Im -perfect

Im -perfect

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    Read Im -perfect by Zoumi. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free here

    Jacob Knight is one hell of gorgeous Quarterback and he has it all, perfect face, perfect smile, perfect everything. Every girl that I knew of would have died to have a chance with him. But not me … because I knew what laid behind his gorgeous facade.

    His first words ” you are dead " spiralled my life out of control in highschool .

    And I hated him for that . Atleast I thought I did until I realised his true self . Devil as he was, even he deserved someone by his side .

    Bella Hamilton is the new school punch bag because I was the one who made her that.

    Everyone pegged her to be chubby , goodie two shoes and I did too until I kissed her as a dare and saw the rebellion that she pulled against my rein . Sometimes even Angels needs a trip to hell, after all what’s so good about a perfect heaven ? Or was it even perfect ? lf it was perfect ,why was it cruel to my little bible princess? loving her was dangerous but losing her was lethal..

    What happens when the devil knocks on your door what will you do?

    Maybe if you’re the smartest of the lot , you will shut your door up and chant bible.

    But I wasn’t, instead I let him inside my head, my heart and my soul.

    And what does a devil does the best ? He ruins .

    Just like he ruined me , with his imperfect , perfections.

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