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Chapter 793

Chapter 793Dean hesitated for a moment, but then, with a go��-with-the-flow attitude, he replied, ��Got it, I'll arrange ittomorrow.��

Jareth was about to end the call when she started wailing on the other end, ��Jareth! I��m your mom! How could you considersending me to a mental institution? You've lost your mind! Let me tell you, even if you have the entire Fairhaven Group in yourgrasp, even if you��re now the head of the family, I��m not afraid! I'll use all my connections to save Edith! If you dare, kill me! Youdon��t want me as your mom anyway. | don��t need a son who has no family loyalty, who��s ruthless and cold��hearted! | disown youas my son!��

��Fine.��Jareth hung up without a second thought.

The world went silent. Dean stared at Jareth for a long while, perplexed, and finally asked, ��Mr. Fairhaven, are you really going tocut ties with your mom? You've only just taken full control of the Fairhaven Group. If word gets out, I��m afraid the press will havea field day and it could tarnish your reputation.��

��It doesn��t matter.*.

Jareth��s lips curled into a faint smile, his eyes filled with an endless tenderness, ��I have Marilla, and that��s enough.��Dean nodded, suddenly feeling a lump in his throat.

Mr. Fairhaven had sacrificed so much for this happiness. Dear God, let them be together, please.

��By the way, Mr. Fairhaven, your mom mentioned she��s gonna free Edith. The best way is to get her out on medical bail; hercondition does meet the criteria. Shall we stop her?��

��No need. If she wants to go all-in for her daughter one last time, let her.�� Jareth looked unperturbed, his voice as mercilesslycold as ice, ��A mother��s love for her daughter is justified.��

In the early hours of the morning, Jareth didn��t rest but hurried to the hospital to see the woman he loved deeply.

In the quiet hallway, Thaddeus and Chasel were discussing Marilla��s condition. Seeing Jareth arrive, Thaddeus immediatelypulled him aside.

��| got word from Mr. Ashbourne that Gary was killed in the hospital. Was it you?��

��Yes,�� Jareth was frank with his close friend.

��You've taken a huge risk. That��s murder. Although Gary deserved to die, you could get yourself into bigtrouble!��

Thaddeus�� large hand gripped Jareth��s shoulder, ��What's the point of revenge if it costs your own life? You need to think aboutMarilla, not just yourself. Lily��s already been sacrificed. If anything happens to you, how is she supposed to live in this world?��

Jareth��s throat felt tight, his eyes moist.

��Gary��s dead, and you'll be the prime suspect with the police, because you had the motive.�� Thaddeus took a deep breath,determined, ��I'll find a way to deal with the police. You just deny everything, leave the rest to

me.����Thad, I��m sorry. | dragged Marilla down.��

Jareth��s tall frame slumped, his forehead resting on Thaddeus�� shoulder. The man who had held up until now1/3


Chapter 793

finally showed his vulnerable side in front of his close friend.

Hot tears soaked into Thaddeus�� suit as he patted the weeping man like a boy, ��Jareth, it��s not your fault. It never was. Pullyourself together. You��ve got me, Evadne, and Dr. Bright. We're all with you.��

��| want to see Marilla.��In the hospital room.

Marilla lay on the crisp white hospital bed, fragile as a feather, wearing an oxygen mask, her weak heartbeat monitored bymachines.

Jareth sat by her side, holding her scarred hand against his cheek, gently caressing it, then pressing a kiss into her palm.He had always cherished her, treated her like a priceless, delicate porcelain, protecting her at all times.

He had cared for her so well, but those brutes had trampled his beloved into the mud, leaving her broken.

��Marilla, it's Jareth. Open your eyes and look at me, will you?��

Jareth��s red��rimmed eyes brimmed with tears, his pale lips trembling as he murmured, begging, ��Wake up baby, don��t leave mealone.��

He sat motionless, waiting until dawn.

