Dimensional Descent

Chapter 2712 To Go or Not?
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Chapter 2712 To Go or Not?

Leonel didn't receive an answer. Instead, he got a slash of a sword. However, he acted as though he hadn't even seen it.

Aina suddenly took a step forward and threw out a punch. The blade light shattered like glass in the air, raining with the echo of slashing swords.

The guard's pupils constricted. He was in the Eighth Dimension, but he was already in Tier 4. He didn't understand how what looked to be a human could possibly block that blow so casually.

Aina hadn't used anything other than her physical strength, but the blade light didn't even reach her knuckles, instead shattering beneath the air pressure alone.

She took another step, movements not slowing in the slightest. Once again, it was just her physical prowess, and yet she moved like the wind, blurring and warping light around her until she appeared before the guard in an instant.


The sight was shocking enough to send the others reeling. Aina didn't punch, she didn't kick, she didn't even bring out a weapon. She simply went from an extraordinarily fast speed to a stop on the dime. The wind pressure from the sudden jolt alone sent the guards and herald flying, flailing through the air like headless chickens.

However, other than a slight shock, they seemed completely fine... though, that was entirely the point. Leonel and Aina had never wanted to kill them in the first place.

Aina waved out a hand and Emulation Spatial Force converged into a palm, wrapping around the entire group and holding them up.

Even being a bit clumsy with the novel Force, they simply weren't a match for her. They might have been in the Eighth Dimension, but as people tasked with going door to door to deliver messages, how could they possibly be even close to the upper echelon of this society?

Of course, Leonel knew the real reason why they were going door to door like this.

The Emberheart Lord could have easily sent out a Bubble-wide message heard by everyone. So why were they using such primitive methods...?

The answer was obvious: deterrence.

They wanted the humans they were inviting to both know that they were aware of who they were, where they lived, and could even call them out by name.

If they didn't do it, there might be some humans scared off, not daring to go to the capital as instructed. But in this situation, which one of them would dare?

At the same time, this also aided the Emberhearts too. If they just blasted out such a message, would they be able to keep the cloak of equality and fairness? Even if they had no intention of harming the humans they called for, public perception could often make or break a lineage.

Stuck in fear, the guards could only explain what they knew, and once they were done, Leonel simply let them go.

He wasn't worried about them reporting this matter, honestly. They were just grunts, who was the highest form of authority they could even speak to? And even if they did, how seriously would they take it, especially if Savahn actually showed up in the end.

'That's the reason, though? Is that just a surface reason? Or is there something deeper...?'

Leonel was actually partly inclined to just take everyone away and return to the Human Bubble, there wasn't really a need to get involved in all of this. Plus, he still had to deal with the Godlens.

Until now, of the human powers, what remained of the Three Finger Cult was under his control, the Dream Pavilion was being revitalized, and the Great Families had disappeared. This only left the Godlens as the only force he had yet to deal with.

Of course, this was partly because he was enjoying his honeymoon and partly because trouble kept coming from all angles. But the main reason was that King's Crafting skill had been beyond him for a long while so there was nothing he could do about their protective formation...

Until now.

However... where there was danger, there was also opportunity. And what Leonel also had to consider was the feelings of his brothers and his wife's sisters.

If he just swept them away and locked them up for their own "safety" again, would they appreciate it?

He was suffocating them. They were their own people too, entitled to make their own decisions even if he felt his own were best.

'So the Ma'at Bubble is going to be visited by the Kairos Bubble, another group of elite Spirituals, and they want to prove the viability of their path...? It sounds like a children's game...'

The Ma'at Bubble and Kairos Bubble were the two most powerful Spiritual Bubbles in Existence. There were others, but these two had the strongest Pure Bloods and they stood near the top.

He didn't know much about their history, but just listening to the words of the guards, it seemed that both Bubbles felt they had a great chance to rise to the Demi-God Realms if they combined, but the Kairos Bubble felt that the Ma'at were pissing away their chances because they kept intermarrying with "lesser Races".

The Ma'at disagreed, believing that the mutations possible through intermarriages could give them the spark they were looking for to take the next step. After all, they had many Half Spirituals who were just as powerful as their Spiritual counterparts.

The Kairos argued that their strongest geniuses were Pure Bloods for a reason, and if they combined their lineages, there would be great hope for a breakthrough within a generation or two.

Funny enough, Leonel actually agreed with the Kairos. But what was weird here was the fact that the Ma'at were calling forward their Humans and Half-Spirituals to prove themselves to the Kairos? That sounded ridiculous.

'Someone is playing games in the shadows, maybe?'

Leonel wasn't sure, he had no evidence whatsoever. The only reason he had even thought so was that he had seen Somnus' rolodex of worlds. It made him realize just the scale the powerful played on... even if they were among the younger generation.

And it was also because of this thought that Leonel was hesitating.

To go? Or not to go?

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