I'm Someone Else

Chapter 400
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Chapter 400

“Damn it! I have never heard of such a bizarre illness in my whole life!” Raymond shook his head andsighed. He had already gone to check it out, but the result was simply helpless. ᴄomenoᴠel.ᴄom

Meanwhile, Thomas keenly observed the reactions of Raymond and others who had performed themedical consultation. Each one returned with a distinct expression of disappointment and frustrationetched upon their faces. It occurred to him that the other party was willing to offer the rare EssenceFruit as compensation because the disease they were dealing with proved exceptionally challenging totreat!

Twenty minutes later, Chris returned with a solemn expression on his face. His facial expression left noroom for doubt—he had failed in his endeavor.

A chuckle escaped Kim’s lips as he said, “It seems quite challenging. Let me give it a try.” Despite hisoptimistic approach, his eventual outcome mirrored Chris’ as both returned empty-handed.

“What’s happening inside?” Thomas grew curious. What kind of illness is it that can possibly make somany skilled individuals powerless?

“The room upstairs is a remodeled ice cellar. Even the bed on which the person lies is crafted from iceblocks. I would estimate that the temperature inside the room reaches around -40 degrees Fahrenheit,”Chris explained.

Then, Kim continued on Chris’ behalf, “What’s truly baffling is that despite the person’s extraordinarilyhigh body temperature, there are no visible issues with their skin or organs. It defies logic. If anaverage individual possessed such a high body temperature, they would have succumbed to it by now.Yet, this young man remains in an unconscious state.”

“An unusually high body temperature?” Thomas questioned.

“Yes. Look at my fingers!” Chris extended two fingers and showed them to him.

“Are those… blisters from the burn?” Thomas was shocked. He got a blister from a mere contact!Could that person still be considered human? As he narrowed his eyes, he carefully contemplated theamalgamation of the extremely high body temperature, the unconscious state, and the absence ofother typical symptoms. Although suspicion brewed within him, he hesitated to fully embrace hishypothesis, uncertain if his intuition would prove accurate.

Afterward, everyone turned to stare at him, as he was the only one who hadn’t yet entered the room.

“Thomas, how confident are you?” Rochka asked with a serious expression. It was understandable thathe was nervous about the outcome. He is our last hope; if he fails, the Essence Fruit will be out ofreach for anyone.

However, Thomas shook his head and replied, “I have to meet that person to find out.” Straighteninghis clothes with resolve, he ascended the stairs without a hint of hesitation.

As others had described, a chilling sensation enveloped anyone who entered the room. The floor,tables, chairs, and benches were all crafted from ice, creating an otherworldly ambiance akin tostepping into a realm of snow. The ice bed within the bedroom stood out prominently, drawing anyone’sattention. On closer examination, a faint white mist emanated from its surface. It was a result of theyoung man’s elevated body temperature, causing the ice to evaporate before it could even melt.

Inside the bedroom, three individuals were present. Alongside the unconscious young man on thesickbed stood the familiar icy beauty he had encountered earlier. Also, standing beside her was anelderly man clad in a martial arts uniform. The old man possessed white hair, yet his countenanceexuded a youthful vigor, accompanied by a hint of an otherworldly aura.


As Thomas entered the room, the old man and the icy beauty sighed deeply. Their expressionsrevealed a mixture of disappointment and skepticism. To them, Thomas appeared too young andinexperienced. With all the renowned experts failing to find a solution, their expectations for a youngperson like him were considerably low.novelbin

Nevertheless, Thomas paid no attention to the two of them and walked straight to the side of the icebed, wanting to observe the young man.


A wave of invisible heat seemed to radiate from the young man, washing over Thomas and causinghim to instinctively take a step back, feeling its intensity upon his face.

“You may leave now!” While observing his reaction, the icy beauty promptly commanded him to leave.Clearly, if he cannot withstand the heat emanating from my brother, he cannot provide the requiredtreatment. This young man appears to have arrived to participate in the commotion without any realexpertise or solution.

“Leave?” Thomas glanced at her. “If I leave, he won’t be saved.”

“It’s not that I look down on you, but you’re incapable of approaching my brother. How can you treathim? Don’t waste everyone’s time. Please leave.”

Then, he shook his head, raised his hand, and forcefully mobilized the internal energy in his elixir field.He extended two fingers and placed them on the young man’s wrist.


When the icy beauty and the elderly man saw this, they were slightly stunned. “Peak of Profound TierOne!”

They recognized Thomas’ strength as there were hardly any experts at the Profound level in the city, sothey wondered if this young man was from a hidden sect. This is impossible, though, as he appears tobe in his twenties. Even if he were a disciple of a hidden sect, he couldn’t have attained the Profoundlevel at such a young age. It just doesn’t make sense! After that, the elderly man and the icy beautyexchanged meaningful glances, their eyes reflecting a rekindled flame of hope. At that moment, theyallowed themselves to entertain the possibility that this extraordinary young man could bring about anunexpected and delightful surprise.

“You—” At some point, the icy beauty walked over to Thomas’ side. Her brows furrowed as she staredintently at him.

“Do you know me?” Thomas asked, having just examined the young man’s pulse, his expressionconfused as he looked at the icy beauty. Logically speaking, given her striking appearance, he wouldsurely remember if he had encountered her. Yet, try as he might, he couldn’t recall ever crossing pathswith her.

“Thomas Clifford!” The icy beauty finally remembered. She used to attend Irieson First High in thesame year as him. A memory resurfaced, reminding her of an incident where she had beenaccidentally struck by his basketball while passing by the basketball court in their school days.

She had initially wanted to seek revenge, but after inquiring around, she found out that the person whohad hit her with the ball was the top scorer on the SAT(s), but he had resolutely rejected the admissionoffer from Irieson’s University of Technology. Instead, he enlisted in the military.

Harry Yves inquired, “Do you know him, Jenna?”

Jenna Yves nodded in response. “Back when I attended Irieson First High, he was the one who hit mewith a basketball!”

After hearing the conversation between the two, Thomas’ memory instantly clicked into place. “JennaYves!” he exclaimed, finally recognizing her.

Undoubtedly, she was the indisputable school belle of Irieson First High. During their school days,many male students held her in high admiration. While Felice was also considered attractive, shesimply couldn’t hold a candle to Jenna’s captivating presence.

“Do you remember me now? You haven’t apologized to me for that day. You just picked up the ball andran away.”

“Um—” Thomas scratched his head awkwardly, not knowing what to say.

“Did you finish your military service?”


“I remember you dated that girl called Felice Lott, didn’t you? How are you two? Are you two marriednow?” Jenna suddenly became gossipy.

Nonetheless, he was unwilling to delve into the topic of Felice or hear her name, so he swiftlyredirected the conversation. “Let’s stay focused on the matter at hand. I’ve heard rumors about theEssence Fruit’s ability to enhance the internal strength of martial artists. Is there any truth to that?”

After hearing this, Jenna and her grandfather, Harry, exchanged glances and nodded.

“Your family has more than one Essence Fruit, don’t you?”

As the two heard Thomas’ statement, their expressions changed. They questioned what he meant bythat. Thomas hadn’t even cured the illness yet, and here he was, seemingly attempting to negotiate orraise the price. Their suspicions arose, questioning why he would inquire about the quantity of EssenceFruits they possessed.

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