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Chapter 410: The Finale

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

“Then, then…” Xu Tian found it hard to accept. What about the people who were affected by these demons?

What about those who died because of the demons?

The doll could guess Xu Tian’s thoughts. This kid had grown up in a comfortable environment since he was born. Of course, it was difficult for him to accept such a dangerous world.

However, the doll had come from the chaos of war and could understand that crisis and opportunity coexisted to test the normalcy of the world. The decades of peace that Xu Tian had experienced were just a blink of an eye in the long river of history.

“The Taoist Association will definitely send people to fix the array, but it’s basically useless. Without this array and that array, even the Heavenly Dao can’t stop it, let alone human power.” The doll continued to speak coldly.” Besides, as long as the Heavenly Axiom stops chasing after Ji Jing, what effect will it have on you?”

Xu Tian was stunned. How did this not affect him? There were more wandering demons and ghosts, so of course they had to…

‘ Slay the devil, protect the Dao, and protect the human world. No matter how the world changes, this is still our Dao.” Ji Jing said slowly.

“That’s right!” The doll snapped its fingers.

“But…” Xu Tian scratched his head as if he finally understood, but he still had something to say.” But this damned demon will make me work overtime!” It affects me!”

Ji Jing laughed.

“What are you talking about? Why didn’t you tell me that you came to this desert?” Suddenly, a voice came from afar, interrupting their conversation.

Ji Jing bent down to take a look. It turned out that Ming Ze was walking in the air so quickly. They had originally walked for nearly a day, but they had actually returned in just a few minutes.

They could already see the roof of the hotel they were staying in, as well as the guy sitting on the edge of the roof.

Liang Xiao?!” Ji Jing asked in surprise.

“The wine is ready. I’m here to deliver the wine!” Liang Xiao swung his long legs that were suspended in the air and patted the exquisite wine jar beside him.” Who would have thought that you would come to such a place? But it’s

fine. The desert yellow sand and wine have a different taste!”

Ji Jing looked at the familiar wine jar and remembered that it was the jade wine

she wanted to give Ming Ze. Liang Xiao had actually personally delivered it.

Ming Ze landed lightly on the roof and returned to his human form. He held Ji

Jing’s back and helped her land steadily. Xu Tian was caught off guard and

almost fell to the ground. It was the doll that caught him.

“Hehe, here you go!” Liang Xiao directly handed the wine jar to Ji Jing and

blinked mysteriously.

“You brewed it?” Ming Ze immediately frowned.

“I didn’t brew it!” Liang Xiao hurriedly shook his head.

“I asked Liang Xiao to brew it.” Although the scene in front of her was far from

what she had imagined, Ji Jing still opened the wine jar.” I want to give it to

you, Ming Ze.”

The Jade Feast Wine was indeed the best wine in the demon world. The moment the wine jar was opened, a strange fruit fragrance quickly spread out, making people intoxicated.

For…His? Ming Ze took the wine jar and his heart suddenly palpitated. Did she know? This jade wine was usually only used for grand weddings in the demon world.

He thought that Liang Xiao must have deliberately not told her, but Ming Ze looked at Ji Jing’s bright eyes and unconsciously reddened ears and suddenly felt that it didn’t matter whether she knew or not.

Because her feelings were already so obvious. And so was his. Because he could hear his own heartbeat.

“Good!” The doll suddenly clapped.

Liang Xiao also joined in.” Aiya, as expected, good wine matches a beauty!”

“Good, what good?” Xu Tian looked at her inexplicably, but he couldn’t help but applaud.

Ji Jing was awakened by their applause. Only then did she realize how long she and Ming Ze had been staring at each other while holding the wine. She was at a loss.

“Aiya, there’s still a long way to go!” Liang Xiao patted Ming Ze’s shoulder and looked downstairs.” Now, there are still some small matters that need to be resolved.”

Ming Ze followed his gaze and looked down. Ji Jing quickly shifted her attention and looked down. She saw many familiar figures.

“Ji Jing!” Ji Ming had actually arrived here as well. He hurriedly rushed into the hotel. Behind him were many figures who were also anxious. Ji Ling, Ji Hui, Ji Ying, Ji Yi…

“Why are they all here?” Ji Jing was dumbfounded.

“My family, friends, and lovers are all by my side. It’s indeed a good day for wine tasting!” Liang Xiao smiled and sighed..” There’s still a long way to go, there’s still a long way to go!”

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