Im -perfect

Chapter 10
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Chapter 10


By the time I'm out of class and down the corridor,far away from Jacob and his sadism , the adrenalinwashes away , and my smile slowly dims as I just realised what in the frickity frick I just did .

I kicked Jacob Knight .

I kicked Jacob fucking Knight in his fucking balls .

I groan .I crouch down hiding my face in my hands and groan out , what was wrong with me , that guywas a fucking psycho and I had a first class experience of it , when he set me against the odds and i twas when I only slapped him , now what will happen to me, with me kicking him in his balls ?

My hands are sweaty , I can feel that much against my face .

I'm still busy with the aftermaths of my adrenalin rush but then I hear voices coming out from not too faraway and from the sound o f it , It looks like a lovers quarrel .

Not wanting to trespass on something so private , I rise but then the voice of the girl drifts over to meand instead of walking back inside, I step down the stairs of the backyard of the school , hiding behinda wall and look over to where the sounds were coming from .

And Lo and behold , I catch the familiar brunette hair , streaked with pink highlights .

It was Selina , my best friend, my soul mate and my freaking everything in this damn school , Withnone other than Conan fucking Salvador.

"I didn't do it " she yells at him trying to break free from his grip a t her wrist , and it takes all my selfcontrol to rush down and help her out because I knew that she wouldn't like it Sel liked to fight herbattles alone and this fight was her's not mine , it will do real good to me if I were to step in it .

"So you mean to say , she is lying ?"bites Conan , with a sneer worthy of Knight .

"I don't know anything! I know that I didn't steal shit from her !" she says sounding close to tears

I grip the wall hard, I knew that she is speaking the truth .No matter how much Sel struggled financially, she will never stoop so low as to steal and whatever, allegations , Conan just accused her o f wasdriving to her edge.Because Sel doesn't cry , she is one of the bravest girl I have ever met .

i knew that Sel will hate me for this but I steel myself to walk down and go all Mumma bear on ConanSalvador , even though I knew he was well capable of ruining my life even more but my pace falterswhen Sel, breaks free of his grip and rush past me not even noticing me standing there .

But that doesn't mean that someone else didn't , I feel a cold penetrating gaze directed at the back ofmy head but I don't look back instead I tore after Sel .Conan can go to hell for all I care , with Jacobright on my ass , I don't think it will be too bad to have Conan as well .

Finding Sel wasn't difficult all I had to was to walk after the sounds of someone sobbing and I find hersitting on the bleachers , crying her eyes out .It looked too personal to me when I stop in front of her asif I have just intruded something private .But I couldn't leave her alone , not anymore .Ever since thethird year started , I feel like as if my best friend was getting out of my grasp , somewhere ,I couldn'treach her anymore .

"Sel?" I call her tentatively .

And as I expected she stiffens , The sobs come to an abrupt stop .

"Are you okay? " I knew that she didn't like it when I intrude on her private time but she looks so out ofit , I can barely care about her getting angry at me.

"I'm fine " she says in a small voice .

"Did - Did Salvador hurt you ?" I ask hesitantly , and by the glare she throws my way , I knew she waswishing me to drop dead for asking that.

"He didn't " her eyebrows scrunches up and lips form a thin line always a danger sign but maybe afterwhat I just had to deal with Jacob, maybe I was feeling a little too suicidal because I ask her what Ishouldn't have at all .

"Did you steal something from him?" the question blurts out of m y mouth before I can stop it .

And as I expected , Sel straighten up , glaring hard at me she says "do you take me for a thief ? I willnever - how can you even say that ?"

The hurt in her voice is too much for me to handle and I regret the words wishing , they never left mydamn mouth.

"I didn't meant it like that "I'm fumbling the ball , but I can't let my small mistake fuck up our friendship "Imean , did you steal something close to him , to get back at him or some sort ?"

It was the stupidest thing I could come up with but Sel was too wrung up that she didn't notice ,Anything odd.

"No , I didn't".

"Then why was he with you , and what was that all about ?" I ask her , now that she want glowering atme anymore,I guessed it was safe to ask some more questions .

"Nothing , just a small misunderstanding " she smiles at me , a smile that doesn't reach her prettybrown eyes "

don't worry about me".

I wish to tell her that from how Conan was interrogating her it didn't looked anywhere near to amisunderstandings but not wanting to hurt her anymore , I didn't say those words out loud .

She was chewing on her bottom lip and I knew that she didn't want to talk about the matter anymore .

And I let it drop , she will eventually tell me whatever was happening to her .

For now all I can do is try to boost her morale .

"We will be fine , this year is ours , we will nail it " rubbing her shoulder I say to her .

"How? How do you know that? " she stares at me , her gaze blank and void as if it got lost somewhere.

"Sel ?" I call out to her but she didn't seem that she had heard me a t all because all of sudden , shecontinues in the same void , cold voice We can't stop them.We can only bow our head and acceptwhatever they throw at us and pray they don't miss so we don't have to endure it again.They can't bestopped! "

"Sel.!" I look at her in shock , she was the one who told me to keep my head high and ignore everythingwhen shit went down with Jacob " how can you say something like this ? "

"I'm tired , Bella" tears shining in her eyes she chokes out ona sob "I'm not as strong as you think I'm, Ican't do it anymore .I want it to end, all of this .For years , I'm going through with it .

Yes I fucked up , I know .But I'm only human , it was a mistake Just How long do they will make mesuffer, ?" wiping her tears she says.

