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Chapter 680 I’ll go to the Marine Headquarters!
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Chapter 680 I'll go to the Marine Headquarters!


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Whole Cake Island:

Katakuri stood close to Rob's children, his mother, Charlotte Linlin, had tasked him with secretly protecting them.

He noticed they had stopped enjoying playing for a while now, and were now reading a manga book.

The same book that was in his hand.

"It seems things have become tough to Strawhat"

Katakuri's eyes gleamed as he looked at the current events.

Chapter's Events:

"Calm down and think about it We won't be able to make it in time."

"Ace boy is being taken to the surface smoothly by lift."

After Inazuma stopped the flow of the anesthetic gas using his ability to slice through tiles like paper and blocked the entrance, Ivankov began explaining the current situation to Luffy.

"We have enemies blocking our path!!! And the marine convoy will be swift! Look at the vivre card"

Upon hearing that, Luffy took out Ace's vivre card and examined it closely.

"It's pointing straight up, isn't it?" said Ivankov.

"He's probably being transferred to Marineford. Right about now."

The picture showed Ace's current situation as he was being escorted onto one of the warships.

Ivankov sighed sadly before saying, "I respect your feelings, and I will help you escape this prison unharmed if possible."

"Ace Boy is already in the Marines' custody. Give it up or rather, leave it to Whitebeard"

Given the current circumstances, Ivankov's suggestion was logical.

"Well then" said Luffy.

With a determined expression on his face, he said, "I'll go to the Marine Headquarters!!!"

"Hahaha! Interesting, as expected from you, Straw Hat..."

Katakuri felt extreme excitement upon seeing Luffy's bold decision.

Don't be a fool!!! This will be a war between the strongest powers in the world!!! Do you really understand how strong Whitebeard is!? Do you know how strong the Marine Admirals, Vice Admirals, and the Shichibukai are!!? How many lives do you have!!?

That's what Ivankov said after hearing Luffy's crazy decision to go to Marineford.

"That's right. How many lives do you think you have to decide to enter the stage of the strongest with your weak power?" Katakuri questioned how Luffy was thinking.

"Oh, I forgot that the boy doesn't think logically. Since his brother is in trouble, that means he'll throw himself into the blazing hell if necessary..."

After saying that, a picture of his little sister, Brulee, appeared in his mind.

"I understand how you feel, Straw Hat..."

"Go, I hope to see you saving your brother with your own hands."



Not far from Katakuri, the group Little Robin, consisting of Hancock and her sisters, Marigold and Sonia, along with Yamato and Scarlett, were also reading the new volume.

Little Robin wiped her tears with her small hands before whispering, "I thought they would finally meet again, Luffy and Ace..."

"Luffy..." Hancock clenched her fists together as she saw Luffy's grim expression when he couldn't find Ace... and also Ace's bitter expression as he was being taken onto the warship.

"That's what I want to see! Yes! Go to Marine Headquarters! Let's turn everything upside down!"

"A war between the strongest!? So be it! Our goal is just to save Ace!" Little Yamato waved her small fists enthusiastically.

It seemed as if they were living the current moments in the manga with Luffy and the others, not just reading the manga volume.

She had become accustomed to reading manga in this way since the time she was on Urura Island, and she only felt comfort when accompanied by Birdie.


Sorbet Kingdom:

"These are the words of the weak, Iva..." Dragon looked at Ivankov after hearing what he said after they reached Level 6 but didn't find Ace.


"You don't need to say anything. I'm talking about your counterpart... Luffy reaching this point means he didn't come for nothing."

"Luffy is determined to save Ace and he will."

If I give up now, I'll regret it forever!!! I'm going!!

"Did you see that?" Dragon said with a smile.

At this moment, Ivankov's eyes widened as he saw his counterpart internally admitting that Luffy resembled Dragon in behavior and speech.

"This is amazing, isn't it?" Dragon smiled.

"He's my son after all."

"Buwahahaha! He's my grandson! Go, boy! Whitebeard? The Three Admirals!? I'll be there too, won't I?"

"Who dares to harm my grandson in my presence!?"

Dragon looked at his father with a sideways glance, feeling some concern for him.

"Are you really going to be by your grandson's side in this war? I wonder."



"You're coming to Marineford?"

"Is your tiny brain okay?"

"No, maybe Magellan's poison also damaged his brain..."

"Kong-san, don't take me wrong, but this is Luffy from the start, I'll be convinced if he says words opposite to these." Sengoku mocked Kong's stupidity at this moment.

"Ahem, I mean... well, that's true... but he knows this is a war at the highest level..."

"Even if it's higher than that, he'll still come, he won't allow harm to his brother, that's clear."

"Arara~ That's troublesome... I don't want to see my counterpart hurting Straw Hat again in the manga... My reputation will worsen again..."

Kuzan sighed in annoyance.

"Hmph, what a clown... I wish to see my counterpart removing a piece of his flesh." Sakazuki sneered disdainfully.

"What if he's the protagonist? He's still too weak."

"What are you saying, Sakazuki? Our opponent is Whitebeard, this boy will only be a spectator in this upcoming war." Borsalino intervened.

"Forget it, this... Crocodile... Jimbei too... as expected..."

Paa! Sengoku slammed his desk after seeing Luffy succeeding in securing two former Shichibukai alongside him...

"With Hancock and the high-ranking Revolutionary Army member Ivankov, this means he has quite a number of formidable allies...!"


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