Crossing the Other World to Build Gundam

: Final Chapter: Longquan’s birthday present Phoenix Gundam
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: Final Chapter: Longquan's birthday present Phoenix Gundam

On October 1, 131, the first year of the universe, the Tianyi Army and Tianyi mercenaries were conducting a carpet search around Mars, including the ground.

The international media is also reporting heavily.

"The Sky Wing Empire is now mobilizing the power of the whole country to find their emperor."

"The miracle of birth, the powerful tearing space sucked in the big meteorite. Emperor Longfei and some of his subordinates filmed them being sucked in during the live broadcast."

"The authorities of the Tianyi Empire are not only conducting searches on Mars and its ground, but also conducting investigations at some locations."

Yue Yangchun and his wife are driving their exclusive Gundam nearby.

Earlier, the husband and wife broke through the interception of the Hundred Ghosts of the Night Walk. When they arrived at the scene, the spiritual space tunnel was opened, and they also watched Long Fei, other colleagues and meteorites being sucked into the spiritual space tunnel.

Every new human in the Tianyi Empire can sense that Long Fei has disappeared, but they can also be sure of one thing. Although Long Fei disappeared, he is not dead.

Everyone is looking for Long Fei's whereabouts.

On October 15, 131, the first year of the universe, the Tianyi Empire announced that the emperor was missing.

The authorities officially declared that the empress temporarily acted as the emperor and exercised the emperor's rights.

Moreover, the local media of Tianyi Empire reported that Emperor Long Fei had already written that if something happened to him, everything would be done according to his letter.

Long Fei disappeared, and some people in the whole world were happy and others were worried.

Those who are happy think that during the period of Long Fei's disappearance, the Tianyi Empire may lose Long Fei's relationship, resulting in a stagnation of technology or a slow progress in technology.

Worried people worry that the Tianyi Empire may slow down the progress of science and technology due to Long Fei's disappearance, if there is an attack from an alien civilization in the future.

Whether the Sky Wing Empire can be the leader and the frontline country to resist the invasion of alien galaxies.

They don't know how the Jupiter Federation's technology is, and they don't know to what extent it has reached.

The Sky Wing Empire, which resists the invasion of alien galaxies, is the greatest hope.

Worried people are most worried about whether Long Fei has left some more advanced design drawings or materials. If there are, if they can be stolen, they must be stolen for development. Even if they work behind closed doors, they can also protect themselves in a crisis .

If not, then I hope that the Tianyi Empire can use these advanced technologies as the front line to protect the solar system.

On October 30th, 131, the first year of the universe, Tao Xiang, as the empress, temporarily took over all positions according to the will of her husband, including being the leader of the Tianyi Group besides being the emperor.

The latter is handed over to Long Xuan and Long Wen for help, and Tao Xiang can devote most of her energy to the empire.

Tao Xiang has been exercising the power of the emperor for some time, and has gradually begun to adapt to these tasks.

Her husband's disappearance hit her hard, and Tao Xiang forced herself to cheer up quickly. She had to protect the empire and group that her husband had entrusted to her.

In the court hall, Tao Xiang was still sitting on her queen's throne, looking at the vacant emperor's throne.

No matter how many times Tao Xiang watched it, she felt a twinge of pain in her heart. She kept telling herself that her husband was still alive, he must have gone somewhere, and she believed that her husband would definitely return to her.

Tao Xiang discussed the country's next affairs with the ministers in the court hall, and the construction of the star gate continued.

If the stargate is built successfully, if the effect is really good, a few more stargates will be built.

Added enhancements to Sky Wing Empire Trade.

Because the star gate can allow the spacecraft to directly step into the B star gate from the A star gate, and directly go to the B star gate location.

Then this will not only reduce the sailing time of merchant ships, but also reduce the cost of sailing, which will also increase the trade import and export of the Tianyi Empire.

Moreover, the Stargate can be completely controlled by the Tianyi Empire, and merchants from various countries will have to pay fees for using the Stargate, which can also increase the income of the Tianyi Empire.

Tao Xiang then discussed with the ministers and began to make some rectifications within the empire.

The rectification plan was already planned by Long Fei, and the letter was handed over to Tao Xiang to execute it on his behalf.

The plan for rectification had several phases, starting with some meritocratic rectification of some government operations within the Empire.

The first is that the emperor delegated some powers to some selected elites for management.

The selected elites must go through layers of examinations, as well as performance evaluations, and some psychological tests and so on.

The most important thing for these elites is to put collective interests above personal interests, and they will have a very high level of calm thinking and reason to choose the most appropriate option.

These elites all come from the elite council.

After some discussions, the emperor and ministers will hand over the decision to the elite council for discussion. During this discussion, the emperor and ministers have to discuss with the elites.

As long as 51% of the members of the elite council support it, the decision will pass.

There are only 100 members of the elite council, and the salary of each is second only to the minister.

In addition to going through layers of inspections and evaluations, the members of the elite council must also be voted by the citizens before they can be elected into the elite council.

Long Fei's rectification plan is that the empire is only divided into civilians and citizens, and civilians are ordinary people who enjoy the benefits given by the empire.

Citizens are elites who have made contributions to the country or are the country's elite.

For example, some soldiers can take scientific examinations after making contributions, and once they pass the scientific examinations, they will become citizens.

Civil servants, doctors, scientists, etc. have high achievements, and after passing through layers of inspections, those who pass can also become citizens.

Citizens have the right to vote and to run for membership in an elite parliament.

In addition to the benefits of civilians, citizens also have special treatment from the state.

Citizens elect elites in the constituencies where they live, and citizens look at the talent and merit data of those elites who are running for election.

Citizens make their own judgments and vote for those elites they think are most appropriate.

However, this rectification structure and elite parliament cannot be established now, and it must go through several years of reform before it can be implemented.

Tao Xiang is now completely following her husband's plan.

In addition to work, Tao Xiang will try to squeeze out as much time as possible to spend time with her son and daughter.

Tao Xiang is now both a mother and a father, taking care of three children.

On December 15, 131, the first year of the universe, Longquan's 6th birthday was declared.

Longquan wears a mask that exposes his mouth.

In Longquan's birthday party, besides the company of his family, the heads of the eight directly subordinate troops, as well as ministers and some nobles brought their children to the little prince's birthday party.

In front of Longquan was a luxurious birthday cake, with a 6-shaped candle inserted in the center of the birthday cake.

Longquan sat on his mother's lap.

Drinking his favorite spring water.

Afterwards, the maid personally lit birthday candles for Longquan.

Everyone sang happy birthday to Longquan.

After singing, Longquan blew out the birthday candles, then turned to his mother and said, "My queen, I want the birthday present from my father."

Tao Xiang suddenly thought of her husband, her expression was a little sad, but she still forced a smile and said: "Okay, it's ready, mom will take you to the garden later to see the birthday present that Father left for you."

"No, I can call it over now."

Tao Xiang's expression was a little astonished.

Suddenly there was a commotion at the scene, and a golden Gundam appeared in the sky.

"Who brought Gundam here?"

"Who is so bold?"

As a result, Longquan shouted loudly: "I called you."

The scene was silent for a while, and everyone looked at Longquan.

The Golden Gundam is Long Fei's birthday gift to his son, Long Quan, RX-0 Phoenix.

Phoenix in destruction mode slowly landed in front of Longquan and knelt down on one knee.

Long Quan got off his mother's lap and walked to Phoenix.

Long Quan stretched his right hand forward slowly, and Phoenix also stretched his right hand in front of Long Quan, and their index fingers touched.

The book is over.

Sincerely invite all readers to enjoy the sequelThe Legacy of Gundam Made in Another World

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