My body turn stiff because I knew by they Sel didn't mean the four this time , she meant Conan and theshe , he mentioned in their conversation .

And I knew that she was speaking the truth when she said , she had enough because Sel never criesnor does she ever snap like that .

She was strong with whole lot of guts than me , if something can make her snap like that .It wasn'tanything good .

Who was she? And what did Sel stole from her ? I had no answer to these questions and I suddenlycame to realisation that maybe I don't know my best friend as well I think, Idid.

I wanted to shake her demand answers to my questions but before I can even do that , There was loud'Smash ‘followed by an even louder ouch .

I and Sel wheeled around and to our surprise , It was Ron .All sprawled , face front on the grass withpages flying everywhere .We rush to him , grabbing pages on the way .

" Are you okay ?" kneeling down I ask him

"Mm okay Mr .Hussain , I got my assignment somewhere just let me find it ' Ron looked throughlydisoriented and Iwas certainly getting more worried about him by each passing minutes .

"It’s me , Bella" I tell him

"Ah , Bells "he looks up "What's up short stack ?"

He raises one arm but instead of patting my head , he pats Selina who slaps his arm away.

"What the hell , Bells?"

"It’s Selina "

Selina tell him scowling "Oh I thought I missed something , your hair is not that soft as Bells " stillgrinning lopsidedly he says .novelbin

I and Sel look at each other and come to a rather obvious conclusion , Ron was drunk.

Not just drunk he was totally wasted .

" Are you okay , did you drive here?"

I ask him , looking at him , he doesn't seem that hurt but one can never be sure with Ron .

"Nah , big bro said no .He stuffed me in his car and then dumped m y sorry ass on that footpath rightout of the school"

I sigh in relief ,at least someone in his family was responsible .And by it I literally means that the onlysane person in his family was his big brother .His mother married his father only for money and thenran away with on of her drug dealer of a lovers and his father, the head of a famous law firm, wasn'texactly super daddy of the world .Apart from dumping huge stacks of money in his sons pockets , hecared nothing about them .So all in all , Ron 's big brother was the one who sort of bought him up , andI wish he didn't missed some important aspects while raising his little brother which included Not lettinghis brother anywhere near alcohol.

"He is wasted " muttered Selina under her breath .

“I know " I whisper back.

" Here what's this whispering ?"

I shake my head at him , taking His history assignment from Sel and help Ron up to his feet .

Long and lanky as he was , I was surprised with how heavy he was , when Sel helped me stand him up.

"We you be alright ?"

Sel asks me , we didn't share History together , which meant that I alone will have to take Ron to theclass .

"I will be alright , I think"

We say goodbye to each other as Sel seperated from us down the corridor for her English class leaving, me alone with Ron who was now leaning upon me,his head upon mine.

I grab his waist doing all, what I can to stop him from falling forward .And to my surprise, he was quitemuscular, being the sloppy little drunkard,he was .

"Wow Ron, You got quite some muscles in there "

"did you just cope a feel of mine, Bells?"

"It's hard not notice when you are leaning down on me like this "I can literally feel heat rushing to mycheeks ."

Girls don't like a sloppy fatty alcoholic , they like sloppy six pack alcoholic " he muses .

I roll my eyes at him .

I wasn't interested in knowing his personal life some details were good left alone .

I half dragged , half supported Ron to our history class .

Thankfully its full now Jacob sitting with his , friends Conan was o n his phone chatting with whoeverthe she , he was having a fling with , Lewis brandishing a new tech he might have just found , Setharguing with him , And Jacob laughing at their antics .

The four horsemen for others The four devils for me.

The rest of the class attention was upon them .Some either trying t o get in on their conversation orsimply watching .

And I knew why they were attracted to the four.

Power Wealth fame Charm .

The four represents these attributes well and whoever looked at them couldn't help but be attracted .

I wish everyone will keep their attention on them and I will successfully slip in along with Ron .

But luck was not on my side, it never was .

"O0000000 the nerd and the wanker " cat calls fills the room and I can't help but blush down to the tipso f my already red hair .

"Oi, Ronny , did Waddington broke something while you both were doing it ?" someone calls behind usbut I ignore him .

"Never took you for someone who had a sick fetish for chubby chicks " a spiteful voice calls back at us .

I look sideways and I'm not even shocked at her arrival , Margaret , Ron's ex girlfriend .She was glaringhard at me , her eyes throwing draggers at my arm wrapped around his waist .I wished I can remove itbut it will mean letting Ron fall down to his face .

"I hope your little thing doesn't break inside her fat stink hole " she sneers .

I try to move , but Ron simply refuse to budge .Instead his head that was lying sideways on my head ,was now raised .

"Well at least her hole doesn't stink like yours " grinning as broadly as ever , silence spreading over theclass but Ron wasn't done "The last time I went down yours , I swear it smelled so bad a s if a skunk

rode up yours and died there "

Margaret looks absolutely livid a mouth gaping at him , she wasn't the only one .I too was too shockedat what Ron has just announced , I could care less about Margaret, she was nothing but a wanna bequeen bee .Instead I was shocked at him for letting the class believe that he and I were a thing .

While I'm thankful to him , for taking my side and standing up for me .I couldn't help but scold him stillblushing as furiously as ever, he could have done that without announcing our non existent relationship.

And then I saw him , standing there all traces of smile gone .His jaw ticking , his eyes stormier thanever

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