“No funny business I promise” he says his chest moving with quiet laughter.

“Aw” I whine pouting up at him with big eyes.

“Nice try” he smirks. “Normally those lips and eyes would have me changing my mind instantly but I’m

worried about you. Feeling everybody’s emotions can’t be easy and I want you to rest when you can.”

Grinning up at him like a love struck puppy he chuckles nervously before asking” what?”

“I’m just very lucky to have a mate as caring as you” I whisper cupping his cheek softly.

“All mates should be” he says with a slight frown as I know he’s thinking of what Nathan from my dads

pack told us earlier and of Milas situation, before his eyes brighten once again, “but I’d do anything for

you, I’ve told you this.”

“I know, as long as you hold me I’ll be happy” I whisper before reaching up on my tip

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toes for a loving kiss.

“Always” he promises. “Now go, I don’t fancy an angry witch coming after me” he says shuddering

dramatically as I giggle. Turning me around he pushes me away gently before slapping my as s making

me jump, “peachy” he say huskily and winks before slipping into the dining room leaving me

speechless and blushing slightly as some border patrol members smirk at me knowingly.

“Don’t” I glare at them playfully before smiling and shaking my head.

“Wouldn’t dare” one of them says as they all laugh loudly before going to get their dinner.

Jogging upstairs I reach the large wooden doors of our library on the office floor and I open it quietly

before peaking inside. Seeing Corina by the window waiting I step inside fully and walk up to her as

she appears lost in thought.

“Corina” i say gently as she turns to me with a warm smile.

“Luna Nova” she chimes, her voice light and comforting. “Esmerelda and Kara explained about earlier,

how have you felt since?”

“Better since I taught a punching bag a lesson” I joke as we both take a seat in two comfy chairs.

“Everybody’s emotions feel more bearable now, I was just telling Jax that I can almost breath easier

and I don’t feel as swamped with them all. I think it has something to do with the emotions being more

positive.” 𝘯𝘷.

“I would imagine so” she agrees. “All the visiting packs were probably feeling a range of emotions on

arrival, especially your fathers.”

“Yeah” I sigh. “But I’m concerned about during the battle.”

“Well I have some ideas we can try” she says encouragingly. “But first I wondered if you had anynovelbin


“I did have an idea. I wondered if I was able to focus on one emotion and locate its source almost” I

suggest nervously.

Nodding her head at my words her smile never wavering she replies, “I believe you could. There is no

better way to find out than try. So what I’d like you to do is sit comfortably and close your eyes, find

yourself in a peaceful mindset and attempt to block out everything around you, almost like meditation.”


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Picking my feet up and curling them under me I control my breathing and focus on closing off my mind

for the next few moments.

“Good, now tell me an emotion that someone is most likely feeling more than anyone else here” her

soothing voice says as it floats to my ears. Smiling slightly at myself I reply, “superiority.”

“I like that” she says with humour in her voice, “focus on that emotion and what it means to you then try

to find its pathway.”

“Pathway?” I ask in confusion furrowing my brows.

“Don’t think just do” she chuckles as I concentrate on my breathing again. Thinking of superiority and

what it means to me I think of when one is feeling they’re better than those around them and that they

have an almost greatness about them. After a few moments I begin to feel a small pull in my mind, one

that wants to draw me in. Following it I allow my mind to wander and soon I find images of the training

ground coming to the forefront of my mind and almost feel the boost in my own ego. Gasping I sit

upright as the individuals feeling’s come flooding through me.

“Dear?” Corina asks me worriedly as she reaches to steady me.

“Alex is at the training ground I think” I say quietly as shock at what I’ve managed to do hits me.

Her eyes widen at my words as she looks impressed, “check” she urges.

“Alex, where are you?” I link him.

“Training grounds sparring, why? Is there a problem?” He replies quickly.

“No. No problem” I link him back before pausing and linking him again. “Maybe kill that ego a bit, I’m

getting a strong sense of superiority over here.”

“…you can sense that?” He asks nervously as a large grin stretches across my face.

“Yes. But I suppose you are the Alpha King for a reason” I tease him as he huffs back at me before I

close the link.

“He was there” I say with a wide smile at Corina. Clapping her hands excitedly she beams widely.

“That’s brilliant Luna! You are far stronger than I thought” she comments as I blush

+1 Bonus


slightly from her praise. “What made you choose superiority?”

“I wanted an emotion that not everyone would feel so I could focus more to begin with. Alpha Kings

have a certain air about them at the best of times but now surrounded by many different packs I

imagined his feelings would be heightened and his wolf would be feeling rather great about himself” I


“I thought that was the case, I’m impressed Luna that’s a very clever way of thinking” she admires.

“Thank you” I reply.

“So you were hoping for it to be Alexander?” She asks as I nod nervously.

“Then that’s great work Nova” she smiles. “You’re strong and I have faith in you, I perhaps think you

might even be able to use people’s emotions against them.”

“How so?” I ask intrigued.

“I think you could maybe influence people’s feelings, focus on them and make them feel them greater

or less” she explains. “I’m going to look into it and we can try it tomorrow, have you got someone you

can bring? Preferably not your mate as with the mate bond it could be different.”

“I’ll ask Florence, the Gam ma. She’s like my sister” I explain.

“Perfect, shall we meet at 9am? Here?” She suggests. “We can also focus on trying to close off your

mind from experiencing all the different emotions, build a barrier as such.”

“That would be a great relief, we will be here. Thank you Corina for taking the time to help me” I say

graciously as we both stand and walk to the door. “What do I call this gift?” I ask chuckling at myself for

even having to ask that question.

“It’s rare, and very impressive” Corina smiles. “You are an empath.”


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