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Chapter 5772

Preston's face was stern, as if he was thinking over Harvey's words. After a long time, he stood up.

"You're absolutely right," he said after sighing.

"I couldn't see the bigger picture this entire time!

"In reality, we have condemned ourselves because of our own thoughts. If we keep forcing ourselves to fight for the beads, we'll end up destroying ourselves." Harvey chuckled.

"You saw through this already, but you were in denial. After all, this has been the family's dream for the longest time."

There was something Harvey didn't say. Without outside forces... Judging from the Klein family's ability in the outskirts, they'd probably have a chance to rule.

However... Compared to the top ten families, the five hidden families, the sacred martial arts training grounds, and Evermore, the organization that had been around since ancient times...

The Klein family had no chance.

They'd either watch from the sidelines and live discreetly...or they'd work with a bigger force for their own benefit. They'd be delusional if they wanted to thrive on their own.

For being able to see that in the first place, Preston was impressive.

"You're truly interesting, Harvey. No wonder you could cause so much trouble in the outskirts after coming here for only a few weeks."

Preston stepped forward, and clapped Harvey on the shoulder like a good brother.

"The Klein family is probably one of the most powerful families in the outskirts. "For so many years, we believed that as the wealthiest family in the outskirts, we could get anything we wanted at the most crucial moment.

"We really are pretentious, aren't we?

"Times have truly changed.

"Looks like the family gained something for inviting you here, after all! To show our sincerity, the family will do everything in its power to lend you our aid!" Harvey smiled; he removed the broken bead from his neck and put it on the table.novelbin

"Since you're being so generous, I should naturally repay the favor. This belongs to the Klein family in the first place. Now, the bead has found its rightful owner."

Preston picked up the bead, giving it a few glances.

"To be frank, this bead represented a huge favor. Since you're willing to give this back to US, you're helping us deal with our situation.

"To show our apology... You should accept this small gift."

Preston waved his hand, and his secretary respectfully brought out a box for Harvey.

Harvey frowned; there was a gentle, yet ancient aura exuding from the box. He put his hand on the box, then sighed.

"This is too much, Mr. Preston. I can't accept this," he said.

"This is not much at all. It may kill the family, but maybe it'd actually do something good once it's with you. You're not scared of it, are you?" Preston said.

Harvey chuckled bitterly; Preston was clearly setting him up.

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