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Chapter 375 Red 3

As Dorothy and Callius stepped into the sparring room, the atmosphere crackled with anticipation.

The room, lined with magical wards to contain the flames, was the perfect battleground for their demonstration of fire magic proficiency.

Dorothy faced Callius with a relaxed but anticipating expression, her eyes reflecting the dual personalities she was known for. The gentle fire and the ruthless ember seemed to flicker within her gaze.

"Show me what you've got, Callius," she said, a flame dancing on her fingertips.

Callius nodded, his focus narrowing on Dorothy.

'I should show sufficient strength.'

In his mind, he was already planning to impress Maisy Humphrey, but aside from her, he was planning to make connections from now on.

'Well, not that I will accept the loss anyway.'

He summoned his own magic, feeling the elemental energy surge within him. The air around them heated up as the flickering flames enveloped their hands.

SWOOSH! Without any further warning, Dorothy unleashed the first volley of flames towards Callius.

Spirals of controlled fire darted through the air, showcasing her precise control over the element.

It was a fourth-ranked spell, Charfire Vortex. FUSH! Callius responded by conjuring a protective barrier of flames, skillfully deflecting the incoming attack.

He was also using newly learned fire magic from the books he borrowed.

Third-rank spell, Wall of Quivering Flame. He had already mastered it to some extent, and his reaction with his high calculating speed was almost instant. He didn't even need to chant at all.

'This firepower.'

However, that didn't mean he got out unscathed from the first confrontation.


His face was slightly burned with some transversing fire elemental mana passing through his barrier.


Even though Dorothy was using a third-ranked spell, she didn't even budge at all.

Dorothy's expression remained unchanged, the gentle smile playing on her lips as she observed Callius's reaction to her Charfire Vortex.

The controlled flames danced around her, ready for the next phase of their magical exchange.

"Not bad, Callius. Let's see how you handle this," she said, her voice carrying a hint of playful challenge.

Dorothy's mana surged again, but this time, she opted for a different approach. Instead of casting another offensive spell, she transformed the flames around her into a series of intricate fire rings.

With a swift motion, she sent them spinning towards Callius, creating a mesmerizing display.

It was a spell that required finesse and control, known as Ember Rings – another fourth-rank spell that combined both beauty and danger.

Callius, undeterred by the burn on his face, focused on countering the incoming rings.

'I see…'

In an instant, he realized what kind of spell this was. He didn't have any knowledge firsthand, but he could understand the mindset behind the action itself.

SWOOSH! "Thy, elements of fire that dance and sing, heed my call," Callius mumbled a small and quick chant under his breath. ".....-" His eyes focused on the intricate fire rings approaching him, his mind working swiftly to decipher the intricacies of Dorothy's Ember Rings.

BOOM! As he uttered the incantation, his mana surged, intertwining with the fire magic around him. The flames responded to his command, and with a burst of energy, Callius redirected the spinning Ember Rings away from him.

The mesmerizing display of controlled fire now danced at his command.


Dorothy inwardly smiled, though she didn't show it on her face. Callius' control of spells was quite remarkable for a first-year student, especially considering the spell he was using was a third-ranked one.

'He even shortened the chant.'

In her eyes, this guy seemed to be quite a fine piece with incredibly high potential.

SWOOSH! 'But let's see how you handle this.'

Now that she has decided to advance to the second test, she was not just going to test his mana control.

Smoke rose from the redirected rings, creating a temporary veil that obscured Callius's vision.

However, he remained composed, his senses attuned to the magical currents around him. He anticipated the next move, ready to face whatever challenge Dorothy had in store.

SWOOSH! Suddenly, from within the dissipating smoke, spears made of pure fire emerged. Each spear aimed for Callius with precision, a testament to Dorothy's mastery over her magic. The fiery spears moved with a swift and deadly grace.


'I knew you would do that.'

Yet, Callius was prepared. After all, he himself was well aware of what a mage would think like. The rings weren't composed of high energy, and the construction of the spell wasn't like a destructive one.

It was different. And since it wasn't destructive, it was meant to be used for utility.

BOOM! BOOM! Continuing to draw from the same Ember Rings spell, he focused his mana once again. With a controlled blast of fire magic, he intercepted each spear, dispersing them one by one.

The sparring room crackled with the exchange of magical energy, the dance between fire and mage unfolding in a mesmerizing display.

The onlookers, including Dorothy and the club members, watched with admiration as Callius showcased not only his proficiency but also his adaptability in the face of a skilled opponent.

As the last fiery spear dissipated, the smoke cleared, revealing Callius standing unscathed….Well, not fully unscathed, but with some ignorable defects.

"Hoh…You are certainly good; I should give you points for that." Dorothy said, looking at him. "Th-"

But just as she was about to speak more, suddenly, her words came to a halt. Dorothy's keen senses picked up on the subtle shift in magical energy around Callius. She observed as he subtly began preparing his magic, a sly smile playing on his lips.

Callius, meeting Dorothy's gaze, spoke with a playful tone, "You certainly didn't think only you were allowed to attack, right? That would be quite an entitled behavior."

With that, he clasped his hands together, a small sphere of fire appearing between his palms.

"I am sorry if I break quite a bunch of things. I am not that proficient with this spell."

The atmosphere in the sparring room shifted as Callius condensed a significant amount of mana into his hands.

Dorothy's eyes narrowed slightly, intrigued by the challenge. She maintained her composure, curious to see what Callius had in store.

However, not every other club member watched in anticipation. Some were silent, recognizing the potential for a dazzling display of magical prowess, while others knew the dangers.

"Hey, Jun-"

Just as one of them was about to speak, she saw a raised hand.

"Let him be."

It was Alexander. He was looking at the stage with a smile.

"Are y-"

"I will take responsibility."

With his firm words, the senior girl decided not to bother him anymore as she crossed her arms.


Without any further delay, Callius unleashed his magic. The small sphere expanded rapidly, transforming into a swirling vortex of controlled flames.

The intensity of the fire and the precision of its movement hinted at Callius's mastery over the elemental forces.

The dance of fire unfolded once again, this time initiated by Callius. As the swirling vortex gained momentum, it transformed into a focused beam of intense flames.


The concentrated energy surged forward, aimed directly at Dorothy with seemingly overwhelming force.


The same girl shouted with her eyes widened, looking at Dorothy. The others were no different either, as the energy they sensed just now wasn't matching the previous one at all.

"This is dangero-"

CLAP! Just as others were about to voice their concerns, they felt a mana wave passing through them, coupled with the sound of clapping.


And in an instant, the fire beam came to a halt.


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