His Ex Wife Is A Billionaire

His Ex Wife Is A Billionaire

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    Read His Ex Wife Is A Billionaire by Evadne and Thaddeus. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free here

    Evadne thought her unwavering love could melt Thaddeus’s heart, but after three years, he handed her divorce papers and embraced another woman. Crushed and disillusioned, Evadne chose to divorce him and underwent a remarkable transformation, becoming the wealthy heiress of the Ashbourne dynasty. From that point forward, she soared as the ruler of a trillion-dollar empire, a masterful healer, an unmatched hacker, and even a champion fencer!Her remorseful ex-husband pleaded, “Darling, I was wrong. Let’s reconcile!”Evadne’s lips curled into a sly smile as she replied, “I don’t need love, money, or men. What I need is a loyal servant.”

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