Cultivation Online

Chapter 1377 Jade Altar(2)
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1377 Jade Altar(2)

When Tian Yang opened his eyes, he found himself surrounded by trees.

Although he didn't immediately recognize his location, his face still made a deep frown, almost as if he subconsciously knew.

"This place is"

Just as Tian Yang realized his location, he sensed over a hundred presence with immense killing intent suddenly appearing around him, sending shivers down his entire being.

Before he could even react, a dozen figures wearing rough clothes jumped out of thin air and swung their weapons at him.

Tian Yang had started moving even before the figures appeared, allowing him to dodge their attacks.

After distancing himself from them, Tian Yang took a brief moment to look at these figures' faces, and sure enough, he immediately recognized them to be the Gold and Money Bandits.

"I knew I would eventually have to face this heart demon of mine in one of these trials" Tian Yang sighed.

Even though he'd mentally prepared himself for months, he was already on the verge of being consumed by rage.

The only thing that kept him from charging at these bandits was because of their cultivation bases. All of the bandits had a peak Spirit King cultivation base, including those hiding out of sight.

After consuming many valuable treasures, Tian Yang's talent increased tremendouslyto the point where he could fight several ordinary peak Spirit Kings as an eighth-level Spirit King simultaneously. However, there were a hundred peak Spirit Kings that surrounded him.

Tian Yang took a deep breath and calmed himself.

The following moment, the bandits charged at him with their daggers and sabers raised, their expressions oozing with bloodlust.

Tian Yang gritted his teeth and tried his best to block the incoming attacks.

He would successfully block several but also miss a few. Every time he confronted the bandits, a few more cuts would appear on his body.

Fortunately, none of the attacks that connected were life-

threatening and were only shallow wounds. Unfortunately, Tian Yang couldn't keep up with the relentless assault and it was only a matter of time before one of the bandits landed a critical hit on him.

Realizing this, Tian Yang focused on fighting his heart demon instead.eastern fantasy

After doing so many trials, he noticed a certain thing with these trials. Since these trials tested their heart demons, the trials would get easier if the challenger weakened their heart demon during the trial.

However, to defeat one's heart demon was much easier said than done.

Even before this trial, Tian Yang had been fighting this specific heart demon for months, but alas, he simply couldn't fight the guilt of losing Huang Xiao Li.

"If only I had been stronger"

"If only"

His voice resounded inside his head, almost as if he was whispering to himself.

Tian Yang gritted his teeth and roared, "Shut the fuck up!"

His eyes flickered profoundly, and he continued, "I am no longer talentless!"

An immense aura suddenly surged from his body.

"I will survive this damn trial and avenge Huang Xiao Li! I will survive and avenge my parents! I will survive and seek justice for Meng Lili! I WILL SURVIVE!"

Tian Yang stopped being defensive and started looking for opportunities to attack.

Since he was already having trouble defending against so many opponents at once, it would be even more difficult to attack without leaving himself wide open. Thus, he needed to make every strike count.

Unless he was certain that his attack would land and kill his target, Tian Yang continued to defend and avoid.

Eventually, he noticed an opening. Without hesitation, he went for the kill.


His sword flickered, sending one of the bandits' heads into the sky. However, immediately after killing one of the bandits, six of them attacked him from different angles.

Tian Yang knew that he wouldn't be able to dodge all of them, so he blocked the life-threatening strikes and allowed the less-threatening to go through.

However, shortly after Tian Yang killed the first bandit, another one would jump out of the treelines to join the fight.

Tian Yang gritted his teeth and continued fighting.

An hour later, Tian Yang killed twenty bandits, but his condition was worse than ever. His body was riddled with holes and deep cuts, and his entire body was dripping with blood.

At this rate, he would perish before killing even half of the bandits there.

However, unbeknownst to Tian Yang, he was slowly defeating his heart demon.

After another hour, right as Tian Yang killed his 50th bandit, one of the bandits plunged his dagger into his back.

Enduring the reverberating agony coursing through his entire being, Tian Yang clenched his teeth with unwavering determination and continued fighting.

One would expect Tian Yang to slow down as his body continued to weaken, but his movements and attacks only grew fiercer as time passed.

One two five ten twenty

It only took Tian Yang half an hour to slaughter 20 bandits this time.

Meanwhile, at the jade altar, Tian Yang's real body suddenly coughed up a mouthful of blood.

Kulas clenched his fists after seeing this.

"Hahaha! We won the bet!" Gu Lim started celebrating after seeing this.

"Shut up! He's not dead yet!" Kulas exclaimed.

Sure enough, Tian Yang merely coughed up blood and didn't collapse.

Gu Lim sneered, "So what? It's only a matter of time before he dies."

lightsvl m And he continued, "Though, I will give him some credit for lasting longer than the other challengers."

Most challengers would perish a few minutes after starting the trial, yet Tian Yang had managed to survive three hours and counting.

In fact, Gu Lim and his group were getting nervous because they had expected Tian Yang to die within a minute of starting his trial.

Of course, all of that anxiety disappeared when they saw Tian Yang cough up blood, which was a sign that he was at his limit and on the verge of death.

'You can do it!' Kulas stared at Tian Yang's figure with a profound expression.

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