Kill Me, Heal Me

Chapter 184 The investigation on Ryan Du.
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Chapter 184 The investigation on Ryan Du.

Belle Ye was awoken by Ethan Mo. Her back was all wet by the cold sweat, and she tried her best toopen the red eyes to see who was the man in front of her.

While at last, all she could get was a faint hazy outline. It was familiar, but suddenly, the dark floodedback again. She closed her eyes, into a coma.

... 𝓂𝓃𝓿.𝓂

Beep, beep, beep...

Opening her eyes again, Belle heard the sound of medical instruments first and then the pungent smellof medicine. She rubbed her forehead to recover to herself. It was the room she stayed before, yet thestuff in here was changed.

Suddenly, a handsome face stopped in front of hers. It was so close that they almost bumped nosestogether.

“You awake? Still hurt?” Ethan Mo was sitting beside the bed. He helped her to sit up and put a pillowagainst her back.

Belle Ye licked her dry lip, and seeing this, Ethan poured her a small cup of water at once. He thenused the spoon to feed her water, but Belle was still dizzy so that subconsciously she resisted it.

“Open your mouth. Water.”

Hearing his voice, Belle did as he said.

“Lie down to rest, I’m fetching you some food.” Without any explanation, Ethan just left the room.

What happened...last night?

Belle finally recovered to herself and she could not help but wonder.

She only remembered a few frames of last night. She remembered feeling terrible after lying down,leaving because of headache, passing out, and...a lot of dreams.


Did she say something during the dreams?


Outside of the room, Ethan Mo took out the phone that was muted. He walked all alone to the backgarden and turned around to check if he was followed before answering the phone.

“Did you get it?”

Barry Mo reported to him from the other end of the line, “Only two was found in Gang City. One isfemale, the other was too old. Ryan Du is a rare name, sir. ”

“Outside the Gang City then?”

“Too many out there. Thousands carried that name, it was hard to recognize in a short time, but...”Barry paused.

“Just tell me.”

“There’s a man we can find him online.” And he continued, “But he was missing decades ago when hewas fifteen. The police have determined that he was killed, but his family is unwilling to declare it andcancel the household registration.”

Decades ago, that could not be the one Ethan Mo was looking for.

Ryan Du.

That name came out of Belle’s mouth more than once. He might be the one who she was married toand the father of that kid.novelbin

He desperately wanted the man to be found.

From the beginning, it was because of the so-called wedding ring of Belle’s, and then it was becausethat over months, she kept bringing that name up in her sleep.

How close their relationship was so that she could carve that name deep in her consciousness.

What kind of man he was so that he could show up in her dreams again and again.

But why did the man not come back to Gang City with her? Did he abandon her?

And the precious little package of hers. Ethan thought it would contain her private stuff or bank cards,but it turned out to be an urn.

He assumed the ashes inside belonged to the so-called husband of hers.

As he was thinking, all the known information was organized in his head.

“Barry, tell me more about the Ryan Du who was missing for years.”

Hearing his words, Barry took out the file and read, “He was born in Qing City, the youngest son of therichest family of the region. In his fifteenth birthday, he was missing all of a sudden.”

“The Du family of Qing City?” Ethan was taken back a little. Qing City was far away from Gang City, buthe heard of that family.

The Du family was famous for shipbuilding. The ships used throughout the country and even in manyparts of the world came from the manufacturing lines of them. In the this industry, the Du family wasdefinitely the leader.

And this Ryan Du was one of them!

This information was shocking. For a family like the Dus, it would definitely cause great repercussionsand commotion in the whole society if one of their families were missing, but Ethan did not remembersuch a thing.

Barry continued, “After he went missing, some people suspected that it was done by the enemies of theDu family. Ye the Dus used all matters we can imagine, no one admitted it. In the first few years, theQing City government and police were searching the whereabouts of Ryan Du and even the specialforces. Unfortunately, nothing was found.”

He turned the pages.

“With time passing by, the authority gave up the search, and his family gradually became desperateabout it, too. Only his grandfather still had this in mind. He asked people to put his grandson'sinformation on the Internet and he has been spending a lot of money on it even for now.”

Ethan Mo knocked on the cellphone slightly to think. Based on the information, that kid was likely killed.Not to mention that when Ryan Du was missing, he was still a kid...

Even if he was alive, the age should be around thirty, and that could not be the one Ethan was lookingfor.


“Sir, do you need the file?”

“No need for that. Skip him and started to check on the others. One more thing, the Ryan Du you’researching for has most likely died, but it should happen in recent years.”

“Copy that, sir.”

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