A Journey That Changed The World.

Chapter 643 Fianna Everrose
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Chapter 643 Fianna Everrose

When Archer and the girls left the arena, he smiled at Llyniel. ''Where is a good place to eat, Llyn?''

She stopped walking and started thinking for a second before speaking. ''Follow me.''

He nodded and started following her down the street but soon spotted Lioran, Cian, Alaric, and their girls. When the lion boy noticed Aeris was still with them, his eyebrows rose when Archer laughed before explaining. ''He's staying with us due to the other students bullying him.''

Lioran felt sorry for the black-haired boy. Archer turned to Aeris and asked in a curious voice. ''When is your fight?''

''After Seraphina's. I'm fighting a boy from the College Of Magic.''

Archer grinned. ''Well, I hope you do well.''

Aeris smiled before looking down and blushed, which Archer missed as he turned back to Lioran, who was introducing him to two people. ''Arch, I want you to meet my friends, Axel and Alice. They are from the leopard tribe in the Lionheart Kingdom.''

He looked and saw a boy and a girl who resembled each other. Both had brown hair and yellow cat eyes that gleamed in the sunlight. Axel looked tall and strong, while Alice was shorter but still muscular.

Axel was carrying a spear while Alice wielded a large Warhammer. As they stopped, the siblings bowed to the lion boy, addressing him as "Lion prince."

When he saw this, Archer started chuckling, causing the two to look at him with narrowed eyes. Lioran laughed. ''Yeah, that's what I'm called back home.''

Archer nodded before introducing himself. ''I'm Archer Wyldheart. The most handsome dragon on Thrylos and Lioran's brother-in-law.''

The sibling's eyes widened, but Sera spoke up from behind them. ''Can we keep walking Arch? I'm hungry.''

He smiled apologeticly. ''Sorry, let's go, girls.''

Archer turned to the two newcomers and offered. ''You can join if you want.''

After the introductions, the large group followed Llyniel, who took them to Mossy Grove. When Archer saw this, he smiled as the delicious smell hit his nose, causing him to ask the wood elf. ''This the best place, you know?''

''Yes, Arch. Mother comes here sometimes when she wants something different, and I came with her a few times.''

''Okay. I hope it has good food. I'm starving.'' Archer answered.

The large group entered and was directed to their largest table by the waiter standing by the entrance.


[Fianna Everrose POV]

The Duchess was in the Oakheart Kingdom to watch her children fight in the Qualification Round but wasn't traveling on the same manaship as she used her personal one. While sitting in her office, someone knocked on the door.

''Come in!'' She answered in an elegant voice.

Her maid Jessica walked in and bowed toward her as she started speaking. ''Your grace. The young master has been hurt, but I've been told to inform you that the assailant healed him before leaving.''

When Fianna heard that, her pen dropped to the desk, and she jumped up and demanded. ''Who hurt him? Tell me now, Jessica.''

The black-haired woman nodded obediently before answering. ''His name was Archer Wyldheart, my grace.''

''Oh, what did that stupid boy do now? Why would he get on that devil's bad side?''

''According to the report, he was beating Kestria Ashguard, and Archer intervened, slicing off his leg but healing it after the Professors arrived,'' Jessica answered.

After hearing that, Fianna knew she couldn't do anything but talk to the boy, which was the talk of the empire. The Duchess sat back down while sighing and decided to speak to Archer when she arrived at Greenwood City.

Days passed, and Fianna found herself in the Wood Elf kingdom. When she received word that the boy she sought was at a restaurant in the city, she made her way there without delay.

When arriving in her carriage, Fianna spotted a large group sitting by the window. There, surrounded by a circle of girls and friends, sat an extraordinarily handsome young man. Still, his eyes truly caught Fianna's attention.

His eyes sparkled with a captivating violet color, pulling her in like a moth to a flame. Fianna felt her heart flutter as she watched him, completely captivated by his presence. She had never seen anyone like him before and couldn't tear her gaze away.

