Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter 3516 Something Has Changed?
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Chapter 3516 Something Has Changed?

Davis glanced at Everlight lovingly before he decided their marriage night was enough.

If he spent more time here, then he wasn't confident that he could extricate himself with how good and godly he was feeling right now. He badly wanted to love his foxy lady who made this possible.

Further dual cultivation with Everlight should also stabilize his cultivation and bring him more benefits, but she was not conscious for the most part, so he promptly decided to end it.

He flicked his hand, wondering what went on in his family or outside in response to Calypsea's existence.

"It's been three days. You still haven't let up yet?"

"Hello? It's been a week. Gosh, aren't you showing too much favoritism? I had my fill, but the others didn't, so get out before you make your beauties feel any less."

"Husband! Niera's child has been born! Come quickly!"

"Dear, it's been two weeks, and you haven't responded. Is something wrong…?"


Davis stared at the messaging talisman that played the messages that it had in store. This one had many counterparts and connected with the messaging talismans of most of his wives, and he could hear the mocking voice of Mingzhi, the backing voice of Mingzhi, and Natalya's excited voice before he heard Evelynn's worried voice.

Perhaps they still think he was in the master bedroom within the mansion, but Davis's heart shuddered.

He was here for… two weeks? Niera's child has been born…?


He stood up, quickly carrying Everlight to wash her up and ready her before he absorbed her into his soul sea, bringing her to her shelter. He did the same to himself before rushing off the guest palace.

He noticed his brother Starlight Jade Wolf King had left a few messages near the entrance, telling him this palace was a small dowry for Everlight, causing him to chuckle wryly in a hurried manner before he took the palace and shot towards his home.

He concealed himself, not knowing if he should act like he had just gotten out of the master bedroom, but imagined that the cat was already out of the bag since Eldia, Nadia, and Evelynn would know where he went or at least the direction he was in.

However, he couldn't just say that he decided to stay outside because he might incur a tribulation because, consequently, that would evoke the harem council, and they might stop him from sleeping with Myria altogether, even if they had already accepted her.

He didn't want to deal with such a drama and might have to overrule them, bringing them needless worry and heartaches.

Davis appeared above his city, easily gaining entry before he descended near his mansion and openly walked in the pathway, eventually appearing in the courtyard.

Finally, he was spotted by Yotan, who appeared before him and elegantly bowed.

"Welcome back, Legion Master."

Her words told him what he needed to hear. The girls knew that he had sneaked outside, making him guess that Evelynn wasn't able to control those who wanted to see him badly, and informed them that he had gone out with Everlight.

"Yotan. What has happened in the past few days?" He asked, receiving a report from Yotan.

Apparently, a few mysterious or hidden forces tried to gather a coalition of major powers to eradicate him, but it all failed as the major powers rejected those cultivators. Everyone was scared of the terrifying spirit child who was rumored to be the Divine Emperor of Death's evil offspring, evil spirit sister, and much more, but all of them knew he had control over the little spirit.

With Saintess Lunaria also doing nothing about it, they were unable to use justice as a form of imperative to execute him.

Furthermore, the Central Primesky Alliance was actively working on letting the world know that the Divine Emperor of Death wasn't a threat. Their news spread and became a factor of influence that the Emperor of Death possessed, allowing his infamy to spread even to regions that were isolated but let them know that he wasn't a threat.

Seeing that the Emperor of Death wasn't a scourge but a man who only seemed to be living with his entire family, unlike what a Divergent would do, they just couldn't bring themselves to gather.

But at that moment, a Divergent actually appeared and destroyed an entire major power.

It caused more people to righteously commence a Divergent Hunt, causing them to hunt the perpetrator.

"So who was it?" Davis asked.

Yotan shuddered ever so lightly, "I- we don't know. The Divergent is highly elusive and still on large but is rumored to be a male, six feet tall, with short silver hair, and draped in a black-white robe. It is said that he could actually control time within a certain range…"

"I see."

Davis's brows raised as he nodded, but he finally noticed Yotan trembling in his presence. He closed his eyes and heaved a breath, keeping his aura in check before he patted her shoulder and walked past her.

"I would like to talk to you more, but see you later."

"Legion Master…"

After she watched him leave, Yotan muttered with emotion.

Her eyes glazed as she could tell that Davis had become even more powerful. She couldn't help but want to prostrate in his presence as though she was seeing the son of the heavens, but she knew that wouldn't be possible since the heavens hated Divergents.

Still, a prideful emotion appeared in her heart as she thought of the numerous people who would do anything to behead him and claim the glory.

After all, they had to clench their teeth and watch him grow above their heads even though they disliked him, and she took joy in knowing that they could do nothing about it as he constantly grew stronger, never stopping.

Davis climbed the stairs leading into the mansion and entered the hall.

"You're back. Where's Everlight?"

Nadia was waiting for him, knowing that he was coming.

"Are you mad…?"

Davis stopped in front of her and held her hands, causing Nadia to blink before she leaned and sniffed Davis again and again. She glanced up and looked at his face but didn't say anything and shot into his soul sea.


Davis spread his arms, wondering if Nadia was jealous since he spent so much time with Everlight, but she said nothing.

"Master, what has changed…? I feel like you're a close kin…?"

"Alright, that's it."

Davis heard Nadia's soul transmission from the shelter and completely suppressed his aura. He explained to her that what she felt was nothing more than the after-effects of absorbing her aura and Everlight's, so his soul took on their species' signature.

"Oh, so Master finally absorbed my primal yin essence. That's great~"

Nadia hummed inside, leaving Davis speechless.

She just wasn't listening to him, making him wonder how Shea fared with her.

But inside the shelter, Nadia went silent.

She recognized this space became more beneficial for her but, at the same time, felt it to be oppressive. Her sense of unease made Davis stop and look at his soul again, feeling like his control over it was rather sloppy.

He could still use concealment, and it was better than before, but it was not his full potential. At the same time, he understood this was the same kind of dissonance that Everlight experienced after transforming into a Nine Lives Gracious Fox.

Her Will didn't immediately control her Nine Lives Gracious Fox's soul, and she needed to spend much time taking control of her own soul.

He finally understood what it felt like for her.

Even as a human, he felt like he had evolved like he had transcended the confines of the human soul, the human species, although he recognized that his body was still the same. His chaotic-tempered body was faring quite well in front of his ridiculous soul.

Even a while ago, he didn't think much of Yotan when he had been badly wanting to talk to her before.

He heaved a sigh, knowing he had to spend some time getting used to his soul in order to reclaim himself. He walked towards the hallway when he suddenly spotted Mingzhi, causing him to raise his hand.

"Before you say anything impertinent, know that I'm not myself and might slap you wrongfully."

"Eh?" Mingzhi blinked.

"That's not an excuse but a reality I'm facing. This soul doesn't apparently allow any insults to be hurled at it, so be careful."

Hearing Davis's words, Mingzhi raised her hand to her face, appearing worried.

"Are you fine? Did something happen…?"

He guessed that she would be mad after leaving her for two weeks, but she was worried. However, he saw that he had unleashed his aura again unknowingly, causing him to sigh.

He let her know what happened, causing Mingzhi to stand dumbfounded before he caught her. He pecked her lips and asked where Niera was, causing her to speak and point a few directions absentmindedly.

Davis kissed her cheek and left her in the hallway, causing her to blink at him multiple times before she followed him. She looked at his back, her eyes narrowing as she wondered if he was the same person as his aura… was too cold, but it wasn't like it lacked the warmth either, confusing and worrying her.

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