Early in the morning, Frederic arrived with Dennis to visit his daughter. Thaddeus, who had not slept all night outside the room,saw his father��s approach, his eyes revealing a complex mix of emotions, but he stood upnovelbin

nonetheless.��Have you been sitting here all night, without sleep?�� Frederic was taken aback by his son��s dark circles.��Yeah, I��m not tired,�� Thaddeus said flatly.

��That��s not good! Isn��t this the fourth day? Humans can only live seven days without sleep at the most. Do you want to dropdead?!�� Frederic��s brow furrowed in sudden anxiety, his words slipping out in concern.

Father and son locked eyes, an awkward and delicate atmosphere hanging between them. Thaddeus widened his eyes slightly,hardly believing that this man could show concern for him.

But Frederic��s words seemed genuinely caring. This was something Thaddeus was unaccustomed to.Frederic blinked, and cleared his throat, ��I had Dennis bring some breakfast. You haven��t eaten, have you? Have something.��Dennis promptly set down two lunch boxes on a chair.

��One��s for your grandfather. Take it to him later. He��s fussy �� says hospital food tastes bland, always wanting pudding and thelike. | don��t get what's so special about that tasteless stuff, but he never seems to get enough.��

Frederic paused, and then casually added, ��I heard that the Ashbourne girl stayed here last night too. I��ve got somethingprepared for her as well. You two can eat together.��

Thaddeus thought he had misheard, looking at him intently, ��What did you say?����Ahem. Ever since the accident with Marilla, she��s been run off her feet, even managed to fly in a doctor fromoverseas for a consultation.��

Frederic pressed his lips together, his expression as imperious as ever, ��I may not have a soft spot for that girl, but this time, shehelped my daughter, | owe her thanks.��

Thaddeus was lost for words, his thoughts a tangled mess, uncertain of what to say.2/3


Chapter 793

Dennis watched the exchange, a gentle smile playing on his lips. Every cloud had a silver lining, after all. It seemed that therelationship between Mr. Frederic Abernathy and Mr. Thaddeus Abernathy wasn��t as fiery

and contentious as it used to be.

��Who's that in the hospital room?�� Asked Frederic, peering through the glass at the man��s silhouette withcuriosity.

Thaddeus replied, ��That's Jareth.��

��You said he��s Jareth?!�� Frederic gasped in shock, ��What happened to his hair?��

Dennis also glanced over, Jareth was a young man, yet his hair was now dusted with a mournful shade of gray. The sight tuggedat his heartstrings.

��With all the turmoil at home and Marilla being so grievously injured, grief turned his hair white overnight,�� a lump formed inThaddeus�� throat; he was unable to bear another glance.

Frederic��s eyes widened in disbelief, yet the truth was undeniable.

In that moment, Jareth, with a heavy gait, emerged from the room. Upon seeing Frederic, he was overwhelmed with a sense ofguilt, his head bowed, not daring to meet his gaze, ��Mr. Frederic Abernathy, | apologize for the intrusion. I'll be on my way now.��

Just as he was about to pass by, Frederic reached out and grasped his arm, ��Dennis, prepare some breakfast for Mr. Fairhavenas well, and have someone deliver it immediately.��

3/3Chapter 794Chapter 794

Jareth��s heart skipped a beat; he stared blankly at Mr. Frederic. His parched lips parted slightly, but after some while, he stillcouldn't find any proper words.

Thaddeus stood beside them, his eyes widening in surprise, but after a moment, his thin lips curved into a satisfied smile.��Yes, Mr. Frederic Abernathy, I��ll take care of it right away!��trouble of

Dennis was about to leave with a smile but was stopped by Jareth, ��No need to yourself, I��ve got a lot on my plate to deal with,but thanks for the offer, Mr. Frederic Abernathy.��

Hearing this, Frederic didn��t press further, simply nodding his head and speaking softly, ��You've got a lot on your shoulders athome lately, and it��s all resting on you. It must be tough. But you can��t neglect your own health. Marilla is my only daughter, and ifyou falter, her whole world falls apart.�� 𝐜𝗼𝗺𝐞𝐧𝗼𝘃𝐞𝐥.𝐜𝗼𝗺

Over these days, he��d suffered from overwhelming exhaustion and helplessness. In that moment, the warmth that Jareth hadn'tfelt in ages seemed to seep back into his body which had been battered by reality.


