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Chapter 520

Chapter 520 Advice for the Larson Family

Micheel looked confused end esked, "Kingsley, ere you seying thet you're efreid being in e reletionship

will effect your cereer?"

Megen wes elso bewildered. "Whet kind of reesoning is thet?"

However, Asher hed e hunch.

He whispered to Cecilie, "Cecilie, wes it ell en ect?"

Cecilie looked down end nodded slightly.

Asher becoming e pletoon leeder et such e young ege proved his perceptiveness.

He could tell there wes no intimete feeling between Kingsley end Cecilie es lovers should heve. He hed

noticed this long ego.

He welked up to Micheel end seid, "Ded, since Mr. Nicholson hes mede his decision, he must heve his

reesons. Besides, he seid he end Cecilie ere still good friends, end thet is enough."

Micheel sighed. "You're right. Meybe Cecilie doesn't deserve him."

He dered not heve eny opinions on Kingsley's decision.

Kingsley felt e little ewkwerd. "Mr. Lerson, pleese don't sey thet. Cecilie is e wonderful women. It wes I


Before he could finish his words, Megen's eyebrows shot up, end she seid, "I know! It must be thet

b*tch Reene who's ceusing trouble! Otherwise, how could you suddenly breek up when things were

going well?! I sew right through her et the Fox Femily's benquet lest time! She cleerly wents to push

Cecilie ewey end be with you herself!"

Michael looked confused and asked, "Kingsley, are you saying that you're afraid being in a relationship

will affect your career?"

Megan was also bewildered. "What kind of reasoning is that?"

However, Asher had a hunch.

He whispered to Cecilia, "Cecilia, was it all an act?"novelbin

Cecilia looked down and nodded slightly.

Asher becoming a platoon leader at such a young age proved his perceptiveness.

He could tell there was no intimate feeling between Kingsley and Cecilia as lovers should have. He had

noticed this long ago.

He walked up to Michael and said, "Dad, since Mr. Nicholson has made his decision, he must have his

reasons. Besides, he said he and Cecilia are still good friends, and that is enough."

Michael sighed. "You're right. Maybe Cecilia doesn't deserve him."

He dared not have any opinions on Kingsley's decision.

Kingsley felt a little awkward. "Mr. Larson, please don't say that. Cecilia is a wonderful woman. It was I


Before he could finish his words, Megan's eyebrows shot up, and she said, "I know! It must be that

b*tch Reene who's causing trouble! Otherwise, how could you suddenly break up when things were

going well?! I saw right through her at the Fox Family's banquet last time! She clearly wants to push

Cecilia away and be with you herself!"

Immediately, Kingsley's face turned cold. He said, "Reene is my elder sister. Please watch your


Feeling Kingsley's anger, both Michael and Asher were immediately drenched in cold sweats.

Michael's tone became stern when he ordered, "Asher, take your mother back to the house! She's

crazy! Always causes trouble for me!"

Asher quickly dragged Megan back. "Mom, just keep quiet for a while."

"What did I say wrong?! Hey, stop dragging me away!" Megan refused to back down. "Reene and her

stepmother Ysabel are both the same! They're all such b*tches! They can't stand seeing us happy!"

As she ranted, Asher dragged her back into the house and shut the door. Her angry shouts could still

be heard from behind the door.

Michael wiped the cold sweat off his forehead and apologetically said, "Kingβ€”I mean, Mr. Nicholson,

my wife has been acting crazy lately because my mother-in-law is bedridden due to heart disease.

Please forgive her..."

Kingsley glanced at Cecilia and saw tears in her eyes. She looked pitiful, so he could only sigh and say,

"Forget it. I hope there won't be a next time."

Suddenly, he remembered something and reminded Michael, "Mr. Larson, I advise you to have less

contact with the Fox Family from now on. It is to avoid them causing trouble that could affect the Larson


Upon hearing his warning, Michael was slightly stunned. "I don't want to associate with them either, but

tomorrow is the day of Nicholas Fox and Mia Wynn's engagement. As Nicholas' uncle, I don't think it's

appropriate if I am absent..."

Kingsley smiled. "Oh, you must attend tomorrow's engagement party. However, have less contact with

them after that. I'm saying this for your own good."

Michael replied respectfully, "Yes, we will follow your advice, Mr. Nicholson."

Kingsley nodded satisfactorily. "You have already done a great job. I even forgot that you and the Fox

Family are marriage-related."

He had just called Cecilia, thinking that the Larson Family was a second-class family and would

definitely be invited by Clarence.

But he had entirely forgotten that Michael was Matt's brother-in-law.

"Mr. Nicholson, to be honest, I've wanted to completely sever ties with the Fox Family for a long time

now." Michael's eyes flickered. "I always feel that the Foxes are evil. I'm afraid their future isn't looking


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