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Chapter 120

“The apple is so sweet. Do you want to try it?” Jay

Jaydon pressed his lips against hers.

Alita turned her face away and pushed his face with her hand. “Jaydon, stop fooling around and let me up.”

“I won’t get up if you don’t eat Jaydon refused to let go of her.

“Who wants to eat your saliva? Don’t you find it disgusting? Go away.” Alita said, pushing Jaydon.

“No, I must give it to you.” Jaydon pulled her hand and pressed his lip against hers. He stared at her lips and had wanted to ki*s her long ago. Who asked her to be cold to him and ignore him?

This was the punishment for her.

Alita turned her face to the side. She would rather die than let him ki*s her. Jaydon, you bastard. They’re coming soon. Do you have any sense of crisis: Hurry up and let me up. She was about to have a nervous breakdown because of this guy.

Jaydon turned her face and prepared to ki*s her without missing. The fruity fragrance of the apple filled the air as he transitioned the apple into her m*uth and played with her tongue..

On the other side, the sound of the changing room door opening could be heard.

“Oh..” Alita tugged at Jaydon’s clothes in horror. She pushed and struggled with all her might. She was going crazy.

The footsteps were getting closer and closer.

Jaydon got off her body and held her upright in the nick of tin


Accompanied by the staff. Evelyn dragged her long wedding dress to the full–length mirror in front of the sofa. “Jaydon, does it look good?” novelbin

“Yes, it’s very beautiful!” Jaydon smiled calmly.

“Miss Thompson, what do you think?” Evelyn then looked at Alita for her opinion.

Alita was still in shock. She smiled unnaturally and said. “Oh, it looks pretty good!”

“Really?” Evelyn turned to the full–length mirror and looked in it. Suddenly, she frowned and turned around, pointing at them. “Wasn’t Miss Thompson sitting there just now? Why are you two sitting together!

Alita instantly broke out in a cold sweat. She hurriedly found an excuse and grabbed a booklet on the table. She pretended to be calm and said, “I was showing Mr. Lewis the style of the gown he would wear.

“Oh, I see.” Evelyn smiled without any doubt. She dragged her wedding dress and ran over. “Let me see which one you chose.

The shop assistant at the side quickly helped to hold up the wedding dress. These were all handmade. Every piece was expensive. It would be terrible if it got destroyed.

Evelyn ran to the coffee table and looked down at the booklet. She was dumbfounded!

“Pih” The shop assistant at the side could not help but cover her m*uth and laugh!

Jaydon looked at the booklet in confusion. His expression darkened when he saw

image on it.

us all


“What What’s wrong?” Alita felt their strange expressions and lowered her head to look. What entered her line of sight was

She opened her eyes wide, and a drop of cold sweat fell. She seemed to have said just now that this was for Jaydon to see the style of the gown he would wear, but was he going to wear female underwear to get married? No wonder the shop assistant was laughing. Evelyn was confused, and Jaydon looked gloomy.

For a moment,

“Miss Thompson, is Jaydon going to wear this as a gown? Isn’t it too weird?” Evelyn couldn’t react in time.

The shop assistant was about to pass out from laughter.

Jaydon’s face turned from dark to ashen. He thought, “This woman must have done it on

on purpose. However, I don’t think she has time to thank about it. From her expression, she also looked frightened. Could it be purely an accident!

Chapter 120

“Well…” Alita licked her lips and explained with cold sweat, I’m sorry. I took the wrong one.”

“I think Miss Thompson is just joking with us. Besides, I feel that she has always been so comedic Jaydon helped her out.

“You gave me a fright Evelyn breathed a sigh of relief. Then, she smiled excitedly. “Ill go and change into the second ser!”

Jaydon smiled and nodded. “Okay! Take your time. We have an entire afternoon” His hand that was placed behind him quietly touched Alita’s butt

Alita’s body instantly tensed up, but she could not reveal any flaws on the surface. She could only curse Jaydon in her heart.

Evelyn dragged her long wedding dress away

Jaydon, are you done touching me?” Alita glared at him and stood up

“Not yet.” Jaydon patted her round buttocks and smiled brightly like a child who had secretly eaten candy.

“You….” Alita was so angry that her face turned red. She had nothing to scold this scoundrel. She could only walk away quickly and stay far away from him. That was the safest,

At this moment, the person in charge came in with four to five high–end blue velvet boxes.

She saw Alita standing there and couldn’t help but be curious. “Ms. Thompson, why aren’t you sitting?”

Before Alita could say anything. Jaydon said with a smile, “Miss Thompson’s butt hurts. She wants to stand for a while.”

“Your butt hurts?” The person in charge looked at Alita in confusion. Her gaze landed on her butt as she asked softly. “Are you al

Alita felt like crying but had no tears. Tve been sitting for too long. So I stoop up to relax my muscles and bones. Mr. Lewis likes to joke around. She secretly glared at Jaydon. She couldn’t wait to turn her gaze into a knife and cut him into pieces.


