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Chapter 115

Dance Date

Luis and | went on our first date not long ago. It was everything and more. We clicked so well and talked the night away. Weeven watched the sunrise together because we didn’t realize it was morning! That was how great it was. | learned more aboutLuis, like his job. He didn’t go into details, but from the gaps in his stories and what | heard from Michael, | knew he was an Elitesoldier. That would explain a lot about his past behavior towards me. However, he was opening up more to me. | enjoyed talkingto him. He was so charming.

| received a call from Love and answered it. She told me my brother

was unwell,



Will he be alright?” | asked, worried. ᴄᴏmᴇɴᴏvᴇl.ᴄᴏm

“Yes. My aunt will make him a portion,”

That’s good,”

| could tell she was hesitant about something.” Love, is everything


Ellis thinks we should move in together,”

Do it,” | answered instantly. Why was she even thinking hard a 0 it? Has she second-guessed her relationship with Ellis?

Don't you think it’s moving too fast? And what about Luis? | don’ want him to feel abandoned,” she sighed. It was normal for herto be reluctant and want to take things slow after what happened between them, but those two had a special bond.

“It's not too fast. You have kids together and are madly in love!

Also, don’t dare use Luis as an excuse not to move forward in your relationship because of uncertainty. Your best friend is toobusy


chasing after me to feel deserted!”

You're right. It’s about time we moved forward. Thanks, Zey. Enjoy your second date tonight!” she said and ended the call before| could speak. | sighed and stared in the mirror. | couldn’t hide the smile on my face.

| was behaving like a teen in love around Luis. | was nervous and giddy. It was a weird but nice feeling for me.

Tonight, we were going on a dance date. | mentioned once during our voice calls that | didn’t remember when | last wentdancing, so for our

second date, we went dancing.

| wore a beautiful silk strapless dress that reached mid-thigh.

Luis gazed upon me with his turquoise blue eyes. He wore a white shirt, open on his upper torso, showing his pale and flawlessskin. | couldn’t help but avert my gaze when he caught me staring at him.

Are you shy?” he asked.

“Nope,” | pressed my lips together. My cheeks reddened.

Luis laughed and drove for a few more minutes. We parked in front of a club. The music was pulsing from inside.

“My friend owns this club,” he informed me. | nodded as | read sparkling words on top. Luis took my hand and guided me to theentrance. Bulky wolves were guiding it. The bouncers seemed to know him well, as their eyes lit up, and greeted him beforeletting


The club was classy, with enough space to dance in. It wasn’t as packed as | thought. There were different neon-colored lights.Everyone was dressed nicely. | must admit, | didn’t expect this. The ambiance was so beautiful and serene. Couples weredancing to 90s

pop songs.


What kind of club is this?”


Lovely, isn’t it?”

“Itis,” | smiled.

Luis and I had had too many shots before we decided to go to the dance floor. | easily found my rhythm to a Whitney song,dance with somebody. Luis was smiling at me. He put his hands on my waist so naturally as he joined me.novelbin

We were enjoying ourselves dancing closely to each other. The DJ is doing a great job mixing the songs.

| moved my hips against my date, and | could feel his lips on my neck. The song playing was sensual. | danced against himwithout shame.

| was staring at him as | danced. Luis Vanders was devilishly


| was feeling hot even though it was cool,

“I need a drink,” | breathed. Luis kissed my cheek and went to the bar. | sat on one of the comfortable couches as | waited. A fewmen approached me to dance, but | rejected them. | was about to get up when someone sat in the space close to me. Maybin.Was the jer stalking me now?

‘Luis Vanders, seriously. Going for the ga ys now?” he snickered. Ga oh, Luis was g ay before he met me. | didn’t care aboutthat.

Are you stalking me, jerk?” | bit back my growl.

I'm fighting for this marriage, Zey Let’s give our marriage another chance,”

No,” | told him, staring at him. | couldn’t force myself to be with him again, not even for Apollo’s sake. Maybin seemed so ordinaryto me now. All the attachment | felt for him was gone. Completely.


“Zeyneb, you loved me once. You can do it again,”

That love faded. | was a deal for a better and more secure life. You were never kind or gentle to me. | thought you were, butlooking back now, you weren’t. | made all that up because | was blinded by my affection for you,” | told him.

Maypbin, | feel nothing for you, and it feels f ucking great,” | FELT F UCKING AMAZING. | wanted to scream on top of the roof.The alpha looked shocked after my words. He recovered quickly.

Zey, | will do better this time. | now know what it feels like to lose you. Please give me a second chance,” he pleaded,

“Begging is not a good look on you. It’s not the vibe, darling. Let's do this amicably for the sake of your son,” | was bored of himalready. Now, he completely cut me out of Apollo’s life. | couldn’t reach him on his mobile phone, and | was sure he hadsomething to do with it.

“My son — I’m surprised you still remember him, seeing his stepmother, whom he considered his real mother, is alwaysphotographed holding a man’s hand every day on all sites,”

Luis and | spent some time together. We were photographed a few times, and | was sure Maybin was pi ssed.

“Zey, you're being selfish here -” Before he could finish speak was back. He grabbed Maybin by his neck and pushed him thewall. Maybin struggled to break free.

How about you leave the lady alone? She’s not interested in ta to you,” Luis’ voice was ice-cold. His aura was swirling around theclub. People around us were getting worried now as they could their anger towards each other.

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