Clan Leader: My strength equals to that of the entire clan

Chapter 31 - 31: Ye Jinhai Returns, Severely Injured_l
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Chapter 31: Chapter 31: Ye Jinhai Returns, Severely Injured_l

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Early the next morning, Ye Fan gathered all the Ye Family members together.

He took out a spirit stone to test for spiritual roots.

Ye Fan initially thought that among all these people, there should be at least one or two with spiritual roots.

But unfortunately, none of the dozen or so people of the Ye Family had spiritual roots.

In order to embark on the path of cultivation, it seems that they would have to rely on the System.

Ye Fan looked at several long-term missions, such as the family’s strongest warriors and the family’s armory, both of which required cultivation techniques of the Innate Realm.

Obtaining a cultivation technique of the Innate realm was quite difficult.

Ye Fan quickly wrote a letter to Ye Jinhai, asking him to keep an eye out for any cultivation methods of the Innate Realm.

Among the entire family, the only one with a decent chance of obtaining a cultivation method of the Innate Realm was Ye Jinhai.

The next item was a family population mission.

Due to the effects of the family term and thoughts from his past life that one should be responsible for any child they father, Ye Fan had always followed the elite route.

However, now that the Ye family was growing larger and could support many more practitioners, it was time to start producing offspring!

“From now on, the whole family should focus on cultivation.”

“Little Tian, you need to work harder too, and help increase the family’s population.”

Ye Jintian’s face was filled with embarrassment. It felt as if he had become a

breeding pig.

However, he didn’t object, and Jia Lu nodded in agreement.

No one opposed the idea of taking concubines.

Thus, the Ye Family was like an engine, starting to work at full speed.

A year later, Ye Fan’s cultivation level successfully broke through to the middle

stage of the Houtian Realm.

Three years later, Ye Fan’s cultivation reached the late stage of the Houtian Realm.

Five years later, two concubines gave birth to two children for Ye Fan, and Ye Jintian successfully fathered a grandson and a granddaughter.

Six years later, Ye Fan’s cultivation level reached the peak of the Houtian Realm and reached a bottleneck, unable to break through.

He still couldn’t obtain a cultivation method of the Innate Realm.

Being stuck like this for a year was a long time.

Ye Jintian’s cultivation level had already also reached the peak of the Houtian Realm.

In just seven years, the strength of the Ye Family increased dramatically.

There were six strong practitioners in the Houtian Realm and more than a dozen body forging practitioners.

In Wanlu County, they had already become the top-tier family.

However, Ye Fan was still very worried. With their current cultivation level, facing a cultivation family like the Su Family was akin to using an egg to hit a


Cultivation, they still needed to cultivate.

But after all, how could they cultivate?

“Dad, it’s a letter from mom, come quickly.”

Ye Jintian, now thirty years old, rushed into Ye Fan’s room in excitement, pulling out a letter.

“My dear husband, our child has been born, a boy. According to our agreement, I named him Ye Jinxia.

Over the years, the child has been clamoring to see you.

I have started cultivating. They say I have spiritual roots and can cultivate.

I know you will come looking for me. I always believe in you.

We’re fine, you don’t have to worry.”

Cultivation, Su Yan said she had spiritual roots, so she could cultivate.

Each word made Ye Fan’s heart tremble.

Wife, I miss you too.

It had been over twenty years since he had integrated his memories.

Ye Fan was almost fifty years old now.

Although he still looked elegant and refined, signs of old age were beginning to show.

Cultivation, becoming a cultivator had become his obsession.

If he didn’t cultivate in this life, there probably wouldn’t be any chance of seeing Su Yan and Ye Jinxia.

“System, please give me a cultivation technique!”

In Ye Fan’s mind, a new cultivation technique appeared, the Red Luan Law.

Su Yan’s spiritual root is a Fire Spirit Root, so the cultivation technique she practices is naturally a fire attribute cultivation technique.

Su Yan’s cultivation technique was now activated and automatically started functioning within Ye Fan’s body.

Ye Fan could feel himself absorbing particles of red in the air.

But once these particles entered his body, they dissipated directly.

Ye Fan’s face turned dark; indeed, without spiritual roots, even if you have a cultivation technique, you still can’t cultivate, you still can’t become a


Seems like he still needed to resolve the issue of his qualifications.

He needed to hurry up and complete the remaining missions.

Ye Fan wrote another letter and sent it to the Heavenly Sword Sect.

Half a month later, Ye Jinhai, who hadn’t been home in many years, suddenly appeared outside the Ye Family home.

But the current Ye Jinhai was not in good condition.

His body was bloodstained from head to toe.

Upon examination, Ye Fan found that not only had Ye Jinhai sustained external injuries, but his insides were also a mess.

All of his meridians had shattered.

All his cultivation skills had been destroyed.

Ye Fan quickly stuffed a handful of elixirs into Ye Jinhai’s mouth and managed to stabilize his condition.

Two days later, Ye Jinhai finally woke up.

“Dad, where’s the package I had with me?”

As soon as he woke up, Ye Jinhai asked anxiously.

Ye Jinhai was seriously injured. Who would care about a package at this point?

But fortunately, it was only packed away, not thrown away.

After receiving the package from Ye Fan, Ye Jinhai breathed a sigh of relief. He fumbled to take out a book from the package.

“Dad, I have not let you down.”

There were three characters written on the book, Kun Tian Gong. “Dad, this cultivation method, it’s of the Innate Realm.”

Ye Jinhai’s voice was filled with pride, despite his weakly cough.

Even though he was ruined, at least he brought the cultivation method back.

“You, you, why are you so foolish?”

Ye Fan was regretful, very regretful.

If he had known this would happen, he wouldn’t have written that letter to Ye Jinhai.

To use Ye Jinhai in exchange for an Innate Realm cultivation method, he would rather not have it.

“Dad, it’s okay, it’s just that I’m ruined, but at least you guys can support me, I won’t go hungry.”

The Ye Family members were silent, and Ye Jintian was trembling all over, not daring to look at Ye Jinhai.

Having grown up with Ye Jinhai from a young age, Ye Jintian had the deepest emotional connection with him.

Ye Jintian was usually composed, but today he was filled with a sense of madness.

“Little brother, tell me who hurt you, and I will avenge you.”

“Brother, no need, I’m fine.”

Looking at Ye Jinhai, Ye Fan’s mind was spinning.

Ye Fan would definitely not let Ye Jinhai be ruined like this.

Having all meridians severed, even a cultivator at the Innate Realm would be helpless.

However, Ye Fan, who owns a first-grade Alchemy Dao skill, was able to heal him.

Many elixirs could restore Ye Jinhai’s injuries.

But those elixirs were used by genuine cultivators.

To make them, you would need to convert spiritual energy into a spiritual fire.

To possess spiritual energy, one must become a cultivator.

They must become cultivators.

“Little Hai, don’t worry, your injury can still be healed.”

Upon hearing Ye Fan’s words, everyone looked at Ye Fan with surprise and joy.

No one doubted Ye Fan’s words. Over the years, Ye Fan has proven with actions that he never makes empty promises.

Even Ye Jinhai regained some of his vitality upon hearing this.

Why would Ye Jinhai ever want to be an ordinary person if he could continue


The Ye Family will only get better, and only by continually improving will they be able to contribute to the Ye Family.

“From now on, everyone should focus on breaking through to the Innate Realm.”

Ye Fan also picked up the secret manual Ye Jinhai had given him, wanting to see what the so-called Innate Realm looked like and how to break through to

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