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Chapter 391

Chapter 391 Are You Insane?

Nathael stayed quiet for a while, his eyes brimming with pain. Maggie couldn’t bear to meet his gaze any longer, gently pullingaway his hand and saying, “Take care.”

Take good care of yourself.

Maggie wanted to say more, but the words just wouldn't come. It felt insincere to say anything at this point.Avoiding his eyes, she turned to leave.

But after a few steps, Nathael grabbed her wrist, his voice rough as he said, “Are we over?”

Maggie felt a tightness in her throat, and softly replied, “Yeah.”

Nathael chuckled with a hint of self-mockery. “I don’t agree.”

Maggie lowered her gaze and said softly. “Nathael, we’re both adults. Being together requires mutual agreement, but when itcomes to breaking up, it only takes one person.”

Nathael scoffed, turning around and lifting her. His expression turned icy, his eyes dark and forbidding. giving off a vibe that keptothers at a distance.

“Nathael, put me down!”

Suddenly, Maggie found herself upside down, her face instantly flushing red as blood rushed to her head. She struggled, tryingto get him to let go, but Nathael had no intention of doing so.

“| broke up with you, can’t you understand?! You're acting like a thug, NathaelNathael tightened his lips, his hand landing with a slap on her buttocks. “Shut up!”

Maggie was left fuming, unable to catch her breath. She knew he wouldn't agree easily, but she never expected him to boldlycarry her away in the office.

As they spoke, Nathael had already walked to the hallway.

This floor was mostly Nathael’s domain, with his office, the reception area, and meeting rooms, so there weren't many peoplearound. But “not many didn’t mean “none*.

At least Alex was standing nearby.

Still hanging upside down, Maggie watched the figures moving around not far away, causing her face to turn pale. “Nathael, haveyou no shame? This is kidnapping!”

But Nathael paid no attention to her protests. He took the private lift all the way down to the parking lot, and before Maggie couldgather her wits, she found herself being pushed into the car.

“Co. Back home,” Nathael commanded in a cold tone

Once Maggie was thrown onto the seat, she immediately turned to open the door on the other side.

but she was too slow, Nathael’s movements were quicker. In an instant, she heard a click as he locked the


Chapter 391 Are You Insane?

Alex stole a glance at their less-than-pleasant expressions through the rearview mirror, feeling hesitant to even breathe heavily.eallan

Nathael even smashed the telephone. Alex hadn’t seen him this furious in all the years.

As the car started moving, Nathael finally let go of Maggie. He closed his eyes and leaned back against the seat as if pretendingto sleep, but the tension in the air remained thick, dark, and suffocating.


Maggie was boiling with anger. She turned to him, her voice cold. “What do you by this? Are you planning to keep me prisoner orsomething?”

Nathael didn’t even bother opening his eyes, his words sharp and chilling, almost driving Maggie to the edge. “What’s wrong withthat?”

“Nathael, you have no shame! Do you even understand that forced relationships never end well? | don’t love you, | don’t want tobe with you anymore, so what's the point of keeping me by your side?”

Maggie’s eyes welled up with tears, her voice rising in frustration.Alex, driving, felt like he had a headache listening to this. This situation is truly a disaster!

Nathael’s expression darkened even more upon hearing her words. He opened his piercing eyes, his gaze intense and ominous.“Starting today, you’re not going anywhere!”

“Are you out of your mind?!” Maggie was left breathless, nearly choking on her words.

He wasn't like this before. Even in their past life, if she hadn’t been with him, he wouldn't have acted like this. Maggie couldn'tunderstand why things had turned out like this in this lifetime.

But she could see the madness and stubbornness in the man’s eyes.Maggie chuckled in frustration. “Okay, can | call the cops? I'll tell them Mr. Harris here is holding me against my will!”

Nathael closed his eyes again as if trying hard to control something. His jaw tightened into a sharp line, and his brows furroweddeeply.

JaunmMaggie pulled out her phone and called the emergency number, but seeing him unmoved only made her itch with anger.

In the end, she didn’t make the call. After all, even though the Harrises had influence, she didn’t want to give anyone ammunitionthat could be used against him.

Maggie reluctantly grabbed her phone and messaged Leo: ‘Nathael is trying to lock me up and won't let me go!*

Originally, as per their agreement Leo would pick her up near Nathael’s place. He had found a suitable clinic for her treatmentand they planned to go there later that evening.

But now, she was stuck and couldn't leave.

She wished she had just snuck away, but she also knew that even if she managed to escape, as long as she remained in thiscity, she couldn’t evade Nathael’s control.novelbin

Inside the car, the tension was palpable, with neither of them uttering a word.2/466%

Chapter 391 Are You Insane?

When the car pulled into the yard, Nathael opened his door first, then walked around to Maggie's side to open hers.Maggie kept her eyes closed, clearly indicating she had no intention of getting out.

Nathael remained silent and carriedher up around the waist. Then, heturned to Alex and idip ecold tone,. ve Nalan ca eye on the yard.From now on, Maggie is not allowedto step out of the house.” Maggieerupted in frustration. “Nathael! Youcan't keep me locked up forever!” Thecontent is on NovelDrama.Org! Readthe latest chapter there!

Nathael glanced at her with a deep and chilling gaze. He didn’t say a word, his face remained dark, but Maggie could sense hisattitude in that single glance.

Maggie’s heart sank a little, convinced that he was capable of doing such a thing.

Yes, | made the wrong judgment.

Aman who could easily let go of all his power and commit suicide at my grave could never accept a breakup easily.

Maggie lowered her gaze, not speaking further, just silently pondering.

Regardless of the Harrises’ influence, she still needed to leave Nathael. Otherwise, Iris would have no time or opportunity to treather.

Thinking of this, Maggie couldn’t help but let out a soft sigh.

The situation now was even worse than before the breakup. She could only try to find a chance to slip away. Nathael had hisstuff to deal with, he couldn't be at home all the time watching her.

After they got home, Maggie stayed quiet. Nathael didn’t restrict her further, but Maggie made it clear with her attitude that shewasn’t going to engage with him, avoiding conversation altogether.

As night fell, Maggie finished her shower and leaned against the headboard, scrolling through her phone.Leo had messaged her: ‘We can’t keep dragging this on. It’s been too long. I'll talk to Nathael.Maggie frowned, clearly not expecting anything positive to come out of their conversation.

Leo was concerned about her health.If they couldn't agree, he might endup takin action-ayairedthe Harrises,Neither tem was a pushover, anda clash between them would onlylead to both sides getting Thecontent is on NovelDrama.Org! Readthe latest chapter there!

hurt.And that was the last thing she wanted.

‘Just give me another week. I'll try tofigure something out.’ Maggie repliedto the message, feeling jroubied.'SheoguidnSSKake Sff the feeling thatthings were likely to spiral out ofcontrol in a direction she didn’t wantto see. The content is onNovelDrama.Org! Read the latestchapter there!

Just as she sent the message to Leo, a call came in from Timmothy.

Maggie was overwhelmed, letting the phone ring for a while until she made sure that Nathael was in his study before answeringthe call.𝓷𝓋.

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