His heart clenched as he looked unwaveringly at Frederic, his voice hoarse yet resolute, ��Rest assured, for Marilla��s sake, nomatter how tough, I��ll hold on.��

Thaddeus slung an arm around Jareth��s shoulder as the two walked towards the parking lot.��Congrats, Jareth.��

Thaddeus�� eyes twinkled like the sun breaking through clouds, ��Looks like Frederic is warming up to you. After that close shavewith death, he seems to have had a change of heart, and the ice between you is melting.��

Jareth��s lips twitched into an impalpably bitter smile, ��Thanks for the pep talk, Thad, but | know where | stand.��

Thaddeus looked into his friend��sdimly flickering eyes and felt a pang.Jareth had once bee �9 fit of lifed,defignce\BEth Ww, when it cameto Marilla, he was filled with guilt andinsecurity, as if he could never lovewith the same passion and pride asbefore. The content is onNovelDrama.Org! Read the latestchapter there!

Seeing Jareth like this reminded Thaddeus of his own past efforts to chase after and protect Evadne. He had been through thecoldest rains, so he was determined to keep the umbrella up for his brother, come hell or high water.��Jareth, have a little faith in yourself. You haven��t let anyone down.��

Thaddeus gave him a hearty slap onthe back, ��Marilla��s feelings for youare beyond Frederic�� esntrokevehsai dad But Git iS Support,she'll be even happier. And he'll backthe Fairhaven Group for hisdaughter's sake, smoothing the pathfor you as the family head. Thecontent is on NovelDrama.Org! Readthe latest chapter there!

But Frederic, to use Evadne��s words,is a tough cookie to crack. Even if heapproves of you deep down, bethnever ShowsityHis\beh ior today isalteatly unprecedented. Don��t worry.You and Marilla have been throughlife and death together. There��snothing or no one that can tear youtwo apart now.�� The content is onNovelDrama.Org! Read the latestchapter there!

Suddenly, the sound of unhurried yet firm footsteps approached them. Both men looked up, taken aback.



Elvis�� black trench coat fluttered in the wind cutting through the parking lot. His striking features held a steely edge.1/2 VAL


Chapter 794

��Sorry I��m late; got held up with work.��

Thaddeus immediately shook his head, ��No, it��s fine.��

Elvis�� gaze never left Jareth, who seemed transformed. With a brief flutter of his lashes, he said succinctly, ��Anything | can do tohelp?��

Jareth felt a surge of warmth and shook his head, ��Thanks, | can handle it.����Remember when Thaddeus was in the hospital with a head injury? | told you something back then.��

Elvis�� eyes burned with intensity, his lips curving slightly, ��I said that Thaddeus isn��t your only friend anymore. Likewise,Thaddeus isn��t your only friend. When necessary, you can call on any resource. Including me.��

��Mr. Waverley, thank you,�� Jareth said with a choked voice, his eyes glistening.

��Haha, if you really want to thank me, how about calling me Elvis?�� His severity lasted only a moment before his eyebrows liftedin jest.

Jareth��s voice was rough, ��Elvis.����Ah, too compliant, takes the fun out of it,�� Elvis mumbled, masking a hint of sorrow.��Mr. Fairhaven!��

Dean rushed over, urgency in his voice, ��You mom��s made a move! She��s bribed a prison doctor, tampered with Edith's medicalreport. The cops have agreed to her lawyer��s request for medical bail. She'll be out this afternoon!��

��Got it.��

Apparently, the news wasn��t good, but Jareth��s calm was almost eerie, ��Gather everyone still willing to stand by me. If they fearthe risk, | won't force them.��

Thaddeus sensed Jareth was on the brink of something dangerous and was about to protest when Elvis cut through his concernwith a mischievous grin, ��Hey, why all the fuss when you have me? I��m all you need.��

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