Death… And Me

Chapter 2592 Thank You For the Compliment
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Chapter 2592 Thank You For the Compliment

Back outside, Roan once again reappeared where he had left. Calina just smiled and asked. "You didn't kill him, right?"

Roan shook his head. "I wouldn't go that far... He might wish he was dead, though. I'll leave him in there for a week." Roan then patted Calina's head. "Still, considering his personality, I'm impressed you were able to make him cultivate all the way to the Peak Stage of the Elemental Transformation Realm. I knew you wouldn't let me down."

Calina grabbed Roan's hand and got up, giving him a hug and a kiss instead. "Thank you. Still, a week is a little too long. Bring him out tomorrow and spend some time with him, okay?"

Roan narrowed his eyes but nodded in the end. "Fine." The two then disappeared, entering the Soul Gem Dimensional Realm.

Back in Rean's house... Well, Qia's house, actually... Rean and Qia were all lovey-dovey on the sofa while Fay puffed in anger. "Mom, how could you just pretend nothing happened! And you, Dad, get away from Mom! You don't deserve her company after abandoning us for this long!"

Qia laughed. "Hahaha! I told you a hundred thousand times. Your father had his reasons, so I didn't mind. Of course, I did miss him, though. Besides, are you saying you also didn't miss this genius of a Formations Master that is your father?"

Qia laughed. "Hahaha! I told you a hundred thousand times. Your father had his reasons, so I didn't mind. Of course, I did miss him, though. Besides, are you saying you also didn't miss this genius of a Formations Master that is your father?"

"Hmph!" Fay snorted. "I admit, his Formations Master ability is undeniable. However, there is far from enough for me to simply forgive him! Speak, why did you leave?! If you don't give me a good enough answer, then forget about staying with Mom. I will not let you!"

Rean looked at Qia, asking. "I was intending to tell her, but I still would have your opinion. Would it be a good thing to get her involved? Sometimes ignorance is truly a bliss."

Qia shook her head, though. "When she was younger, that was indeed the best. But now that she is this old, I guess it is fine for her to know. Otherwise, look at her; she will never let us go back to our room to make up for the lost time."

"Mom!" Fay felt only disgust hearing that. Which son or daughter would like to hear about such matters about their parents? Well, it is a well-known and very effective way to annoy your children that a lot of parents love to use. The advantages of parenthood.

"Hahaha!" Rean laughed in response. Qia had never been the type to feel embarrassed or anything like that, after all. "Very well, I shall tell her everything."

Then, Rean's expression turned serious, looking at Fay. "Fay, what I'm about to tell you must absolutely not leave this room. I'm not kidding when I say that just knowing about it could put you in huge danger. Do you truly want to know why Roan and I can't stay?"

Fay was taken aback by the sudden change of atmosphere. However, she didn't believe anything Rean said would be enough to convince her that it was okay to simply leave her and her mother behind. "Fine! I won't tell a single soul."

Suddenly, Fay felt a Spatial Power pulling her as Rean spoke. "Don't fight back, I'm sending you into my Dimensional Realm. Only inside there, I'm absolutely sure no one will hear what I have to say."

Fay nodded and let the Spatial Power pull her away. Naturally, Rean and Qia followed, with them all appearing inside the Soul Gem Dimensional Realm. They were inside Rean's house... although Rean himself seldom used it. Nonetheless, the members of the System Sect inside always kept it tidy.

Rean was just about to start talking when suddenly, Sister Orb appeared in the room. [Oh! Fay is back, uh?]

"Sister Orb, you are also guilty of allowing Dad to leave. You should have stopped him!" Fay still remembered Sister Orb. After all, before Rean and Roan left, they had brought Fay and Alen into the Dimensional Realm quite a few times.

[Eh?! Errr... Sorry, but I also needed them to leave. Otherwise, we would all be doomed. Rean should explain everything to you soon.]

Rean was puzzled, though. "I was just about to do that. However, why did you come, Sister Orb?"

[Why?] Sister Orb felt helpless. [Did you forget who wanted to meet your and Roan's family the most?]

"Ah!" Rean slapped his face. "Sorry, Fay. There is someone you must meet before everything else. Actually, there are three people. Qia, the same goes for you."

"Three people?" Fay narrowed her eyes as Qia got curious.

"Sister Orb, bring us over," Rean asked.

[On it!]


Before Fay and Qia could say anything, they were instantly teleported to another house. In the SOul Gem Dimensional Realm, no one can stop Sister Orb's manipulation.

"I'm telling you, this brat here was absolutely disgraceful! He never acted like a real kid, which was truly sad," said a woman in the room while pointing at Roan. Naturally, the one speaking was Hamarlia.

The woman then turned to Rean's group, and her eyes lit up! "Qia! You haven't changed anything!" Qia had met Rean's mother once when they visited the Varen Tribe back on the Sunkan Planet. Too bad it was just before the planet was destroyed, and at that time, Qia and Rean's married was still supposed to be just a farce between the two. Qia obviously recognized the woman. "Lady Hamarlia... How...?"

Rean smiled as he looked at Roan and Calina. Obviously, Roan arrived a lot earlier and already told Calina everything. "Well, it goes like this..."

Rean then proceeded to explain everything to Qia. How they found out the Planet was not really destroyed, but was saved by the system. How they managed to bring it back, and how all the souls still in there were returned to their bodies.

Qia was shocked. "I knew the system was powerful... but I didn't expect to be this ridiculous!"

[Well, thank you for the compliment.]

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