Beside her, Jessica, her loyal maid, noticed the sudden change in her mistress's behavior. Her eyes widened in surprise as she followed Fianna's gaze to the handsome stranger.

"Your Grace," Jessica whispered. "Are you alright?"

Fianna tore her gaze away from the young man and turned to Jessica, her cheeks flushing slightly.

"Yes, yes, I'm fine. But I would like to speak with him. Ask him if he will come to speak with me in the carriage." She replied, her voice betraying her excitement.

Jessica nodded, still taken aback by Fianna's uncharacteristic request. Without hesitation, she approached the young man's table and relayed Fianna's message. A few moments later, the young man rose, excusing himself from the group.

With a friendly smile, he walked up to the carriage, excitedly making her heart race. She couldn't understand why she felt this way. When Jessica opened the door, and he entered, everything changed for her as he flashed his charming smile.


[Back to Archer]

Archer was sitting in the Mossy Grove with everyone. They were about to order when a maid appeared out of nowhere, catching some girls off guard. She looked nervous but spoke. ''Archer Wyldheart. My mistress wants to speak with you. Would you come along?''

His eyebrow cocked before looking outside to see a noble-

looking carriage outside, and shrugged as he spoke. ''Ella, order me two of everything. I'll be back soon. I want to see who this noble lady is.''

While standing up, Nefertiti commented with narrowed eyes. ''You better not bring back a noble lady husband. There's too many women around you already.''

He walked over to the succubus and kissed her along with the others before making his way to the entrance, but he didn't see the girls looking at Aeris, who avoided their stares with red cheeks, causing everyone to laugh.

As Archer stepped out, the red-haired maid opened the carriage door, and he entered, only to be stunned by the sight before him. A beautifully stunning woman with long, flowing blonde hair and glowing blood-red eyes was sitting there.

She wore a noblewoman's dress that highlighted her seductive curves, but what caught his attention were her massive breasts, straining against the fabric of her dress. He shook his head before taking a seat.

Archer looked into her red eyes before giving the beautiful woman a charming smile as he spoke. ''I'm Archer Wyldheart. I assume you're a Duchess of some sort? What business do you have with me?''

As he spoke, it brought her back to reality, as she had asked. ''Why did you hurt my son? I understand you healed him, but it has mentally affected him to the point he can't compete in the tournament.''

He was confused because he couldn't remember hurting anyone until the memory of the nobleboy returned, causing him to smile as he answered. ''He hurt my little sister and would have taken advantage of her. The human boy was lucky he only got his leg cut off. But I have no issue with you, Lady; you are not responsible for the sins of your child.''

The woman's eyes widened when hearing Archer but nodded before introducing herself as she realized there was something special about him. ''I'm Fianna Everrose. The Duchess of the Summerfield Duchy. I must apologize for what my stupid son has done and will make sure he learns how to act like an Everrose.''

She looked at the made and continued. ''Jessica instruct the guards to take Lucas to the southern lands to hunt beasts alongside the Homeguard. That will teach him how to behave.''

Archer saw the maid nod before leaving the carriage. Fianna turned back to him, her stunning smile catching him off guard as she spoke seductively. ''Do you mind accompanying me in the city? I want to get to know you more.''

When he heard her request, there was something inside him to accept and see where it went; with a smile, he accepted the offer before sending a message to the girls, who were skeptical but told him to be careful.

He heard Nefertiti's moaning but quickly distracted her by promising a lot of pampering and love, which pleased the succubus. After that, Archer looked at the blonde woman and smiled.

Fianna's excitement was real as she jumped up, causing her massive boobs to jiggle as she settled down beside him and grasped his arm. Archer turned his head to find a pair of red eyes staring at him, accompanied by a mischievous grin.

He didn't know what to make of this woman but felt no hostility toward him, but it got him curious, so he asked. ''Don't you hate me for what I did to your son?''

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