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Chapter 272

Chapter 272

Matthew was more embarrassed. His eyes inadvertently met Stuart’s in the crowd before he swiftly averted his gaze, m n l y ticking down the seconds of his life like a countdown timer.

“Hurry up, for heaven’s sake. The sooner it ends, the sooner I’m free.” he thought.

With this grim resolve, Matthew played his part with a desperation bordering on recklessness.

Instead of planning a secret getaway, the lead characters decided to head to the front lines together.

After a brief journey side by side, they turned back to back, took a few steps away, then spun around and dashed towards each other for a final, farewell kiss.

This was the moment Morwenn truly balked.

Kissing Stuart required a monumental effort on her part.

The idea of kissing any man at this moment was more than she could stomach.

No matter how much she tried to m e n a l ly prepare, Morwenna hesitated when it mattered most.

Matthew noticed Morwenna’s reluctance and wrapped an arm around her waist, whispering in her ear as he slightly turned her, “Don’t panic, Morwenna. I can’t betray Stuart. Let’s just fake it, okay?”

Being a seasoned actor, Matthew knew exactly how to angle their bodies so it looked real to the audience.

He felt his hand burning where it touched Morwenna, wondering if Stuart was watching his every move.

In the VIP area…

The principal was covered in goosebumps.

Sitting next to Mr. Hetfield was becoming increasingly unsettling, each moment more spine-chilling than the last.

What was going on? Had something gone wrong?

Amid the unease, the principal ventured cautiously, “Mr. Hetfield, are you perhaps feeling tired? Maybe you’d like to step outside for some fresh air?” 𝒄𝙣𝒗.𝒄

“No need.” Stuart’s voice was cold as ice, chilling to the bone.

The principal shivered.

On stage, Matthew timed his actions to perfection, releasing Morwenna the instant the music changed, and together, they ran towards the front lines.

In that moment, their love transcended to embody duty to country.

The play ended on a perfect note.

Stuart abruptly stood up.

Everyone instinctively turned to look his way.

Wiping the sweat from his brow, the principal stammered, “Is… is something wrong?”

“I need some air,” Stuart said coldly.

The principal was left speechless. But hadn’t Stuart just declined the offer of a break?

Stuart turned and left.

Matthew, after taking his final bow, was ready to bolt.

Then his phone rang. It was Stuart.novelbin

Matthew nearly broke down, forgetting all about his pride as an acclaimed actor.

Campbell, grinning, leaned in, “Why aren’t you answering? Stuart’s calling.”

Suddenly realizing something, Matthew grabbed Campbell, “You set this up, didn’t you?“

Proudly, Campbell nodded, “Of course. I personally selected the script: Don’t you think the leads match you and Morwenna perfec You two really do look good together

Matthew could only offer Campbell á look of pity as he said, “Come on, let’s go meet Stuart.

Oh the naive, thick-skinned brother.

Before Matthew could answer, the call ended,

aily tried calling beek bin Stiert’s line was bur

Chapter 272

Meanwhile, Morwenna had already reached out to Stuart.

“Stuart, where are you? Can we meet somewhere private?”

Initially intent on confronting Matthew, Stuart suppressed his anger, adopting a calm tone, “Meet me at private parking spot 001.”


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