Emperor's Domination

Chapter 5716: Cannon Fodders And Baits
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Chapter 5716: Cannon Fodders And Baits

“Go.” Li Qiye let out a sigh as he sent the corpse flying into the horizon.

“If there is a next life, find a good father.” He said: “You did well as a protector of this world, you deserve better.”

Divine Ancestor stood at the apex of Trinity Epoch, serving as the lord after his father’s departure.

Back during the primal ages, living beings were at their infancy stage and struggled to survive. Divine Ancestor chose to protect them, not only the three races but all creations.

During his reign, all races were equal. In fact, the separation between the nine worlds and thirteen continents didn’t exist.

Unfortunately, this didn’t last long enough. Primal Ancestor, Lord of Derivation, Stonesplitter Patriarch, and many more ambushed him. The one to deliver the final blow was Twilight Hunter.

Who kept these bones behind? And to what purpose? Was it out of remembrance or to refine a weapon?

They were intact enough for Divine Ancestor to have a chance of returning to life. Alas, the fallen form of his father returned and took the bones, refining them into a weapon.

Today, Li Qiye removed the aura of death, changed the bones back to their original form, and restored a sliver of its divinity. This brought hope back for a chance at rebirth.

Alas, this probability was virtually none. Li Qiye also couldn’t revive him with his primordial laws.

He tried his best because Divine Ancestor’s kindness and protection to all races were met with death - a gift from the epoch he died for.

Everyone kept their mouth shut during the process. They had no idea who the skeleton belonged to.

Only a few such as War were privy to this secret and they had a complicated feeling about the matter.

“Whoosh!” Li Qiye took one step and appeared before the machine giant.

“Who found this art? Haha, it is a lost legacy of Machine Epoch, unseen in this world.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Sacred Teacher, nothing can hide from you. Perhaps you already know the answer.” The machine answered but the speaker was unclear. It could be Resolute or War speaking.

“The old geezers, got it.” Li Qiye smiled.

The machine didn’t answer since the members didn’t have access to all the information. Resolute and War were strong but lacked access to core secrets.

Resolute was a new star despite being an apex conqueror. He was a latecomer in the grand scheme of things.

War was among the oldest and had lived long enough. However, when he became qualified, there were already others above him. Moreover, emerging talents such as Light-dragon and Heaven Burial joined the ranks - they were all cultivated by Celestial Court.

As for Just-once, Nine-wheel, Armament, and the others, they came from Eight Desolaces and were just juniors.

In terms of qualifications, they were inferior to Immortal Emperor Fu Mo and Zhuo Huo. Moreover, they cultivated the dao of Seven Nights Epoch, not Trinity.

Most importantly, they were outsiders of sorts and this kept them from delving deeper into the secrets.

The ones truly in charge were the founder of Celestial Court and the three immortals. Thus, one must have contact with these beings to be aware of top-secret information. The list included Immortal Emperor Hao Hai, Sword Emperor, Nether Emperor...

Then there were Light-dragon and Heaven Burial Conqueror who had even more chances to meet these elusive beings.

The dao lords controlling the machine didn’t know much. Resolute and War only had a vague idea.

Therefore, they couldn’t answer Li Qiye’s questions even if they wanted to.

Li Qiye looked around and said: “You’re attempting to siege Imperial Field with only this much force?”

“If we exclude you, Sacred Teacher, then Imperial Field only has this much strength.” The machine answered: “We can match every soldier they send in kind and we will wait for their reinforcement as well. Ren Xian, Mu Tian, Chi Ye, and others have yet to join, we can wait patiently.”

Although war had started, Celestial Court was still conserving strength. Perhaps they were worrying about falling into a trap concocted by Imperial Field and Immortal Dao City.

If all apex cultivators were to arrive, Celestial Court would be defenseless. After all, The People still had many famous cultivators missing. South Emperor and his allies from Grand Dao War were nowhere to be seen as well.

Immortal Emperor Fei Yang and Immortal Emperor Bu Zhan might return as well.

Celestial Court prepared adequately for these missing pieces. Unfortunately, the calculation stopped being accurate due to Li Qiye’s presence.

“So you all are nothing more than cannon fodders or baits.” Li Qiye shook his head: “Reaching this level must have been difficult yet you still willingly become dogs for Celestial Court and follow orders blindly.”

The members of Celestial Court exchanged glances. They knew that this was far from their full strength.

Why were top leaders such as Light-dragon and Heaven-Burial Conqueror missing? What was the point of attacking Imperial Field with them gone?

Was Li Qiye right? Were they playing the roles of cannon fodders and baits? And baits for whom or what?

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