Blessed by Night

Chapter 98 Poolside Beauties & A Short Rest
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98 Poolside Beauties & A Short Rest

Luna ended up driving the girls an hour away, to her home that was isolated in the countryside. Well... 'home' isn't quite the proper term. "This place is like a fucking palace!" Serana said. "Dear, watch your language.... but yes, it is like a fucking palace." Sei agreed. "I have never felt more poor in my entire life..." Anna added. Somehow, Luna had started to feel embarrassed by the reactions her traveling companions had when seeing her home. She couldn't help it if she liked nice things, okay??

The gates at the front automatically opened when Luna's car came close enough, allowing the girls a closer look at Luna's enormous multimillion dollar mansion. She had barely pulled in to her garage and turned her car off, when Serana practically threw herself out of the vehicle. "T-This is amazinggg!!"

The echo traveling in such a large space only added to her declaration.

As Annalise finally looked around, she could not help but to agree. 'No wonder she didn't give a damn about this truck... it's the cheapest car in here!' At first glance, all of the cars in Luna's garage were priced anywhere from three hundred thousand to two million.

Making it more than conceivable that she had forgotten about the price of her little ramborghini truck. 'If this is just the garage... how crazy is the rest of this place going to be??'


The answer to Anna's question was just as insane as she expected. Luna's home was unbelievably lavish and elegant, whether it was the million dollar sculptures or the one of one paintings, she seemed to have it all. Not to mention her squad of experienced maids and butlers who tried to cater to their every need. Serana made a simple comment about how it was hot outside, and three of them peeled off to go and prepare the pool so that they could take a dip. When Sei and Anna tried to say that they did not have swimsuits, Luna waived away their excuse and explained that she had plenty that they could choose from. So now, Luna and Sei were seated on a beach chair poolside, wearing bathing suits that could make a pope abandon his faith. "This is more embarrassing than I thought it would be... I'm not exactly the same body type as you." Luna tilted her sunglasses downward and glanced at Sei who was sitting beside her. She was wearing a bold white bikini that surprisingly held in her large chest without much issue. "What's the problem? Our breasts are practically the same size." Luna said with a shrug. "Yes, well..." Sei suddenly looked around to make sure that the two of them were alone and stood up from her seat. Turning around, she allowed Luna to see her bikini bottoms that more closely resembled a thong than actual swimwear. Sei's hips and butt were quite a bit larger than Luna's, and as a result there just wasn't enough coverage for all of the surface area. "Wow... I can see why he confessed to you first. I'm actually rather jealous." "S-Shut up! I feel so exposed that I could just die!"

"How dramatic." Smack! "Ow!" Sei rubbed the Luna sized handprint on her left butt cheek as she glared at the culprit. "There are only girls here so it's not like you have to worry about anyone looking at you strangely. Just relax."

Sei sighed and resigned herself to this uncomfortable yet sexy fate, while simultaneously wondering what Mal would say if he were here. 'Well... I doubt very much that he would use his mouth for talking.'

"We're done changing."

"Woahhh it's like an olympic pool!!!"

Anna and Serana finally finished picking out swimsuits, and their choices were much the same but with different levels of charm.

Serana had on a simple black one piece bathing suit that was tied twice due to the fact that her own chest size was inferior to her mother's and Luna's.

A fact that she would have been more pissed about had she not seen the price tag on the outfit she was wearing. After seeing so many zeroes, she couldn't care less about chest size. Anna on the other hand wore an enchanting dark red two piece that contained a white band around the top and bottom that had the name of a famous brand. Eventually, she noticed that Sei and Luna were giving her a funny look, and she wondered if it was because her swimsuit was too tight. "What... why are you looking at me like that?" She asked shyly. "Ah, we're sorry." Sei apologized. "You're just very..."

Luna's question was a fair one, and anyone who saw Annalise would wonder the same. Whether it was her curvy body, her enchanting face, or her tattoos and piercings, she was a girl in possession of an extremely captivating and unique beauty. "Yea, no. I'm not lifting things with my mind or crushing cars with my hands." She dismissed. "Good thing for the dudes who come into the store, no?" Serana added cheekily. She did not wait for her friend's backhanded reply and instead ran towards the massive pool and dove inside. Annalise rolled her eyes and joined her not long after, and as soon as her seductive body hit the water she felt as if she were being reborn. Not only was the water cold and clear as day, but she could smell little to no chlorine odor stemming from it. "This is nice... He should be here." She muttered to herself.

Luna finally stood up from her seat and started heading for the pool with the girls. "Y-You're leaving me?" Sei asked sadly. Luna merely shrugged and continued walking.

"Yes, I wanted to test something. Old man Rowan told me a story about Changg'e where she rejuvenates the bodies of others by giving them some of her bath water. I wondered if I could do something similar."

"O-Oh, alright... Wait, what!?"


Morgan broke Malachi's body for hours upon hours. It was undoubtedly a hell unlike anything the young man had ever known, and he had passed out from the overwhelming pain on more than one occasion. Shear let out frustrated and monstrous growls as she watched this scene, but other than that she did not interfere. But Morgan would still continuously check her positioning as if he was worried about that changing at any second. Bianca was still in a trance, desperately trying to refine the powerful flame that had gifted to her, although she was undoubtedly making progress. Morgan looked up at the sun that was shining high overhead and wiped his brow of lingering sweat.

"Well now, went a lot longer than I wanted to. But I think that this should just about do it."

Glancing down, he inspected the sleeping young man and nodded in satisfaction. Malachi's body condition had drastically improved, and now it was nearly on par with his own. 14:25

The amount of force he had to use in order to break his body every time it healed would shoot up in drastic increments, and by now he could no longer wound him seriously without using his blessing. A few appendages were still slowly healing but they would undoubtedly be finished within the next ten minutes or so.

"I can't wait to see what your new stats look like, lad. You were already plenty fast and strong before, but I wonder just how big the difference will be now."


"Oh? Seems like you're done, Bianca. How was the experience?"

"Fuck the experience!! Why is there a damn baby kaiju on this island!?!"

As soon as the young girl had fully assimilated Morgan's power, she opened her eyes to find Malachi asleep on the ground several feet away, with Shear curled up nearby.

It was a very piss poor way to wake up.

Bianca's hands took on a smoldering fiery red color, and Morgan knew that she was about to make a very stupid mistake. "Easy now, lass. That's your friend's contracted beast."

"That's his... what??"

Sensing they were done, Shear finally moved from her place underneath the shade and floated towards Malachi.

She carefully picked up his body and placed him on her back, displaying her intent to carry him. "See, lass? She's friendly... mostly." Morgan looked down at the small wound that he suffered during their first meeting

He was cut over eight hours ago, but the wound had only showed signs of clotting about thirty minutes ago.

He didn't even want to imagine what would happen if he had allowed Bianca to strike her blindly. "You kids have worked hard, so we'll head to the house and try to get some food in you. You can rest for around four hours or so, and then we'll come right back out here."

"O-Only four hours?" Bianca asked pitifully.

After an exhausting ordeal like this one, she didn't want to settle for anything less than twelve.

"Hahahaha! I know, I know, it's not ideal. but since you've done such good work I can reward you by giving you a room right next to his?"

Bianca glanced down at the handsome resting face of Malachi and made a decision within nanoseconds. "...I'll take it."

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