She was not a violent woman, but she only wanted to use force now.

“Oh, so that’s what happened. No wonder. You were fine when I left just now. I was wondering why your butt hurts in such a short time? Mr. Lewis is humorous, the person in charge said.

He is indeed humorous,” Alita said, then added in her heart. He’s also a lunatic who deserves a beating

The person in charge moved her gaze away from Alita’s face to Jaydon’s. She sat down with a smile and said, “This is the best jewelry we have here. Every piece is the best. I open it. Take a look.”

She opened the blue velvet box in her hand. Then, she placed it in front of Jaydon, the CEO of Lewis Group and a big customer

“Alright, let me take a look.” Jaydon’s gaze leisurely scanned through the row of sparkling diamond jewelry.

“Mr. Lewis, do you like any of them?” the person in charge asked.

“I can’t tell just by looking at it. It would be great if someone could help me try it on,Jaydon said thoughtfully as he looked at Alita

Upon hearing his words, Alita’s nerves, which had already been stimulated by him, jumped hard..

The person in charge immediately understood. “Ms. Thompson, you don’t mind being a model for once, right? Your neck is long and beautiful. You’ll look beautiful in it.”

There was no one else here. Alita wanted to refuse but felt that this would seem too petty. After weighing the pros and cons, she generously agreed. “No problem!”

She sat down. “Which one do you want to see, Mr. Lewis?”

“This one!” He casually chose one.

The person in charge took out the diamond necklace Jaydon had chosen and put it on Alita. “Wow, Ms. Thompson, you’re indeed a beauty You look so beautiful” 𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐞𝗻𝐨𝐯𝐞𝗹.𝐜𝐨𝐦

Thank you!” Alita smiled.

Jaydon’s eyes swept across Alita’s face, neck, and chest without restraint. He was taking advantage of her with his eyes

“Do I look good?” Alita asked in an exceptionally gentle manner. Her bright eyes flashed with a forror glint.

Chapter 120

“Yes, you look good. I want them all.” Jaydon smiled brightly.

‘Go to hell! Alita cursed in her heart.

The person in charge thought that Jaydon would take all the jewelry. She was excited. “Mr. Lewis, do you want me to wrap them up you?”

“Alright, wrap Miss Thompson up nicely,” Jaydon said with a smile


The person in charge was stunned for a moment. Then she laughed out loud. “Mr. Lewis, you do ike to joke. I wouldn’t dare to sell Ms. Thompson.”

“You’re right. It’s illegal to buy and sell people Jaydon chuckled softly. “Alright, I’ll stop joking. Leave the jewelry there for now. Let the bride choose for herself later.”

That’s good too!” The person in charge nodded.

Alita took off the necklace and put it back into the velvet box. She stood up and said. “Excuse me. I need to go to

Walking out of the VIP room, she exhaled from the bottom of her heart and relaxed.

to the washroom!

She deliberately stayed outside for a while longer before entering. Evelyn had already changed to the fifth wedding dress.

“Miss Thompson, where did you go? I needed your advice. Every single one of them is so beautiful. I can’t decide,” said Evelyn

“The one you’re wearing is more suitable than the first one. It accentuates your pure temperament. Not bad,” Alita said casually. Honestly, she felt that every wedding dress here was beautiful. She would look like a fairy even if she chose one randomly with her eyes closed.

Evelyn was convinced by Alita’s words and felt that this was the most beautiful dress she had on “Then Ill list this one in the top selection. There are still five more sets. There might be better ones. Il go change again.”

She happily went in again.

Alita thought, “As expected of a young girl. They always think the next one will be better.”

She sat down Jaydon was flipping through a magazine. The person in charge was gone again, and the jewelry on the table was gone. She couldn’t help but ask, You bought them all?”

“Evelyn said she liked it, so we bought it all back, Jaydon said as if he had bought a few pieces of glass.

“Mr. Lewis, you’re indeed generous!” Alita said with a mocking smile.

“Didn’t you just say you would help me choose a gown? Why aren’t you taking action yet? Jaydon put down the magazine and said with a faint smile

Alita took out a booklet and handed it to him. “It’s all here. Which one do you like? I’ll help you get it.”

Jaydon took it and flipped through the pages. “Miss Thompson, what do you think of this one

“How would I know if you don’t show me? Mr. Lewis, I can’t see through objects Alita’s eyes were wide open.

“How can you say I didn’t show you? You can see it if you sit here. Come, let’s watch it together. Jaydon waved at her.

In the end, he was still trying to trick me there! Alita’s eyelids drooped. “I think the one just now looked pretty good.”

“Miss Thompson, have you learned how to see through objects in one second?” Jaydon asked.

“Yes, I have. After all, the world is so big that there are so many strange things. Are you envious of me?” Alita asked. She thought it was useless to care about logic or feasibility when talking to someone like Jaydon. She only needed to retort him and made him speechless.

Jaydon stood up and threw the booklet to her. “Take this set. I go to the changing room first. Don’t take the wrong one.

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